National Enquirer says Benny Hinn caught in affair

A few days ago I noted the six month filing time for Benny and Suzanne Hinn’s divorce.

Right on cue The National Enquirer, the grand-daddy of US gossip magazines releases an on-line teaser. The expectation is a whole new audience is going to rush out and buy the tabloid to learn who the Enquirer says Benny Hinn is having an affair with.

Classic lurid words – shocking, (twice) caught, secret, steamy, beautiful blond evangelist, tryst…it is a specialized form of writing.

No, I’m not heading out to buy a National Enquirer, there may well be public mud-slinging and payback in the days and weeks to come between all kinds of people circling around the Hinns.
This story sells because inquiring minds want to know. Many people were saddened to read a marriage of over 30 years was ending when Suzanne Hinn filed for divorce on February 1st and want to know what happened.

The Enquirer has a circulation of about 790 thousand readers.
The TV preacher is known for his aberrant and sometimes heretical theology, false prophecies, bizarre behavior, and financial practises.
Now, more than those 790 thousand readers are going to find out who the Enquirer says Hinn is hanging out with.

Update: For those who don’t want to wait for other sources, a reader writes to say the blond evangelist is Paula White of the Florida church Without Walls International. (A lot of religious media outlets are not going to want to report this given where it was broken)
White is a prosperity gospel celebrity in her own right, on her 3rd marriage and she had reported earnings of 39.9 million in 2006 before her second divorce.

White was one of the TV evangelists named in the Grassley investigation.
She owns a large home in San Antonia which sits on 3.7 acres, appraised at about 700 thousand.
Hinns ministry headquarters are in Irving. The Whites were divorced in 2007.
According to a 2009 Tampa Bay Tribune series – her church has an 11.2 million dollar bill due this month.
This story is starting to gain traction.

Benny Hinn is currently in Sweden at the European Conference of Words of Life according to a Norwegian magazine. His meetings are being broadcast by Vision Heaven TV out of Norway. The conference tag is “With great expectations for what the Lord is going to do”
Hmmm. Wonder what the National Enquirer story is going to do to the conference?

The Twitter tag for the conference is #hinn10 and the tweets are in Swedish. I’ve been watching (with the help of Google translate) to see when wind of The Enquirer story filters to attendees in Uppsula.

Is it just me or does Mrs. White look like the transformed Mrs. Hinn?

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19 Responses to National Enquirer says Benny Hinn caught in affair
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John Nilsson says:
July 24, 2010 at 6:27 am
Ulf Ekman, head and ruler of named Swedish church Livets Ord (Word of Life in Uppsala) is my uncle.

I myself am abhorred by the fact that they are inviting known mythomanian Benny Hinn. As if it was not enough with all his lies (that he has been telling for decades and been repededly caugh in), he is also in my opinion defiling christianity as a whole.

I am one of the few in our family that is critical about what Word of Life is doing. Ulf Ekman has been going closer and closer to the Catholic faith the last few years, claiming Jesus’ mother is an eternal virgin, the pope is a spiritual leader to respect, and other things not common in evangelical or prosperity gospel churches.

Since it is my family that runs this business (because it is more a business than a church, according to many) it is hard to know how far to go in my critisism. My wife is a member of Word of Life, and is right now sitting in a 6 hour queu to get in to the Benny Hinn service. But just so she can see the spectacle.

I think many will leave Word of Life chuch now when Ulf Ekman has shown such bad judgement and AGAIN invited Hinn dispite full insight into Hinns private sfear. They are close friends.

I would like to see the allegations against Hinn substantiated before I take them as fact, tough. Still, Hinn should take a time out. Ulf Ekman said in Swedish newspaper “Dagen” the day before yesterday, that they “were many that knew about Hinns problems in their marriage. The shock Hinn said he felt about the devorce was probably about the fact that she FILED for devorce”. In other words, Hinn was not shocked that thier marriage was in jeopardy, even though that was what he was communicating after the fact.

Ulf Ekmans words in a google translate:
Ulf Ekmans words in original Swedish:

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Bene Diction says:
July 24, 2010 at 9:10 am
John, I have no desire to slam your family – I do agree the facts need to be substantiated, there are reporters on it as I write this.
Thank you so much for the google translation link.

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MyTwoCents – Daniel says:
July 27, 2010 at 4:02 am

Ulf Ekman about Benny Hinn: Heretical view of Jesus presented

Greetings from beautiful Sweden!

In Christ,

Tord Ivarsson says:
July 27, 2010 at 11:58 am
I think the conference itself will stay calm, at least on the surface. After all there are a plentora of speakers and singers on this conference. I also think people will await substansiation of the National Inquier’s article. Again, it is a tabloid paper.

HM SAND says:
July 29, 2010 at 6:55 am
These two have a lot of explaining to do, that`s if what the Inquirer says is not true.
The book of Ephesians says don`t give the Devil a foothold, right?
Well these two gave him a ladder, they gave him a stairwell, they gave him a elevator.
If God word says do something and you don`t do it that is sin.
But if God`s word says don`t do something and if you do it that`s also sin too.
So to make a long story short, these two gave the devil a huge foothold and by
doing so they made God and his people look very bad even if these comments
are true or false.

Michael Alexander BoryAlis says:
August 6, 2010 at 8:10 am
Yada – Yada…Yada forget about it, and keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, continuing in pray to penetrate deeper into His Presence. Forget about the two mortals. It’s a story for the busybodies that have nothing better to do than flap their fat yap.

Ambrose Oduor Oliech says:
August 7, 2010 at 1:28 pm
The story by the National Enquirer that Pastor Benny and Paula are having an affair should be taken with a pinch of salt–personally that is what I feel about it. Why the hurry to publish such a sensitive a story whose validity is in question? Can the publication tell people what time the two were in the hotel and confirm whether they were on their own in a room, that is no other person was with them? Otherwise the National Enquirer can only be seen to be driven by greed for more profit and malice against prominent ministers of the Gospel. Let me say the fact that Mrs Hinn is devorcing her husband has devastated me as a believer. I wonder why she couldn’t just hang on after 30 years in marriage. I listened to Pastor Benny as he defended himself against the sad claims. Well, the God of the Bible is omniscient and the Judge. I feel arguements and speculations founded on suppositions won’t help. If the pastor is innocent then the GREAT JUDGE will prove this soon. Pray for Benny and his family.

bamidele gbenga says:
August 21, 2010 at 11:26 am
Their is nothing new under heaven. The Bible cannot lie, whatso ever a man sow
He will reap. First, susanne hinn should remember sarah in d Bible and follow
God’s words. Secondly, I believe Pastor benny hinn and trust God that he cannot
Lie against the Holy Spirit so what ever it is that the devil is playing at, when I remember
Job in the Bible I believe God can turn it around. The Bible says, what can separate
Me from the love of Christ, trial, temptation, etc (the God I serve is the God of second chance).
Finally, to the newspapers, remember we shall all give account of all we
Have done one day before God, don’t invite the wrath of God upon you.
We in Nigeria are never perturbed about it. God will make a way.

Gerard says:
August 26, 2010 at 10:30 pm
Any conferences held by Pentescostal Preachers are non sense. It is
an entertainment and sensationalism. There is no way for you folks to
grow spiritually. Money is the bottomline of all that nonsense crusade
and conferences.

roger says:
January 13, 2011 at 2:18 pm
40 million dollars how much did jesus get ?? crooks

Michael and Debi Pearls teaching linked to another child abuse death

Her name was Lydia. She was seven years old. She’s dead because her parents took Michael and Debi Pearl’s No Greater Joy Ministries teachings too far Lydia was disciplined to death. She had deep bruising and scars from beatings on her back, buttocks and legs, injuries which cause organ failure. That is no surprise to anyone who has read and followed Michael and Debi Pearl. Lydia was ‘trained’ for hours for mispronouncing a word during a home-school reading lesson.

Her 11 year old sister Zariah was in intensive care week and was released into foster last week .

The other Schatz children interviewed and have reportedly made statements to investigators about the disciplinary philosophy to which their parents adhered. Lydia and Zariah were one of three children adopted from Liberia three years ago. The Schatz have five other children.

The other children told investigators the same instrument was used on all of them, but Ramsey said it was not to the extent of the two girls and except for the Schatz’ bruised 10-year-old son, none of the other children showed signs of abuse.

The Schatz’s have been charged with murder, torture and misdemeanor cruelty.

Police in Paradise California say they found the pipe in the home and have tied it in with other evidence leading to No Greater Joy Ministries run by Michael and Debi Peal in Tennessee. One of the other children taken into care was also injured.

He violently disagrees he teaches religiously motivated child abuse, he says he teaches parents to train their children “which sometimes requires the limited and controlled application of a spanking instrument.” To Debi and Michael Pearl it’s just a biblical principle. 2 foot length of PVC pipe for children over 1 years of age. Children under one year of age get ‘trained’ with a branch, paddle or ruler.

And yes, Michael Pearl is quick to blame Lydia and Zariah and parents with predisposition to abusive habits.

Likewise Ramsey, the prosecutor in the Schatz case, is quick to point out that “No Greater Joy” does not advocate spanking to the point of serious injury. If indeed these parents were abusive, and that has not yet been proven by the courts, it is regretful that our teachings were not able to turn them from their predisposition to abusive habits.

After all his lucrative ‘ministry’ is under scrutiny again. Lydia is not the first child to die at the hands of parents who actually think the Pearls give wisdom. 4 year old Sean was killed by his mother in 2006 after she swallowed the Pearls teaching.

Michael and Debi Pearl whose book do acknowledge that discipline turns to abuse when the “child is broken in spirit, cowed and subdued …”

Debi Pearl has bragged about hitting other peoples children. Control, power, inappropriate boundaries, biblical justification. They bear moral responsibility, I doubt the law can touch No Greater Joy Ministries or shut down the profits from this pathology.

Allthings2all has taken a look at Michael and Debi Pearls theology. There isn’t much biblical about what the Pearls spout. You can’t also read about ‘training’ that the Pearls advocate at Talk2Action.

The law will deal with the Schatz’s. No law will bring Lydia back, heal her sister, or their siblings or shut the Pearls operation down.

