Trading is an open field for all and there are absolutely no reservations for any specific type or kind of traders. Now all of us know that trading involves investments that which become earnings at the end of a particular activity. How many of us know that these terms have something specific to be understood and that they are not the same? This is probably the first thing that every trader should strive to understand because many of them are of the thought that both are the same.


Trading is all about buying and selling of stocks, shares, assets, and commodities. In simple terms, it is dealing with assets that would bring a profit to the traders. Profits here happen when a trader is able to buy a particular tradable asset for a reasonable and affordable price by him and sell the same at a higher price and thus the price difference grants him a profit. It is important that he does this selling activity within a particular period from the time he has bought it for demands in the markets keep changing and hence the asset needs to be traded immediately which otherwise might become unfit for trading. Profits here might also happen when the reverse happens. When an asset is sold at a higher price and when another asset is bought at a lower price that which can be traded at a higher price in the future. So here if you see, it is very evident that the trader needs to be very cautious and that he needs to always have an eye on the market to note the movements in the assets and their prices for better trading experiences.


Here in investing, the major goal of any trader is to expect a profit or an earning from the buying and holding of a particular asset. Here the investors aim at improving and building up their wealth by doing this. Investors also try to increase their earnings by reinvesting the profits or shares of profits in an additional stock or commodity. The major aim of an investor is to make the best out of an investment and it is for this that they hold their investments on a single asset for a longer period of time expecting a dividend or interest from them.

This information and explanations are straight from the source and hence can be taken as the base or basis for making trade decisions without a second thought.