“I’m NOT praying for you” doesn’t mean “Sometimes people don’t get healed.”

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

Justin Peters’ confrontation with Todd Bentley, blogged about here a few days ago, appears to be  a story that “has legs” as we used to put it back in my old newsroom.

Latest on it is the Christian Post, which moves the story forward by quoting extensively from a video that Bentley has just cited on his website. Lots of talk about people not being healed, no matter what you try to do.

But sadly, this latest information helps to reveal that Todd Bentley hasn’t thought out his theology. He doesn’t act as if he believes it. So Justin Peters had to leave as he interfered with Todd Bentley’s “show.”

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Todd Bentley sneaks back in to British Columbia

By Rick Hiebert. Used by Permission All Rights Reserved

Todd Bentley is making a quick visit to his native British Columbia, the first quietly public activity here, since the collapse of the Lakeland Revival.

He grew up on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast and started his evangelism in the province. [Which led British Columbia Report to think him newsworthy and interesting way back in 2001].

But with Lakeland, the media here is now a bit, a little hip to Bentley. Which is why he’s coming back this way.

On June 25 2014 at 7 PM, he will be at Windword Church in the Vancouver suburb of Langley. That will be a public meeting for “restoration, healing and miracles”. Todd will also be meeting with “coffee and fellowship” that same morning at 10 A.M.

The public meeting is being pitched to the “Fraser Valley’, B.C.’s Bible Belt. Even when he lived in Abbotsford, Bentley would stay out in the Valley. Coming into Vancouver proper would be very rare for him.

Aha! Windword’s senior pastor is Brent Borthwick! Back in August 2011, he was helpful in the formal welcoming of Todd Bentley back into ministry. .

Bill Johnson noted that, at least at that time, Borthwick was the pastor of Shonnah Bentley, Todd’s starter wife.

Johnson wrote back then:

One of the more important contacts in this process has been with Brent Borthwick. He is Shonnah’s pastor. Brent is a trusted personal friend of mine and represents Todd’s ex-wife and kids with compassion and wisdom. He has spent time with Todd since his move to Morningstar and has affirmed that from his point of view, Todd is doing well. He also told me he was pleased at how much at peace Todd seemed to be. Brent’s perspective is important to me, for obvious reasons. He was also able to verify that Todd has taken care of Shonnah and the kids financially in an honorable way and continues to do so.

Expect Bentley to visit with Shonnah and his kids while he is in Langley.

[Having Bentley here would incidentally be useful for Bantley in this way. Langley is about an hour away from Vancouver, so I would guess that unless they are very determined, no reporters or cameras will show up. Back at the time of Lakeland, Vancouver's dailies, the Sun and Province, didn't cover Bentley until those editors realized that they had a local "hook" to the story which obliged them to write on it too.]

Thanks to Wolf Tracks for noticing this for me, which is a notice of how quiet this is. I *live* in the Lower Mainland and the first I heard of this was on that blog.

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Todd Bentley denies God’s omnipresence?

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission.

One of the tenets of charismatic theological thinking is that the Holy Spirit may work today as He did in the days of the Apostles.

Unless you are at a Todd Bentley meeting, then all bets are off.

In Todd Bentley’s confrontation with Justin Peters, Bentley says something odd at 0:25 of the video that I suspect people will miss.

To get rid of Peters, he says “I’m not giving you my anointing because I have nothing to give.”

Uh, Todd, aren’t Christians indwelt by the Holy Spirit and always have something to give, even if it is the size of a “mustard seed”.

People may fairly disagree about whether the Holy Spirit works today as He did in apostolic Times, but for Bentley to say that nothing can be done is theologically inaccurate and implies that the Holy Spirit is not present at all times and may act. (However you believe that he does.)

If anyone believes that the Holy Spirit is omnipresent it should be a charismatic like Todd Bentley.

He meant “I’m NOT praying for you!” and should have said as much.