And wives, if your husband beats you the Pearls tell you you can’t leave. You have to submit.
The teachings go against every state and provincial law and they run a million dollar operation.
The Pearls materials are popular among fundamentalist home schoolers.
The Schatz’s home schooled and rarely left their home.
Disciplining to Death from No Longer Quivering
Since Sean’s death To Train a Child has been pulled from Barnes and Noble.
Religion News Blog has information on the Pearl compound, church, earnings and employees.

I’ve written about the Michael and Debi Pearl previously.

About Bene Diction
Have courage for the great sorrows, And patience for the small ones. And when you have laboriously accomplished your tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.
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43 Responses to Michael and Debi Pearls teaching linked to another child abuse death
Quivering Daughters says:
February 22, 2010 at 10:09 pm
Thank you for shining a light and spreading awareness of this horrible and tragic event.

I just want to mention also that there is a link attributed to me that actually has another author and I want her to receive credit for reporting. “Disciplining to Death” is by WanderingOne at No Longer Quivering.

Thanks again for providing this resource. May Lydia’s death not be in vain.

Bene D says:
February 23, 2010 at 2:37 am
Hi, I changed the reference.

I want to thank you for your site, I’ve been reading it and No Longer Quivering for several months, and both are a valuable resource.
We all grieve over the death of a child at a parent’s hand, your efforts to help those trapped in such a closed system is valued.

May Lydia’s death not be in vain.

Blog on!

Charla Hatton says:
February 23, 2010 at 11:02 am
Perhaps the Pearls cannot be prosecuted as accessories to the murder of Lydia Schatz, but I have another approach to suggest. Years ago the Southern Poverty Law Center helped a black grandmother sue the Ku Klux Klan in CIVIL court for damages after the Klan’s teachings prompted two young men to murder her grandson. The grandmother won the suit and ended up with the keys to the national Klan’s property, essentially bankrupting the organization. Given that the Pearls claim to have sold or distributed 1.4 million copies of their odious book, perhaps bankrupting them would go a long way to shutting them down.

The Truth says:
February 25, 2010 at 3:58 pm
I have come across numerous biblical citations that liken Michael Pearl’s teachings to that of the anti-christ because they steal up children’s souls with violent dominance before they have a choice or are aware. Remember, the anti-christ fools people into worshipping him as God. Michael Pearl tries to give people the illusion that they can control completely like God and they can be God-like and “sit as God.” I truly believe Michael Pearl is the anti-christ.

rocki says:
February 27, 2010 at 3:50 am
This is very simply brainwashing and torture, not child training. Michael Pearl is the Osama Bin Laden of children. Any crazy moron could think up these methods. They are not intelligent or new. Just insane. The Pearls belong in a mental institution.

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Jane says:
March 1, 2010 at 11:52 pm
I’m submitting a Petition to several groups, about Changing the Immunity Laws for Churches, Ministries, any Hate Speech and under Any Religion, that is making profit, that is creating an environment conducive to child abuse and is advocating child abuse,

and therefore by removing immunity Accessory Charges, Felony Murder, Felony Child Abuse, can be charged and these CRIMINALS be held Liable under the full extent of the law,

we need Petitions, to get Legislation passed.

Any one who has any info [I want to get this on the boards in two to three weeks] that could be used to form this petition,

send me email, janedoethreads7 (at) hotmail (dot) com

I will be contacting my state’s legislature on this…



Science Guy says:
March 2, 2010 at 2:50 pm
Hi, I’ve been trying to email you regarding this post – could you please email me when you read this. Thank you 🙂

<a href=””>Metaphysics</a>

Bene Diction says:
March 4, 2010 at 10:32 am
Hi Science Guy:

I emailed you, it bounced. Would you like to try to email BDBO again?

Nora says:
March 8, 2010 at 5:54 pm
Barnes and Noble no longer carries the Pearls’ child torture manual. Amazon needs to be petitioned to do the same — along with a nice big media blitz announcing their decision.

Get the Pearls where they’ll care — their income.

These creeps make money teaching people to go to the hardware store to buy piping to beat children from infancy on up.

High time they were stopped.

Write to Amazon, write to any and all booksellers, refuse to tolerate this filthy material for sale anywhere.

This stuff is as bad as anything NAMBLA ever put out, IMO.

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Hopesome says:
March 11, 2010 at 8:48 am
The church has been a place of ‘immunity’. All those that ‘live there seem to ‘for the main part’ remain under the radar systems that normally would have sprung into action on most of these issues long ago in any other ‘realm’ of society. Abuse of children in a ‘religious setting’ goes from ‘mind bending at an early age’ to actual physical sexual abuse, to physical abuse and ‘brain washing’ and bible ‘belt bashing’.

It seems that the so called normal procdures in society somehow don’t or shouldn’t apply to ‘church’ as Jesus would know doub’t be horrified along with the bank balance if it became ‘widespread or known’. The so called tolerance level that christians seem to walk in and the so called place of forgiveness they promote render them blind or passive to not only the truth but whats under their noses. These people need to be taken out of Ministry ‘as they call it!’ and rendered ‘not applicable’ for their duration. Americas ‘army of joels’ are already expressing hate and hell to muslims and two year olds are going into bars with billboards to speak to ‘drinkers’ about Jesus. Britain had a documentary recently on just such a subject)

I was speechless at the haunted looks on some of these kids faces as they were ‘punching the air’ against’ non christians, mulsims and the so called infidels of good christian values. The catholic church has been supposedly dealing with such issues but really the wider church has to face up to some ‘home truths’ and be brought to boot for their laziness and inability to tackle these ‘unseemly problems’! that few are prepared to face and do something about.

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Michelle says:
March 18, 2010 at 5:48 am
The Pearls also admit to hitting animals with the same instrument that was used to beat the little girl that died.

“Even my chickens are laughing . . . well, actually it is more like cackling,because they just laid another organic egg for my breakfast and they know that it was that same piece of ¼ inch plastic supply line that trained the dogs.not to eat chicken”.

Wish Peta(regardless of personal feelings of all of their tactics) and other animal protection groups would know about this.

Here is my petition to ban the physical assault of children–ban-the-physical-assault-of-children

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Heather says:
March 31, 2010 at 9:07 am
Well, it would be good of ALL of you to read their book before you begin spouting off about something that you OBVIOUSLY have not read! You are all a laughing-stock because you are saying that the Pearls condone and teach things that they actually speak out AGAINST in their book!!!! SO, it really makes all of you sound dumb…….speaking about people that you really know nothing about.
If Lydia’s parents had read some other training method, (or worse yet, gone off their own obviously misguided instinct) they still would have ended up abusing their children, because it’s about what is really in you, your character and who you are as a person!!! (and let me tell you, the Pearls actually teach that if you have problems that are causing you to discipline too harshly, and you can’t be joyful in teaching your children, then they actually recommend that you give up trying to discipline your children at all, and practice being joyful and loving to them instead!!!!!) Hmmmmm……oh yeah, doesn’t go at all with what you guys are saying, does it???? BUT THAT’S BECAUSE I’VE READ THEIR LITERATURE AND YOU ALL HAVE NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RESEARCH BEFORE YOU SPEAK OUT, PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

Valerie says:
April 29, 2010 at 8:54 pm
I would have to say that you believe that none of these people that have posted replies have read any of their literature. Now if I were you, I would ask them first if they have read the literature. I have and I believe with each of the posts that are on here. So make sure you know that each of these replies have read the pearls literature before accusing them please. Thank you! I don’t believe I need to “train” my children into being great children or great adults. They are not animals, they are human beings.

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Ruth says:
June 13, 2010 at 5:40 pm
Well clearly none of the critics have read the book to gain anything from it, if they’d read it at all.
I use the methods in the book, To Train a Child. It works. You spank less if you train. Read the book for yourself, and abuse your children no longer by withholding training.

You should be ashamed to associate these people with murder. They promote safety and above all, love!

Mary says:
August 19, 2010 at 9:08 pm
It is impossible for a person to carefully read the Pearls’ literature and watch their training videos and write the negative aaccusations that people have written on here because the statements made by the Pearls are completely opposite from what is being said here about them.

Additionally, I specifically remember Michael Pearl saying that if a woman is abused, she is NOT to remain in that household, but to seek SAFETY. They always focus on safety, on love, on joy. If you would like to listen for yourself, just go on and write in Michael Pearl and his teachings will come up and you scroll until you find a teaching on wives being abused – it’s there.

I have implemented their teaching myself and one key thing I have learned is to have SELF-CONTROL. If a person is naturally inclined to a quick temper and loss of self control – and lack of WISDOM and UNDERSTANDING -and is instead controlled by emotions, then physical training of the child is NOT for them, because they will abuse. Abuse results also when a parent is NOT consistent, and allows the child to indulge sometimes, and when a moment comes when the parent is serious, and maybe has had an exhausted day, and the child does not obey, the parent just looses it out of frustration to the child’s disobedience which simply resulted because of the parent’s previous permissiveness. The Pearls always stress to NOT discipline in anger. To beat to death is to hit in anger because in anger you lose self-control and you are no longer aware of what you are doing, nor can you stop yourself, because you are blazing with fury. If it was the Pearls’ fault, many more cases like this would be present, but obviously they are scarce and few.

In the name of Christianity, much evil was done also. Who is to blame?

PLEASE do NOT bear false witness, you only bring a curse upon yourselves – according to God’s Word. The Lord bless each of you with HIS love, joy, peace, wisdom, knowledge, understanding and discernment. Shalom.

“fundamentalist says:
September 20, 2010 at 2:24 pm
A swift execution by our government for the parents who beat their children to death should suffice. This would serve as a warning to all other parents to not beat children. Think of ALL the poor babies who are shaken to death, stomped to death, thrown into highways to be ripped apart by cars, etc. and all the abusive parents/boyfriends of the mom/ girlfriends of the dad/ babysitters, etc. who do NOT follow the Pearl’s teachings and are committing these evil acts towards children.

Swiftly judge/execute people who abuse/murder little children and there will be a decrease in the number of children who are hurt.

I submit that this stems from a serious problem with our society, our lack of love for little children, and our lack of respect for the lives of the innocent.

Jen says:
October 21, 2010 at 5:46 pm
I want to say that I read your article about the incident of Lydia and think it is so sad that the violent, out of control behaviour of her own parents are being blamed on the Pearl’s ministry. How dare you take one or two sentences out of their book, the few that are perhaps the most ‘extreme’ of their views, and seek to present them as ‘illigitmate’ to the American people! Because of their godly teaching and training principles, thousands of kids are showing respect and obeying as they should… if done by the parents, as prescribed, in ultimate joy (a fact you obviously negelected). My children don’t throw tantrums and scream and run away from me like hundreds of other un-trained, disobedient children I see every single day. Why? Because I have loved my children with the teaching of the Pearl’s and ultimately, the Bible. Are the Pearls perfect? Of course not, no one is. But the general idea of child training he presents would be respected years ago, but 2010, we allow our kids to swear at us, to hit us and run away when we call… all in the name of ‘positive parenting’ or ‘friendship parenting’. Hogwash! Most kids are growing up as disrespectful brats (even as young as 1) and it’s unfortunate that all these parents don’t have a copy of the Pearl’s book. If you read it, in an unbiased way, you will truly find the truth in it. I enjoy my kids and miss them when I am gone. After a loving, controlled spanking, my daughter hugs me and says she loves me and wants to obey God. I smile back and we pray together. Tell me, you think that quick, deep hearted resolution like this will EVER be found in the secular, blinded-eyes of the world’s parenting magazines? I doubt it. PLEASE do yourself a favor and read it… actually, READ IT and see the wisdom of their words. The Pearls’ can no more be guilty for the death of any children as you or I could! The Pearl’s teach control. This family’s anger was OUT OF CONTROL. The Pearl’s teach JOY. This family’s joy was absent. The Pearl’s teach that you should train the heart of the child for the BETTER of the child. This family abused and drove their child to FEAR. Can you please tell me how either of these examples even match? They don’t even come CLOSE to eachother! It’s time for you to understand that because one family abused the Pearl’s teaching, does not negate the fact that their teaching is valid, wise and practical only if used the way they prescribe. If you are truly un-biased, then I expect you to please post my message. Thank you.

Tracy @ Hall of Fame Moms says:
October 31, 2010 at 6:03 pm
I have recently read the Pearl’s book To Train up a Child and did not walk away with an excuse to beat my child to death- nor anywhere near it. I get their magazine and I’m reading one of Debi’s other books as well.

Anyone can take anything they read or hear and take it too far. The parent’s are responsible for their own actions.

Bene Diction says:
October 31, 2010 at 8:54 pm
Tracy: You are fortunate you have the mental and emotional skills for your self-determination.
Others don’t and are quite vulnerable to behaviorism techniques taught by the Pearls, with serious consequences to their children and families.
If that wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

Dee says:
November 14, 2010 at 5:32 pm
Bene Diction says:

“Tracy: You are fortunate you have the mental and emotional skills for your self-determination.
Others don’t and are quite vulnerable to behaviorism techniques taught by the Pearls, with serious consequences to their children and families.
If that wasn’t the case, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.”

Well, if that be the case, we have to completely “idiot proof” every law, every instruction manual, and every book written. Or we have to simply not write any books at all – and ban the ones that have been written. I have not read the Pearls’ books at all, but I cannot put the blame for these unfortunate children’s death on the author of a book their parents read. No book should be an excuse for another person’s irresponsible behavior.

Bene Diction says:
November 15, 2010 at 7:03 am
I don’t this this is a free speech/idiot issue, killing your children goes way beyond being an idiot.

This is not the first death where the Pearls philosophy was taken to the unthinkable extreme.

Christians pointing out how behaviorism mixed with biblical ‘interpretation’ has severe consequences being thrown into the marketplace is not about blaming.
It’s about being our brothers keeper.

Robin says:
December 7, 2010 at 7:56 pm
This argument appears typical when a lot of people don’t appear to have a life to live. A long bow could be drawn to say people watch motor racing on TV and then go out and do incrdible things to themselves and others. There’s no real movement railing agianst driving cars.
This is essentially a religious and doctrinaire fight. My argument, analysis and thesis is way better than yours!
For me a lot of this time and energy would be far better used to work in a soup kitchen, visiting the elderly, the sick and the poor souls locked in prison.
Selfrighteousness, arrogance and conceit are such respectable characters these days just like sodomy, feminism and the military industrial complex.
Give me a break! You don’t go and accuse Ford, Chrysler and GM as being complicit in death and injury on the roads.
Don’t accuse people of certain corruption because a pack of dummies have such limited personal control.
Caveat emptor!
Get a life Bene.

Essie says:
February 2, 2011 at 4:57 pm
It breaks my heart to hear about any and all forms of child abuse…from the murder of innocent life while still in the womb to the daily abuse of children worldwide from variouse degrees of neglect etc. Being a parent is hard work and in todays society it is even harder because of the lies about parenting that permeate our society. The world is anti-God, so a lot of times when people use Godly methods to discipline their children people are incapable of understanding the love and sacrifice that goes into child rearing from this biblical perspective. The scripture is clear about how a follower of God should raise their children and when done right the outcome is delightful, self-confident, joyful, obediant children who love the Lord and love and respect their parents. God’s word speaks volumes about how much He loves us and that as His children we should long for His correction and guidance because without it it means we don’t belong to Him…I mean think about it…you don’t bother to correct people that you don’t care about…right? You only correct those you love. I have read the Pearls book on child training and while some of it may seem a bit extreem it is certainly coming from a place of true love. These people want nothing more than to encourage parents everywhere to lovingly discipline their children in a safe environment full of mercy, grace, forgivness, and truth. They would never endorse beating your children and say that when discipling it should always be out love and not anger. I am sorry to hear that people are blaming them in regards to these cases because I am sure there hearts are just as broken over these tragedies and loss of life as yours is.

Can I ask do you feel as outraged against abortion…as you do against the Pearls? Is it really the loss of life you abhore or is it just the pearls?

Bene Diction says:
February 2, 2011 at 9:09 pm

If spiritualized behavior modification is how you chose to raise your children, there isn’t much we can discuss is there?
I disagree that the Pearls care about much of anything other than their own opinions and the 1.7 million a year they make from the sub-culture they’ve cultivated. Michael Pearl shows a lot of contempt to his critics, what does that tell you?
His daughter Rebekah certainly has problems living above the poverty line, knowing what is healthy and safe in child birth etc.

3 children are still dead.

This is not about abortion outrage, this is about a self-absorbed, irrational, narcissistic, legalistic and shameless ideologue who brooks no input, will not tolerate questioning of his doctrine, and who has set himself up to demand perfectionistic loyalty from parents who love their children and who don’t learn how to differentiate between training and discipline. Behavior modification is not biblical training. It is not discipline.

From Standing on the Promises by Douglas Wilson:

Because discipline seeks to correct, it has accomplished its purpose when the correction has been made. And because children are very different, this means that there will be godly distinctions in the discipline received by various children…

Because the Bible defines discipline as an act of love, it will only function properly in a broad context of love…The manner of the parent in discipline should be to show that the intention is to restore fellowship between parent and child. But if there is no context of love, then there is no real fellowship to restore…

It is not enough to have a context of love surrounding all acts of discipline. The discipline itself is to be done in a loving way. If a parent has the attitude of “Let me at that kid!” and is angry or embarrassed, he is spiritually disqualified to administer the discipline. When the parent is qualified to discipline, he probably does not feel like it, and when he feels like it, he is probably not qualified.

Essie says:
February 4, 2011 at 7:38 am

Loved the take out from “Standing on the Promise”…oddly enough it sounds a lot like what I have read in To Train up a Child! I would say the two aurthors are on the same page. It also sounds like we are on the same page…discipline should always come from a place of love! I thought I said that a few times in my first comment!?! Anyway, regardless of how you look at it a tragedy has occured..the loss of life is sad. I don’t think you can honestly know how the Pearls feel about it because you are not them. All you know is how you feel…outraged that a teaching such as the Pearls would be a justification for the actions of these parents…plainly put it is not. The parents may blame the Pearls but what happened is that they took an awesome book and twisted it. The Pearls do not teach such violence.

In Peace,

john bowden says:
February 22, 2011 at 12:58 pm
The accusations against the Pearls and the NGJ ministries are silly. I read the ‘Train up a Child’, and can honestly say that anyone who reads this book would never want to harm their child. Their ministry and books should be commended for their sincere and successful efforts to aid godly parents in child rearing.

JBgame says:
March 7, 2011 at 10:35 am
First of all our children are not dogs,so why do we need to “train”them?
we RAISE our children to be well behaved,tolerant,children.
Second I do not like the pearls at all. I put down the created to be his help meet book after a few chapters,I picked it up again hoping maybe i was just in a bad mood that day,but i have to tell you everything that woman says is completly crazy. If my husband molests my children why in the world would I take them to visit him in jail???
I would love for her to even try and spank my children,because then i would write the”How to train the Pearls” book and have it be about beating the living crap out of them.

Bene D says:
March 7, 2011 at 11:44 am
John B:

Do you believe anyone who reads the Pearl’s books would go further and learn the difference between a one-size-fits-all behavior modification approach and informed natural development?

I think it’s unlikely. The Pearl’s target the parent-reader with fear, guilt and conformity through heavy spiritualization,;their sincerity and efforts are about using a religious system to make money for themselves, not about the well-being of families and children. The Pearl’s count on readers to not seek anything other than their authoritarian opinion.

Pingback: Ignorance is bliss | La Dolce Vita

Terry M. says:
March 27, 2011 at 8:14 am
I work in the justice system and met one of the parents in prison as a result of the death of one of these children. It is horrifying to see how these people’s religious zealotry can ruin lives. The mother in custody seems to me an otherwise well intentioned person who was so warped by these teachings that she stopped distinguishing between discipline and torture. Religious fanatics have the capacity to brainwash the gullible. The punishment in these cases needed to have been shared by the Pearls. There is no one more responsible for these deaths than the Pearls. Children are to be nurtured and guided, not controlled and punished.

Harry says:
July 28, 2011 at 6:39 pm
You completely mis-characterize the Pearls teaching. Either you haven’t read what they teach or you just want to demonize them to promote your view. Either way it’s shameful.