Oh, you may say, Todd was having a bad day. But his ministry has the same problem, as shown by this June 9 “e-blast” featuring Todd’s new wife Jessa. It’s sent out by Fresh Fire, so assume it is how Todd Bentley wants to be represented:


Sue: On May 31st

Hi could u please pray for my sister she has been told she has a fast moving cancer. Shes in intensive care, I’m scared. They dont know the source of the cancer. Its bad, I’m scared and I know God can heal but why doesn’t he heal all?

Jessa: Answers back during the service before ministry time

I’ll have Todd pray tonight “live” on the feed when the anointing is on him to pray!!!

Sue : Oh thank u! That makes me cry, it means so much!

“I’ll have him pray”, full stop would be okay. But why does she have to wait for “the anointing” to be on Todd Bentley for something to happen. Five seconds before the anointing, the poor lady is out of luck?

Clearly, Todd Bentley wants an out when his prayers don’t work. “I had chili cheese fries before the service, so I didn’t have the anointing, just gas, when I prayed for you,” he might say.


Do you recall when Peter and John were put on the spot in a similar way in the Scriptures?

“Silver and gold have I none…” .

Justin Peters can’t expect to leave a Todd Bentley meeting “walking and leaping and praising God” if Bentley is too annoyed to even try, can he?

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Justin Peters and Todd Bentley, mano a mano

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

It was second time lucky for evangelist Todd Bentley as he appeared on the *second* episode of Miracles Decoded last week. I’m working on an indepth post on that, but for now there’s another fuss about Todd Bentley.

Todd Friel is the host of the theologically conservative radio program Wretched Radio [and the accompanying TV show Wretched TV]. Evangelist Justin Peters, who tends to be cessationist in his theology and suffers from cerebral palsy, has been occasionally featured on the Wretched shows. [He protests, however, that God can heal today. However He usually doesn't--"it is much more the exception than the rule. He does it, but it is not common."]

Peters snuck into a recent meeting held by Todd Bentley and had a friend videotape his encounter with Bentley. It’s on YouTube here.

Bentley doesn’t know Peters by sight, so Peters was able to get access to the mike. Peters cites Matthew 7 talking about “workers of iniquity.”

Peters: “This man is a worker of iniquity.”

Bentley: “Which man?”

Peters: “You.”

Bentley is quick on his feet, and does a bit of a buck and wing. He doesn’t directly reply to what Peters says but argues that the passage Peters cites applies to people who don’t know the Lord “in intimacy.” That would apply to Bentley, Peters would have likely said to Bentley, if he wasn’t being pulled away from the mike. (at 1:10)

Bentley didn’t pray for Peters. At 0:25 he says “I’m not giving you my anointing because I have nothing to give.”

Peters has since said that he was taken away by police, but that’s not on the video.

Friel’s programs will no doubt draw attention to Peters calling Bentley out. At the end of the Wreched Radio broadcast which I heard on June 9, he played the audio of the video and commented that Bentley never really addressed the question of whether Bentley himself was “a worker of iniquity”.

Of course, we never expected that he would, did we?

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Tonight! Todd Bentley on History TV Canada! Or perhaps not!

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

Canadian-born evangelist Todd Bentley will appear on the History TV Canada program “Miracles Decoded” June 1. Unless something happens as happened last night, May 25, when the episode Bentley was on was pulled from being broadcast, perhaps at the last second.

My Mom, who loves Canada’s equivalent of the “History Channel”, tipped me off about the program. [For American readers, History TV Canada is available across the country, and is the equivalent of being on nationwide TV up here.]

So, I was looking forward to watching the program on May 25 at 10 PM Pacific Time. Sometimes, however, Canadian networks mean 10 PM Eastern Time in such contests, so I had the channel on at 7 PM just in case. I was recording.

An episode of Pawn Stars was on, and then came the first commercial break, about 10 minutes in.

History TV Canada aired this promo ad for Miracles Decoded at 10 PM my time:

False History TV Canada ad for Todd Bentley show

As you see, Todd Bentley is all over this ad. Please note that the episode with Todd Bentley was certainly planned to be the first episode of this new series. [The ad had been airing heavily on History TV Canada over the previous few days]. It uses GOD TV footage of the Lakeland Revival.