Ronald Tate says:
July 29, 2011 at 8:14 am
When anyone gets to the point where they stop talking – whether to children or else to adults – and start swinging (whether your hand, or an instrument in your hand) … you have lost control of yourself, and are WRONG.

The Bible doesn’t support hitting children … it is a bastardized interpretation of the Old Covenant scriptures (which 95% of the Church doesn’t understand), that is the cause of such abuse.

To paraphrase a famous saying: “The Bible doesn’t kill people … people kill people.”

Caral from SoCal says:
August 17, 2011 at 9:33 am
I have heard the Pearls speak several times, and have read the book in question. While my family is not nearly as conservative in many regards as the Pearls advocate, I must come to their defense against some of the allegations on this site.
#1 – I have specifically heard the Pearls talk about spousal abuse, and that it is a cause for immediate fleeing from the home – mom flee with children to safety.
#2 – the Pearls are always very careful to place any spanking activity within confines of gentle training. They are exceptional humble, gentle people, and most of their ideas about training children center on love and teaching. Training through physical punishment literally is a tiny fraction of their talks, books, etc. That is also the emphasis they give it – tiny fraction, in very careful context. Parent in an attitude of gentle confrontation – always patient and explaining.
#3 – I keep hearing that they want the spankings to cause “pain” – and yes, I have heard them say that – but then they always go on to explain that a “smart” or a “sting” is what they are talking about – they are again both VERY clear that never, never, should a welt occur.
#4 – The Pearls are all about drawing the heart of the child to the parent in respect. While we have not used “their method” – we have trained our children similarly. The fact is that what those people did to their daughter in California bears zero resemblance to what the Pearls’ teach – it is a 180 degree difference. It’s like saying a yellow submarine must be related to a puffer fish – because they are both underwater, yellow, and have similar looking fins. The Pearls wrote a book. This horrible, angry family used a good tool for a horrendous purpose. Period.

Sam says:
August 18, 2011 at 4:31 am
The pearls are the spawn of satan! They encourage child beatings which have lead to eventual death! This is a disgrace Pearls! Hope you rot in hell! Explain this all you Pearl Lovers; why is it that when a user overdoses and dies, is the dealer blamed??? In this case, the Pearls are the dealers and young, helpless toddlers and children have died at the hands of parents who have been “dealt” the Pearl handbook! Open your eyes you child abusers! These youngsters died as a result of beatings by suggestions in the Pearl Handbook! What goes around comes around Michael & Debi! God is watching and you will be punsihed for this and I hope I can be witness to this!!!

Lisa Fretwell says:
August 18, 2011 at 10:47 am
I am once again heart broken and filled with an overwhelming urge to express how I feel about this subject. Most things in life, regarding other people’s actions, beliefs, thoughts, etc… I approach as a conscientious observer. I have long since stepped down from my soap box. But, this subject, I have never been able to ignore. The emotional scars from this type of behavior from my parent, never left me. I refuse to forget what it feels like to be a helpless child being hit by the one person who was supposed to protect me. I find that you need to remember what it felt like, so that you can be the one who breaks the chain, the one who does not hit their children.

Before I comment on the Book written by Michael and Debi Pearl, I will read and STUDY it. I found a used one at Amazon for $.95 and bought it. After I have read it, I will be back to comment on it.

I have seen an interview of them. After having watched Michael and Debi on National T.V. demonstrate hittting someone with a switch from a tree, I am compelled to push back and do all that is in my power to be the Equal and Opposite Light that shines from the side of NEVER hitting your child, under no circumstance.

I am convinced that to possess the ability to hit your child, you MUST have tucked away in the dark corners of your mind the remembrance of what it felt like to be that helpless child. Until, you remember that feeling, there is no hope in changing your mind about hitting children. Children are not born with the desire to grow up and hit their children. They are taught to hit their children. The insidious circle must be broken.

Lisa Fretwell says:
August 24, 2011 at 1:11 pm
MY REVIEW OF THE BOOK ENTITLED “TO TRAIN UP YOUR CHILD” by Michael and Debbie Pearl. For me, the reading of this book was an intense emotional experience. The book is written through the eye’s of an adult. I read the book through the eyes of a child. I wept uncontrollably with rage and sorrow, a lot. This is a “how to” book. It comes complete with intense graphic descriptions, and step-by-step instructions. It teaches you how, when and why. The problem I have with the book is that it teaches you to hit your child and other people’s children. In the U.S. it is illegal to hit your neighbor with a stick, a belt or any other object. It is called battering and it is a criminal and civil offense. However, it is still legal in the U.S. to hit your child. It is not legal to hit children that are not your own. The book describes in graphic detail Debi Pearl hitting children that were not her own. The book attempts to illustrate how you should use Fear Conditioning on your children and on the children of other people. It is clear that the authors of this book are completely aware that the topic of the book is Fear Conditioning Children. They correctly use the term “conditioning” several times in the book. They understand what they are saying. They have substituted the phrase “train up your child”, because it sounds less harsh than the true phrase which is “fear condition your child”. This book has been linked with the deaths of two children. I am convinced that this book was a contributing catalyst to the death of these children. It gives the example of using the technique on a 4 month old baby. The book explicitly demands that you repeatedly hit your child until, “it is obvious he is totally broken” (page 59). I am changed from having experienced this book. During my lifetime of 48 years, I have passively sought peace, empathy, and rights for children. However, now that I know that this book is in circulation, and that people read it and implement the Fear Conditioning described in it onto their vulnerable children I will actively seek peace, empathy, and rights for children. My hope for you and your children is that by reading my review of this book you will reject Fear Conditioning as the philosophy that you use for rearing your children. I implore you to educate yourself regarding other successful methods. Talk with people who have been successful at rearing their children who never needed to hit them.

Bill Donohue on Irish radio – Roman Catholic abuse survivors gold diggers – common punitive practice

It is fascinating to me how Bill Donohue of the US Catholic League attempts to provoke.
It is also fascinating how he attempts to downplay child abuse by the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland by deflecting to a Reuters story. This aired on Today FM with Matt Cooper in Ireland on May 30th and came to my attention as US bloggers picked it up this week.

If citizens of Ireland didn’t know what a jackass Donohue is, they know now.
Here is a timeline of investigations into Roman Catholic institutional abuse in Ireland.
Colin O’Gorman eviscerates Donahue’s position.
He is known in Ireland as author of Beyond Belief, the founder of One in Four and is now Executive Director of Amnesty International Ireland. You have to wonder what Donohue possibly thought he was going to accomplish going on Irish radio after glancing at the Ryan report and calling former abuse survivors gold diggers. He says worse of course and because he can’t irritate the host or O’Gorman, or dazzle them with his bluster. This is The Catholic League’s response to Reuters back in May, and this is the article Donohue attempts to use to deflect.

The bible has a great deal to say about fools, it’s freeing to see one exposed. I give O’Gorman the last word.

Fear corrupts. It freezes us. It leaves us unable to react. I used to be afraid all the time, afraid of facing the past for fear of what I might find out about myself. But not anymore.

So often, we run from things we have done that we feel mark us as bad. I know that feeling; for so many years I ran from my own feelings of shame and self-blame.

The truth of who I am is to be found in the way I responded to the events that I have experienced. How I chose to deal with them, once I was free to do so.

The things we do as we struggle to survive unspeakable trauma name the power of our instinctive desire to survive, but they say very little about who we are – what we believe and feel, and the principles and values we hold dear. It is only when we have the space to make free and informed choices that we discover who we actually are.

BBC: Suing the Pope
Amazon: Beyond Belief
BBC: The Ryan Report debate in the Northern Ireland Assembly November 2009

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One Response to Bill Donohue on Irish radio – Roman Catholic abuse survivors gold diggers – common punitive practice
Esme Squalor says:
November 10, 2009 at 9:12 am
Why does this offensive, pugnacious man get any air time at all? Do you sense any of fragrance of Christ about him in any of his appearances? I think Mr. O’Gorman did an absolutely perfect work which should be emulated by anyone who appears with him on any media outlet. My preference, however, would be that talk show hosts stop giving this little man any airtime at all.

Ron Mainse returning to 100 Huntley Street, business as usual

Earlier this year after The Hamilton Spectator made the public aware Crossroads Christian Communications executives Ron and Reynold Mainse had allegedly invested in an ponzi scheme, the founders sons and their wives were yanked as hosts of the flagship show.

We want to inform you that Ron and Reynold Mainse will not be appearing on any Crossroads programming or otherwise represent Crossroads while they focus their energies on certain matters in their personal lives. They have stepped down from their duties until such time as the Board of Directors has a complete understanding of all of the issues related to a financial investment matter that they were involved in outside of their ministry at Crossroads.

 In July Crossroads board announced the organization had been cleared in a forensic audit; personal statements were released from both Ron and Reynold acknowledged they had been finders for Axcess Automation/Funds. It is not publicly known how much money the hosts lost, or who they drew into investing during their involvement with Gordon Driver/Axcess.  It is not known if the hosts remained on the payroll during the internal investigation. It is not known if investors drawn in by Ron and Reynold were told what the brothers finder fee was. It is not known how much the brothers made in finders fees.

It appears (and this is vague to me) that retired founder David Mainse who hosted the summer fundraiser will be hosting 100 Huntley Street once a week. I’m open to correction on my understanding.

Ron’s father David Mainse has announced Ron Mainse, President of Communication for Crossroads is returning to the show with his wife Ann the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.  (October 13th?) with a half hour interview with Crossroads Christian Communications US President Jim Cantelon.

In July the charity received an all-clear from the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.

CCCC is satisfied that the board has fulfilled its responsibility to act in a prudent, proactive and thorough manner to address this issue and safeguard the ministry. They took the matter very seriously when they became aware of it, and have sought and acted upon several different types of professional advice. As it should, the board has exercised independence from management. It has acted in what it believes are the best interests of the ministry, as is their duty. Beyond these general comments, CCCC will not report what the board has done because it is the responsibility of the Crossroads board and management to determine how much of this information to make public.

After the 1/2 interview Ron and Ann Mainse will return to hosting 100 Huntley Street by promoting a book associated with an independent film in the US.
The 2008 film Fireproof has been packaged with a book The Love Dare which was part of the story line in the film. It sold 2 1/2 million copies in the US. The screenwriters will be releasing a follow up book this month.