Starting at 0:28, the announcer says (emphasis mine) “Miracles Decoded! Series Premiere, tonight at 10, on History!

Came 10 PM, however another episode of Miracles Decoded aired as the “premiere episode” with a magical “Black Madonna” icon, an exorcist shaman from Mexico, and snake-handling churchgoers from Kentucky. No Todd Bentley at all, although towards the very end of the show–which reaired starting at 3 PM Pacific the next day) they had brief footage of Todd Bentley with a voiceover that he would appear on the next episode. Which will air June 1.

As I write right now, I have History TV Canada on. They’ve showed an ad for the next Miracles Decoded featuring footage of the “obscure” Todd Bentley.

Let’s look forward to that, but in the meantime, look at History TV Canada’s gaffe.

For some reason, Todd Bentley could not appear on History TV Canada On May 25. Perhaps they needed a release for certain footage that they had planned to use. Perhaps they needed to reedit the section of the program about Todd Bentley.

Would be interesting to have been a fly on the wall, don’t you think?

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Hmm, Parliament talks about abortion

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission

The political issue of abortion may be closed in Stephen Harper’s mind, but the pro-choice side in Parliament is not co-operating, if he thinks that way.

You’re probably familiar with Justin Trudeau’s recent decision that new Liberal candidates must be pro-choice, full stop. John Ivison of the National Post reports on a new private motion by NDP MP Nikki Ashton. At the bottom of his piece, he notes her motion, which intends to have the House formally decide that all women have a “right to choose”.

Ivison concentrates on the political swirl around the issue. What may be of interest is how the pro-life MPS, mostly Tories, will deal with the motion. Will they be allowed to speak and vote against the motion, or will they be “whipped” to vote on the motion to finally put the issue to bed.? Storm clouds, on this issue, on the horizon?

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The “Welcome To Mississauga!” New Testament


By Rick Hiebert.All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

I come across interesting things in thrift stores, such as this New Testament.

It’s title: The Greatest Is Love.” Published in 1971 by the Canadian Home Bible League, as it then was, it’s interesting for at least two reasons.

I wonder if there is anyone still at the Christian Reformed Church of Clarkson remembers back to 1971 when they were Clarkson Christian Reformed Church and handed out this and other copies of *this* New Testament

I say this, as it was specially commissioned by the church, with a breezy “Welcome to Mississauga!’ blurb on the back inviting them to the church.

It’s directed to people who are new to Canada, as it has pictures of Canada in two page sections throughout. I wonder if any of these specific testaments are distributed domestically still?

I live on the West Coast. I should not have ever seen and acquired this. But I am pleased, after all these years to remember this outreach tool.

As does Jesus.

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Rick Joyner downsizes, Todd Bentley upsizes?

By Rick Hiebert. All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission

Excited e-mail from Todd Bentley on the morning of May 8, as he is starting up his new-to-him revival center with a little conference this weekend, to be broadcast live over the internet.

The location? In Fort Mill S.C. at an address…

“on the same property as Morningstar “. Stay at the Heritage International Ministries Retreat Center

So, is Todd picking up Rick Joyner’s mortgage for this particular piece of proprerty? Is it a part of the old PTL property that Joyner doesn’t need, which would mean that Joyner would be Bentley’s landlord? (Or maybe things have really gone pear-shaped for Joyner and he sold out to someone who will let him him borrow his old facility back?)

Well, at least Bentley isn’t going right to subscriber-only content. But donations will be needed to cover this weekend’s events.

Todd and Jessa had mentioned wanting to have their own kids in addition to Todd’s starter kids, so perhaps this is a model that will allow Todd to do that. Jessa puts her foot down–look you’re not going to be on the road all the time.

UPDATE: This tends to be confirmed by a May 14 e-mail. Part of his latest hand out appeal is a request for money for huge video screens. Bentley’s idea is that he will stay at home and the video screens will be set up in places like India for major crusades overseas. Bentley will stay home and preach at a camera, and the camera will send a signal overseas for the people there to react to.

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