Ron Mainse will return to the show with a half hour interview with Jim Cantelon, President of Crossroads Christian Communications USA.

No word on Reynold and wife Kathy Mainse return to air.
It is not known if Reynold Mainse has resumed his position as VP of Missions. Â

Mainse relative David Rutledge was ordered by the OSC in May to cease all activity with Axcess Automation/Funds. Rutledge was the former director of ministries at Crossroads prior to moving to Axcess Funds.Â
There is a civil suit ongoing in the US between Gordon Driver/Axcess Automation/Funds and the SEC/CFTC. As well there is an on-going criminal investigation in the US.

The Commodities Future Trading Commission court documents state the 13.5 million ponzi scheme targeted 100+ investors from Canada and the US. Investors who were introduced to Axcess Automation/Funds through connections with Crossroads Christian Communications and who lost a great deal have remained publicly quiet.

Regulatory timeline
Media timeline
Status report of CFTC civil suit

ChristianWeek reported in August Ron and Reynold Mainse were not facing charges.
 Canadian Christianity reported neither brother had taken investment training as was believed when the story became public in Canada.

Did the board do the right thing when it removed the Mainse brothers from their positions at Crossroads? Why did they wait until the Hamilton Spectator story appeared before they took public action? Is there more housecleaning yet to come? How will donations be affected? What other changes are likely?

Media coverage has been odd, a few Canadian media outlets picked up the story but didn’t correct an error calling Crossroads a church. It is not. It is a charity with an off-shoot non-profit cable network, CTS.

A commenter made a reasonable point this summer.
What questions would you ask?

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75 Responses to Ron Mainse returning to 100 Huntley Street, business as usual
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walter says:
October 5, 2009 at 12:58 pm
A lot like pastor’s spouses who do not draw a salary but are “expected” to do a lot of volunteer work. Garnet

Garnet you must be quite old or come from another planet because you are talking about things in the last century or later?

Today in many Pentecostal and Vineyard churches wives are also co-pastors, draw salaries and are even on the board of directors of churches or nonprofit corporations!

If you would do your home work you would find a husband and wife on a three people board can swing votes in any direction and even in a five people board.

Many evangelistic non profit corporation have wives on the board of directors and they even get paid a salary.

Previously I brought up the point of Rodney Howard Browne and family and his board and family! And in Florida even Karl Strader’s wife on occasion would order someone to draw up a check on her order.

And yes nepotism is quite alive and well in many Evangelical churches and ministries! Mind you it seems that it’s most Pentecostal churches where the Pastors own outright the church or nonprofit corporation and has a board of ducks who quack at his commands and rubber stamp all his wishes!

Richard Roberts who stepped down amid allegations he misspent school funds to live in luxury, used to brag how he chose and fired board members if he or she didn’t do what he wanted!

He and his wife, Lindsay, were accused of dropping money on shopping sprees, home improvements and a stable of horses for their daughters at a time when ORU was more than $50 million in debt. ORU regent Harry McNevin, quit the board in 1987 because of the misspending he alleged he witnessed

And yes, Nepotism, pilfering and looting of Pentecostal “Family run and owned” ministries by the senior anointed Pastor or Evangelist is more common than people realize. And some of looting is of great magnitude such as displayed by the Assembly of God Senior Pastor Karl Strader who stole “First Assembly of God” after the dissidents rebellion failed and turned it into Carpenter’s Home Church Incorporated with Karl Strader president for life.

Pilfering and looting was the cause of the downfall of Evangelist Rex Humbard. Pilferers such as senior pastors or TV Evangelists use various techniques to shield themselves from scrutiny by their own supporters including clichés such as “Touch not my anointed,” “Judge Not!,” “Preachers are accountable only to God, “Evil is he who sees evil, “For I see that you are poisoned by bitterness and bound by iniquity, ” “The Devil is behind all the news reports,” etc..

Pilferers and looters also ensure the composure of their board of directors including family, friends and staff and the instant removal of any dissidents. The news media reported about President Richard Roberts remark “I have the deck stacked—I am elected to three year terms and if a Regent appears to give me trouble, I remove him. I stack the deck… .

Yes, stacking the board is also a very common practice in many Pentecostal “family run and owned” ministries including Carpenter’s Home Church, Victory International church of Hamilton, Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, etc. As a result of Walter Kambulow’s complained that Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship was in reality a profit corporation set up to benefit solely its founders, a “family run and owned ministry” whose board of directors is composed improperly of family, friends and staff and not others. It doesn’t exist to benefit the public but solely its founders!

In other words they are literally wolves in sheep’s clothing who don’t exist for the welfare of the sheep but their own. So John Arnott, Steve Long and TACF sued Walter Kambulow for $ 50 million dollars because they didn’t want anybody to find out the truth about them!

And even in the private sector you can have for a corporation a husband to be president, and a wife to be secretary/treasurer and it’s all legal!

And the next lie you are going to tell me that besides not being rich, the Mainse clan are people of integrity?

Bene D says:
October 5, 2009 at 1:35 pm


Garnet is not lying, he is not niave; he is skeptical and rightly so.

Try this.
Compile a list of Crossroad Christian Communication employees who are directly related to the Mainse and Rutledge families.
Make a list of what music Norma Jean Mainse composed.
Who wrote opening themes to shows.
Prove past boards have been ‘stacked.’

You’ve shot right past the point, please focus your intelligence and energy and do. not. name. call.
I will ban you for another two weeks. This is an important topic which won’t be hijacked because someone posits a different point of view from yours. Play nice.

walter says:
October 5, 2009 at 1:37 pm
I would go easy on insulting these two individuals. I expect there is a lot of talent there. They have clearly made some big mistakes but then so have I and I expect most of us would say the same. The difference is that my mistakes were less public.

Garnet – Being an agent for a ponzi scheme and not telling your suckered clients is more than just a mistake and lack of integrity it’s a criminal act! Are these the kind of big mistakes you have made?

And these two individuals are more than just stupid they are criminals! And that is what you want in Christian leadership? Wow!

walter says:
October 5, 2009 at 1:53 pm

Because Ron and Ann occupy a very important position in a Christian nonprofit corporation to prove they are people of integrity they can voluntarily issue their income tax just like the President of United States and his spouse does for he is also after all a public servant who works for the people!

I did advocate this in a previous post?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all heads of Christian nonprofit churches and corporation would issue to the public their income tax and their spouse and prove that they are not in the ministry for the money! That would settle this thorny issue of conflicts of interests and greed and they would set a good example like Paul stated:

2COR 6:3 We give no offense in anything, that our ministry may not be blamed.

GAL 2:11 Now when Peter had come to Antioch, I withstood him to his face, because he was to be blamed;

Garnet says:
October 5, 2009 at 2:56 pm

I am hoping that this interview is very revealing.

Another good question would be the state of the OSC investigation regarding Ron’s actions. I doubt he can answer this unless they have concluded their proceedings. Still he may be able to shed some light on this.

I believe this would go a long way to help people understand that he did not do this with criminal intent but out of ignorance. Do not get me wrong, ignorance is not excuse, but it is a long long way from having done this intentionally.

walter says:
October 5, 2009 at 3:04 pm
Imagine telling a Judge you went through a red light in ignorance? The Judge would laugh you right into a mental institution!

MenschMayer says:
October 5, 2009 at 3:51 pm
Walter, it would be great if all heads of Christian nonprofit churches and corporations would issue to the public their income tax to prove they are not in the ministry for the money!!! As a result maybe people would trust them more and even give more to their ministry. Why is this not happening?

That is one thing. However… what Bene said “they spun their celebrity off into other paid venues.” I think the ‘real’ money is made in the ‘spin off’ and not in the salary. If you are just looking at the salaries, you are missing the ‘whole’ picture.

Any more information about the music royalties, in regards to Crossroads and all of their shows?

We need some facts here!!!

Barry says:
October 5, 2009 at 4:12 pm
I doubt most big-name televangelists will release their tax returns because they probably have unreported income and don’t want people to have the ability to check them out.

If Ron and Ann released their tax returns, that would be a major step for financial transparency for religious nonprofit organizations.

We should hold religious leaders to a higher standard.

” … From everyone who has been given much, much will be demanded; and from the one who has been entrusted with much, much more will be asked.” Luke 12:48

Tim says:
October 5, 2009 at 6:14 pm
Jim Cantelon is a talented intellectual heavyweight who appears to have been handed something of a poison chalice in terms of interviewing Ron on live tv. It is a stretch to think that the interview will be characterized by objectivity, impartiality and spontaneity. One hopes there will be no whitewash and that the whole thing is not choreographed as to insult the intelligence of the viewers in some measure and consequently lead to the diminution of Cantelon. He (Cantelon) deserves better.

It would seem to me that an impartial interviewer would be better positioned to ask the tough questions.

Bene D says:
October 5, 2009 at 9:31 pm
Here are the questions posed in this comment thread.

1) What do the Mainse clan or their prominent religious friend care about victims?
2) How does Ron Mainse plan to make restitution?
3) Has communication with donors, employees and the public been transparent and ethical?
4) How much does the founder of the ministry make including total compensation and how much do members of his family make from the ministry?
5) Has there been clarity in respect of whether or not the investors knew that those who recruited them were being paid finders fees for their efforts?
6) Why aren’t investors speaking up?
7) Are the Mainse family rich? (StatsCan median)
8 What perks do the inner Crossroads circle receive?
9) Who is the close friend who introduced Ron Mainse to an investment opportunity?
10) What are the Mainse brothers doing in practical ways to help and recompense their victims for their losses, sorrow and pain?
11) How many people did Ron Mainse draw in to this investment?
12) What is the total compensation package for the Mainse family?
13) Were the Mainse brothers being paid by Crossroads while off air?
14) Where any Axcess transactions completed in Canada?
15) How much of the 13.5 million did Crossroads employees bring in?
16) What (is) the age and earning of the average supporter of 100 Huntley Street who is not aware that Ron and Ann are earning $ 270,000 per year and had no saying in the hiring of a husband and wife team?
17) What do any of you know about the world of Music Royalties? (executive perks and undisclosed income)
18) Did David Rutledge work his Crossroad contacts for Axcess Funds?
19) How many actual full time employess were there at that time (last tax filing) and how many now?
(economic realities and stewardship)
20) What training has Ron had for his job? (ethical stewardship)
21) What is Ron’s total compensation package? (goes to the alleged ponzi scheme and the desire to make more)
22) Being an agent for a ponzi scheme and not telling your suckered clients is more than just a mistake and lack of integrity it’s a criminal act! Are these the kind of big mistakes you (we) have made? (behavior, consequences, intent)
23) (What if) heads of Christian nonprofit churches and corporation would issue to the public their income tax and their spouse and prove that they are not in the ministry for the money?
24) What is the OSC decision regarding Ron’s involvement?
25) As Crossroads V/P of Missions, why is Reynold not here also answering in person to the questions that are being asked?
26) There are people who have inherited wealth who minister faithfully without seeking significant renumeration and others who have had a career before minstry who have accumulated wealth and serve faithfully without high salaries in ministry
How is it some who have not inherited serve in ministry and end up in an economic class well above most Canadians?
It is known Ron, your father built his retirement home on an island outside Kingston, you live in Kilbride where your neighbours salaries are in the upper income bracket.
How is this possible for a family that speaks of humble beginnings and has been in Christian ministry all their lives?

Tim says:
October 6, 2009 at 3:46 am
25) As Crossroads V/P of Missions, why is Reynold not here also answering in person to the questions that are being asked?

(excellent and obvious question Tim – moved it into the list:^) BD)

walter kambulow says:
October 6, 2009 at 4:27 am

Bureaucrats skirt rules to hide huge salaries October 06, 2009

Deputy health minister Ron Sapsford, earns a salary of $443,611.55. Hugh MacLeod, associate deputy minister to the premier and head of climate change secretariat, was paid $320,695.60 in 2008. Gail Paech, associate deputy minister of economic development and trade, was paid $291,997.20.

Hefty salaries for some of Ontario’s highest paid civil servants – including the deputy health minister, who earned nearly $500,000 last year in salary and taxable benefits – are being channelled through hospitals to skirt government pay guidelines, the Star has learned.

As Premier Dalton McGuinty’s administration clamps down on untendered contracts and consultants’ meal expenses in the wake of the eHealth Ontario spending scandal, salaries for top bureaucrats are being buried in hospital budgets.

MenschMayer says:
October 6, 2009 at 12:36 pm
1) What do the Mainse clan or their prominent religious friend care about victims?
2) How does Ron Mainse plan to make restitution?

As a victim (not a Driver victim, but a victim just the same) I have noticed the kindness of “others”.

Lately, during our negotiations to get out of this mess, it is other people, that have stepped up to the help us. Some are forgiving fees or cutting them in half and deducting them. Others that have come after us in court, are now working with us to fix this huge mess. Daily, someone has come forward to help us. Some in small ways and others in a very big way.

But…unfortunately, the one person who has harmed us the most, has not offered anything!

My point is, I would be very surprised if Ron Mainse will make any restitution. If I was Ron, I would find it very difficult to sell the only thing I have left and give it to my victims. That would be the morally correct thing to do. Who ever said being a Christian is easy! It’s not!

walter says:
October 6, 2009 at 1:23 pm
Deleted – off topic – BD

Tim says:
October 6, 2009 at 2:29 pm

What was the outcome of the court matters you refer to that have involved you? Are they ongoing or are they over? Perhaps the book you’ve referred to covers the ground. If you have the link to your book it would be interesting to understand what you’ve been through. My apologies for not knowing of the matters to which you refer. Doubtless there are others also who know nothing of the battles you have fought.

Therese says:
October 6, 2009 at 2:43 pm
You are absolutely right Mensch when you say that being a Christian is not easy, nor is it supposed to be. We are called to carry our cross and count the cost, but unfortunately most of the church has lost that revelation, hence the Saviour has relatively few true disciples following Him….But it’s really always been that way, even in the days of the Israelites, God only had a remnant who did not bend the knee to Baal, the false god of this world.

Bene D says:
October 6, 2009 at 3:07 pm
Here you go Tim, Walter’s book.

Tim says:
October 7, 2009 at 10:01 pm
Thanks BD. I read it – not easy for more reasons than one.

walter says:
October 10, 2009 at 1:52 am
Tim – Concerning the TACF I also don’t understand things like:









walter says:
October 10, 2009 at 2:14 am
Tim – I also have some questions like:

Why would any Christian pastors sue somebody for $ 50 million dollars and ask 3 justice to incarcerate walter kambulow in the superior court of justice, civil court, commercial division unless they were terrified of something? Fear and lying is not of god but of the devil

What kind of Christians sue a Christian and lie, fabricate evidence, commit perjury, have a secret trial and obstructed justice?

Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott and Steve Long stopped their $ 50 million dollar extortion lawsuit when it didn’t go the way they expected, and to prevent Walter Kambulow from wining his counter lawsuit against them because their lawsuit was based on lies and perjury and they could not win in an honest court proceedings , they committed perjury and obstructed justice!

As a result the Plaintiffs Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, John Arnott and Steve Long had a secret trial before Justice Trottier on September 19, 2008 to which the defendant wasn’t invited or informed, played dirty tricks, committed perjury and obstructed justice and made a mockery of the justice system and the Superior Court of Justice of Ontario and their deeds, words and actions are now considered to be guilty of indictable offences and liable to imprisonment!

Yes based on a false and untruthful information and presentation t Justice Trottier issued an order striking out Mr. Kambulow’s Statement of Defense, assigned court costs of about $ 60,000 to be paid by Mr. Kambulow, making an order striking out Mr. Kambulow Statement of Claim against TACF, and making a permanent injunction against Mr. Kambulow making certain remarks in respect to the Plaintiffs that they were liars and are perjurers (a matter that has been brought forth to the Attorney General of Ontario and Law Enforcements throughout the country as well as to other Government officials!)

The basis of democracy in Canada is the right to a fair trial and to a statement of defense and TACF John Arnott and Steve Long through criminal acts circumvented the process because they could not win their lawsuit. How Christian of them

Alysha Fowler says:
October 13, 2009 at 1:00 pm
Both my mom and I support Ron and Reynold.

walter says:
October 13, 2009 at 1:40 pm
Both my mom and I support Ron and Reynold in what sense? To conduct ponzi schemes? To be naive? Not to tell people they were agents for a ponzi scheme?

Do your husbands support Ron and Reynold?

Bene Diction says:
October 15, 2009 at 2:56 pm
Excuse me Walter. That’s quite enough.

Alysha, welcome.
I hope you find information here that is helpful to you in your search to find out what is going on with Axcess/Crossroads.

walter says:
October 15, 2009 at 3:23 pm
So do their husbands support Ron and Reynolds? Why not?

Bene Diction says:
October 15, 2009 at 4:34 pm
Walter, I said enough. When did you stop beating your wife ?

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Upon reflection, it is not fair to others who have something they wish to say publicly and who can model self-respect and other respect. Rather than close this thread, I’ve reconsidered, comments will be moderated.

Todd Bentley: The Webinar

By Rick Hiebert 2009Â Used by permisson. All rights reserved

Todd Bentley, the Canadian-born evangelist, finally sat down to field questions from the public via an Internet “webinar” on Thursday September 10, 2009, shortly after 9 PM Eastern time. You can tell, however, that he wasn’t fielding questions from reporters. And the “answers”, as is so often the case with Bentley, raise even more questions in turn.

The webinar is on Todd’s website as the top item under The Instant Streaming Audio section. This post however, works off the raw audio feed as it was broadcast live that evening. (There may be some differences in the two, one that you can spot right away is that the directions for webinar participants, by one of Bentley’s assistants, weren’t broadcast over the Internet due to a signal failure, but it appears in the version as saved on the website.)
It might remind you of an infomercial in that it has the barest of specifics, if any. It is designed so that you will sign up now. Operators are standing by.
Mr. Bentley began with one of the themes of the videos that he has been making with Rick Joyner.

“Restoration. Restoration is a process and I’m in a process. God is a wonderful healer and I’ve been having some of the best days of my life, really,” Bentley said. He then continued with an argument that everyone needs to be restored by God in some way. “And that’s my prayer. God restore my soul. Not just my mind, will and emotions. Restore my relationships, restore my family.”

[This raises the question of how this can be done, given that Bentley is now divorced from his first wife, Shonnah. He now lives in North Carolina, on the opposite end of the United States from Abbotsford B.C. where his family lives. He mentions later in the webinar that he only meets with Joyner periodically right now, which raises the question of why Bentley doesn’t live someplace like Sumas, Washington, where he can be an active parent of his three children. You know, do their laundry, feed them dinner, help with their homework. Be a real parent. But instead, he lives on the other side of the U.S.A. So much for Bentley putting himself in a position to allow God to answer this prayer.]

[As this is being written, Bentley has just put up an entry on his blog discussing a recent vacation trip to New York City. So, if he cared to go to Northern Washington state to devote himself to his kids, money is not a barrier. And if he wanted to devote himself to study, as he says he is doing, the Vancouver B.C. area has fine libraries, theological schools and a Christian university not far from his old house. He could read up on theology, as he says he wants to do, and be home in time to make his kids dinner and do their laundry.]

He continues, explaining what ‘restoration’ would mean to him.

“Restoration means to bring back to the place for your former condition. That’s what I want God. Not only do I want to be back in the place that I was, but beyond. I’m not only going back, I’m going beyond ’cause the glory of the latter house shall be greater than the former house.”

[If God intends that Bentley be restored to relationship with Him, but do something else with his life, Bentley has just told the Lord that he will refuse to listen to what He said. He is also refusing to listen to those Christians who fear, for various reasons, that he was never suited for evangelist work in the first place. Charismatics often complain about putting God in a box, but it would seem that Todd Bentley is dictating to God what answers to his prayers are appropriate and which are not.]

“If a man dies, will he live again?” That’s the question we are asking tonight. Can a man that has died lived again? And I believe that he can,” Bentley says in reference to himself.
Bentley then admits that some of his failures have been very public, and then turns to passages in Jeremiah and Job which he thinks apply to his case.

“God will restore Peter. God will restore David. God will restore Israel, God will restore You, God will restore me. We must believe and call forth the ministries of restoration in this hour”

[God will restore Saul, God will restore Judas Iscariot. Er, strike that. Seems that repentance is involved, and that Bentley needs to begin with that before restoration can take place.]

Bentley cites the problematic interpretation of Galatians 6:1 that his friend Rick Joyner has been using. He then goes on to say that he feels a need for constant repentance in his own life:

“I’ll never be good enough. I”ll never be righteous enough. I’m just pressing towards the mark, I’m learning from my mistakes. I’m repenting of my sin and I’m admitting my failures and I’m humbling myself, one, before the Lord. My repentance has been over the past year, over and over again. Two, my repentance has been before my leaders in accountability.”

Bentley, you’ll remember, willingly came into a formal leadership “covering” under the leadership of C. Peter Wagner’s group and then, in a later video, tried to lie his way out of it by saying that nothing took place. Rick Joyner is probably the next to be thrown under the bus if he thwarts Bentley’s plans in any way.

“My repentance has been public in some of my videos. There’s been over 24 videos.”
“I know that in the future that God’s going to anoint me to be one who restores.”

This allows us to look at a rhetorical trick that Bentley and his friend Rick Joyner have used over and over again. If you throw on one of their videos, they will say something like “We”re going to answer some questions”, without actually answering questions. Bentley will say that he is going to repent of something, without actually doing it.

Bentley uses this trick for two reasons. First, he is assuming that you will not pay close attention to his statements, and assume that saying that he is about to do something is the same as actually doing it. Secondly, he is keeping in mind his audience. Some Charismatics are happy with pretty well any sort of action or statement from someone who has “the power.” Others are more conservative and careful, judging statements and activity by careful use of the Bible. Bentley’s vague non-apologies allow people from either ‘side’ of his audience to assume that he is apologizing for the issue that they are most concerned about. He can give the impression that he is going to ‘apologize’ for something that would dismay a ‘conservative’ while not alienating the ‘liberal’ in his audience who thinks that that is nothing to apologize for. Cunning as a fox, he keeps the unwary of both “sides’ supporting him.

How can we judge whether he is repentant when you have to guess what he is repenting of? How can we judge whether he is truly sorry for his ‘mistakes’ when he invites us to assume that they are whatever we assume them to be, and not something that can be objectively measured against the Bible and what it teaches?

A repentant statement would be something like this, pointed and specific. A hypothetical example would be: “When I was in Lakeland, I made the statement from the stage that God had told me that He wanted 1,000 donors to donate $1,000 towards the building of a site for the revival. I have since admitted to my associates that that was untrue. God never said that to me. I lied to you and I apologize for that lie.”

It’s funny that even though he has been ‘repenting’ for over a year, Bentley finds himself unable to make frankly contrite statements like this. Of course, if he made a series of honest statements like this, this might lead people to think ‘This Bentley fellow lies like a rug’,which would play havoc with his plans to return to ministry.

Bentley continues with a discussion of events at Lakeland. Naturally, a question uppermost on the minds of many is, “Were there any documented miracles?”
Bentley says:

“Were there any people that we know were healed by doctor’s reports and medical reports. We do have those. People have asked me, ‘Todd, do you have the doctor’s reports?’ Of course after everything was over in Lakeland and I resigned from Fresh Fire Canada, the ministry in Abbotsford, and I’ve been in a season of restoration, I myself don’t have those documents, but I know that they are still being put together and there’s been an investigation and that’s gonna be available. You’re gonna hear more about that later. There were healings though. And yes, there were resurrections from the dead. I don’t have all the numbers, but the important thing is, God knows.”

Did you notice that Todd said that he had the materials and then that he did not almost in the same breath?
What happened to the package for materials that was given to the reporters from the ABC program Nightline, from which they were unable to confirm that medically validated miracles took place? Bentley, you’ll recall, pulled himself off the stage for a night, needing an ‘immediate rest’ after the program aired. Given that their debunking of his work would certainly come up again in the future, wouldn’t it be wise to hold onto this material? Unless, of course, you realized that it was a house of cards that would topple in the lightest media breeze. Which means that you need another set of ‘miracles’ to bring forward. That is what Bentley’s staff is doing now.

Is it reasonable to ask Bentley for this? Well, when you recall the Biblical story of the ten healed lepers, you’ll remember that Christ did not get indignant and insist that they were healed without a confirmation. They were sent to a rabbi to be examined, and it, moreover, was Christs idea. So asking for medical confirmations for healings is Biblical.

Bentley then cited the Internet outreach of the events at Lakeland, and claimed that during the revival he preached for 127 consecutive nights. (Can we get a fact-check on that?)
“We want to remember that revival and say that it isn’t over, and as we talk about the future and [hear] ˜Todd are you coming back to ministry?’
Bentley said:

“I’m making plans to see that revival move to England, to Australia, to visit many of the cities that we planned to [while] in Lakeland.”
“It’s been a bump in the road. It’s been a time out. I thank God that I’m in the season that I’m in right now so that God can get done in me what He needs to get done so that we can continue to see what we saw in Lakeland spread all over the Earth.”

He makes a passing reference to his website, suggesting that if any of his viewers had a question, more often than not, the question has already been answered. Why the question-and-answer portion of the webinar then? (Viewers of the videos looking for concrete and frank answers to their questions will probably be disappointed.)

“We are gonna take trips to the nations at one point.”

When is that gonna happen?” he adds.

“At this point, it’s day by day, week by week. We’re listening to the Lord. I’m just resting. I’m just spending time in His presence, reading a lot of books, meditating in the word, just enjoying life; it’s been over a year, and I’m still saying God cleanse me.”

Those who are skeptical of Bentley may detect a note of forthrightness in what he says next:

“You know, people have asked me, Todd are these videos that you are doing with Rick [Joyner] is it just to get you back into ministry? Is that the whole goal? Well, yeah! I do want to fulfill the call of God but the restoration process isn’t just a end to a means [sic], a means to an end just to get me into ministry again. I love Jesus first and foremost, I love my family.”

“Well, yeah” was spoken with a subtext of ”well, duh!” by the way.

One would think that a spectacular failure would lead most people to think that they weren’t suited for the job of a world-famous evangelist in the first place. Is that the case with Bentley? Well, we see no evidence of rethinking on his part. It’s all full speed ahead.
Bentley then implies that having a huge organization contributed to his collapse. “Over 70, 80, 100 employees, television’ I’m not going to preach 300 meetings a year again.”

He is counting on his listeners not having paid close attention to him again. The latest records available from Fresh Fire Ministries from Canada’s taxation employees reveals that his ministry from 2008 -bear in mind the name change -lists 20 full time employees and seven part time employees for the year of the Lakeland revival.

Here is the link to the 2008 Canadian tax returns for Bentley’s old ministry.

Something else is interesting in these listingsthe Canada Revenue Agency (Canada’s IRS) lists that Fresh Fire Ministries which Transform International was before the name change–took in $8,076,116 Canadian in Total Revenue and spent in Total Expenditures $ 4,912,252 Canadian.

Is Transform International sitting with over $3 million in the bank?

What happened to it?

Bentley would almost certainly have been the employee earning between $80 and $120,000 Canadian per year in the CRA listings. So, when he took the stage in Lakeland and said ”I’m only getting a salary”; Well, what a salary!

Bentley, under provincial law in British Columbia, would have been owed his vacation pay on leaving his job. Severance pay, when let go without cause is also the norm in Canada.
Also, a gift of $95,000 Canadian to qualified donees is listed there as well. Bentley, one may guess, was perhaps given a years pay to leave quietly.
Bentley was never really on television. GOD TV filmed what he was already doing, so there was no extra energy expended on his part.

Preaching at 300 meetings a year is an overstatement. He did travel and teach extensively, but at the time, Fresh Fire Ministries sent out his itinerary regularly. It revealed, to those who were on his e-list that at the most he would be involved with one conference per week. At most. Often there would be several weeks in between engagements. He did work, but a Google cache of his itinerary would reveal no harder than many evangelists do.

Continuing his arguments that he was overworked, Bentley adds that he is vowing not to make the same mistake again. (Longtime observers of Bentley will remember that his ‘Dark Night of the Soul” in 2005-2006, also blamed on overwork, resulted in an extramarital affair that Bentley says made their marriage touch and go from then on. Would his adultery with Jessa as the old governing board of his former ministry put it be the second example of this sort of thing happening?)

Bentley also said that he does not have the time to answer all the questions regarding his divorce and remarriage, so he plans to put a statement up on his website, which makes it almost a year and counting now for some of those wanting to know what went on.

The evangelist is accepting invitations to speak, and says that he will go wherever the ‘the Lord’ sends him. Bentley added that he is tempted to go back to his roots and speak to smaller churches of 200-500 people as he is led. (What may be happening is that these might be the only bookings that he expects to field, smaller churches hoping against hope that they will be able to get the ‘star of Lakeland’ to preach. Also, at smaller churches, he is more likely to be received with less criticism and more awe.)
People seem to be noticing, as noted above in the Canadian tax authority’s return for Bentleys old charity for the year of Lakeland, 2008, that the revival took in a lot more money than it spent. (The CCRA seems to note a $3 million surplus for Transform International Fresh Fires new name–for last year.)

Bentley’s response? “I didn’t make my millions.”

“I didn’t get any money from the offerings at Lakeland…Some months later they [the old Fresh Fire board] decided that they wanted to make a one time donation,”

Bentley implies that at one time he was down to his last $20 as he gave up all his personal property to Shonnah Bentley in the divorce.
The evangelist has referred to getting ‘Pentecostal handshakes’ before Lakeland. That is, someone shakes your hand and gives you money in their palm. If we note that later on in the webinar that Bentley complained that at Lakeland he was continually asked to meet partners, revival participants and ministers, which cut down on his prayer time, we can wonder if there were lots of opportunities for people to say “Here, Todd, buy something for your kids. Here, Todd, buy yourself something”, and give Bentley personal donations that never made it into the collection plate. If he was spending time outside of the services prayer for people, and they happened to give something to him ‘for the revival’, how much of that made it into the collection plates?

We have his annual salary of, let’s say $100,000 Canadian.
The $95,000 Canadian gift from the ministry to the ‘qualified donee’ was likely to Todd.
Add an unknown amount of money in ‘Pentecostal handshakes’ or other unclaimed benefits (“Let me buy you lunch”, “Why don’t you and your new wife stay with us for free?”)
This adds up to Todd Bentley going through $200,000 in a year and a half.
This doesn’t count personal property and assets squirreled away in a banks safety deposit box, say, that Shonnah Bentley might never have known of.

The $20 story, then. What has Bentley been spending his money on?

Talk of finances in the webinar naturally leads to whether Bentley is paying support to his ex-wfe and children. Bentley says he is “taking care of them as God enables me.” (With trips to Kansas City and New York City, let alone trips that we may not know about, we can assume that such payments are timely and plentiful from Bentley, right?)
“I’m involved in my children’s life. I can have as many video conferences, Skype as I want,” says Bentley. And how many does he want? How often are they?

“I’m able to go to Canada and have free access with my children,” he adds.

Has he?

How many times?

(This raises the question of whether Bentley is a landed immigrant in the U.S. now. Given his burden in the past, think of his Canada Awake tour of a few years ago to see Canadians saved, Canadians might wonder why Bentley feels the need to become an American. Of course, the answer is that is where the big money is in the charismatic wing of Christianity is, but Bentley owes Canadians an explanation of the switch, given that Americans already have lots of workers and evangelists while in Canada, relatively speaking, the harvest is plentiful and the workers are fewer. This entire issue is ducked in the webinar.)

Bentley mentions, in another place in the webinar, that he only meets with Rick Joyner every week at most, usually. What about Bentley moving to Washington state, as places where Bentley has ministered in the past, and even did preparatory work for starting a church plant, are only a 30 minute drive from Abbotsford B.C.? Instead of being merely a vacation host for his children, he could help his kids with their homework, take them to church, make them dinner, do their laundry; all the things that a fully involved parent does. Isn’t his new wife Jessa interested in taking part in their lives as a stepmom? Someone who is interested in the “healing of his family” as Bentley professes to be, would be thinking in this way. Does he have to be on the other side of the country from his kids? Or does he want to? Has Joyner, at this time in his restoration, suggested a move to be closer to his kids?

We are now well into the question and answer section of the webinar and the next query was about balancing forgiveness with the need to live with the consequences of one’s sin. I’m dealing with guilt and shame was Bentley’s answer, but I have overcome it. “God, I’ve lost it all. And nobody did it to me. It was my own foolish mistakes.” While citing his alleged overwork, he made sure to mention that he had just felt the Holy Spirit.

“2005 was when my marriage fell apart. It wasn’t Lakeland, but back in 2005 we were on the verge of divorce.”

(Left unmentioned was the fact that this was due to an affair with a different lady, whose name has circulated amongst Bentley’s internet critics and has had nothing to do with Bentley for some time.)

“People asked, What about Jessa? Jessa wasn’ t in the picture, I didn’t know a woman named Jessa,”

Very shrewd from Bentley. He takes the fact that Jessa wasn’t the one that he had an affair with in 2005 and uses that to make his listeners doubt that he has ever had an extramarital affair. If people mess up and confuse the two incidents, such confusion can be used to ‘prove’ that Bentley has no no extramarital affairs, instead of two.

A little later comes a question about his tattoos and what they really mean. Speculation was rife during the Lakeland events that his tattoos were actually satanic. Bentley’s frankness and detail in denying during the webinar means only that he realizes that he has a straw man that he can easily knock over.

“They are all religious tattoos. I’m not taking this body to heaven with me anyways. I didn’t have a motive; Motive is everything. It’s just art. I don’t think that whether I have art in my skin has anything to do with my salvation.”

If we obey one letter of the law [in not getting tattoos], take off that cotton T-shirt, don’t eat bacon and when your wife has her period, ‘send her out of the camp for seven days.
I’m not under the law. I’m not prepared to live under any of those things. I’ m sorry I got them. It’s been a few years now,”

Many Christians do get tattoos. What we need to recall, however, is why the Israelites were told not to have them. The surrounding peoples did use tattoos, cutting the skin–as part of their religious life. Motive is all-important, of course, but Jewish laws having to do with religious practice should give more pause than the ones saying don’t cook an owl on your barbecue and eat it.

Bentley’s getting of tattoos was probably not a sin, but it was perhaps unwise. As a public figure and minister, why have the sorts of tattoos that could be misread and misunderstood? Has Bentley decided to have cosmetic surgery to get rid of the tattoos that he is ‘sorry’ that he now has?

Bentley is being dishonest here. He got his tattoos in 2006, which is not ‘years ago’ for those wanting to think that they date from his pre-Christian days (as many around the time of Lakeland did). At the time he had a blog on MySpace, which has since been scrubbed. However, a post on his tattoos was saved from August 2006, in which Bentley’s tattoos are explained by one of his assistants.

“This is what Todd feels”, was added to the post. “For us as Christians, living under the covenant of grace and the law of love, whether someone gets a tattoo or not is between them and God. They need to take it to God and hear from Him whether it’s right for them or not. God’s concerned with the heart motive of why people get tattoos rather than the act itself. He wants people to do all things, even getting tattoos, with a right heart motive and for the right reasons. So, if someone feels like they can, in clear conscience before God, get a tattoo, then it is not forbidden. If someone cannot get a tattoo in clear conscience, they they should not. However, no other Christian can judge others who get tattoos, because we don’t know people’s heart motives–only God knows.”

Todd then begins to describe his tattoos with notes like:

This tattoo is of the Star of David – and the Hebrew writing on either side says King David this is significant to me because my dads name is David and King is my family name on my mothers side.
“This is my most recent tattoo got it in Hawaii this week when I was there with my wife for holidays. It says Yeshua, Ruach, Yahweh Yeshua = Jesus, Ruach = the hot firey breath of God, Yahweh = God. It has the harvest wheat running through it. I wanted the triune God bound around my neck.”
“This arm piece consists of many tattoos. The fire around the wrist then goes into the Star of David, and then goes into a scene from Revelation 4:7 the 4 living creatures which are surrounded by the eyes and wings. The next part is the 3 crowns cast down before the throne which have my 3 kids names on them; Lauralee, Esther and Elijah.”
“Then on the back of that arm is the sun on my elbow (that hurt so much, had to get it done twice), a portrait of Jesus up top, and I have the crown of thorns around my arm, piercing my skin. (this was my first tattoo ever!) Then you see the eyes and wings as well. Then we have Jesus coming out of the Secret Place surrounded by the glory of God.”

Bentley continues in similar manner describing his 25 tattoos in language that states emphatically that they had personal or Christian significance for him. And now they mean nothing to him once they have been publicly questioned? It’s interesting to see Bentley maintain the courage of his convictions here.
A question on the mind of Bentley’s listeners was when they could expect to see his doctrine of divorce and remarriage.

“Shortly I’d like to have it [up on his website] tomorrow [Septmber 11], next week [September 13 to 19]“

Readers can check on his website to see if this promise to his listeners was kept.

Not surprisingly, Bentley planned to argue that, “if you are remarried God can use you.”
The next listener question asked whether, “the bitterness between you and Shonnah had been resolved.”

In replying, Bentley mentioned that he actually had a marriage counselor with him in Lakeland, and they met weekly while the revival was going on. (This while he was reduced to spending only a hour per day with his family, engaged in all these meetings with pastors and donors, engaged in all these media encounters that never took place.)
“I had a clear conscience in my heart that I did everything that I could,” he said.
(Really, what else do you expect him to say?)

His following remarks need to be quoted at length:

“I did get remarried. Because I believe that it is better to get remarried than to burn. I said, God, I’m in love. This woman is in love with me. God I want to honour you; I;m going through a season of restoration. I want the love of my life to stand with me and support me and it’s gonna happen anyways. I’m gonna get married now.” That may not have been the best decision at the time for all of you, but today I’m very happy. I’ve never been this happy. Sorry for you to hear that. I am happy. Very happy. And I’m glad that I have the lady of my life today that I have today and that doesn’t mean that I dishonour Shonnah. I love her, we’re moving on and I ask you to move on with me.”

Some comments on this:
One; at the time that he and Jessa married, which was very quickly after the laws for no-fault divorce in Bentley’s home province of British Columbia allow, they had been in a relationship strong enough to allow Bentley to say that she was “the love of his life”. This proves that Bentley was dating Jessa – if not more – while still legally married to Shonnah.
Two; if we recall that Bentley and Jessa had, supposedly, no relationship at Lakeland. This means that this relationship came out of nowhere. How plausible is this?
Three; note the chilling language from Bentley that should probably be edited from the webinar feed on his website. I’m happy, and if you don’t like it, too bad. He also tells God in his alleged prayer that the marriage with Jessa “is gonna happen anyways.” Guess that God is going to have to deal with it. No miraculous getting back together with the mother of his kids.

Bentley does admit that he remarried quickly. (But, speaking ironically, if you want him to be ‘happy’,”and isn’t that the superior guideline for moral decisions for any Christian, why quibble?)

“Now I’m guilty of getting into a relationship too quick. I’ve had to repent and say, God, it was wrong the way that I did it. It was messy. But thank God it is today, and not yesterday,”

(Anybody brazen enough to dictate to God whether he will remarry shouldn’t worry about when, perhaps.)
The next question asks about what, practically, Bentley will do to ensure that he doesn’t fall again? Bentley replies that his friends, who have told him that they won’t restore him umpteen times, will kick his butt. Also, he won’t adopt the same schedule.

“My new wife won’t have it, wherever I got my wife will go with me, she’s gonna be at my side.”

(After two extramarital affairs by Bentley, one involving Jessa, one has to conclude that she is a smart lady to insist on this!)

Bentley promised, by the way, to answer many of the unanswered questions online, in a ‘top 20 or top 30′ most asked questions page on his website. Has he done it yet?

The last question that Bentley took asked what parts of the Lakeland revival were fleshy. Replying, Bentley said that in April and May 2008, when the revival was purest, he spent a lot of time in prayer. But as the revival got busier he spent hours dealing with the media and meeting with friends, associates and pastors. “There were days that I spent only 1 hour with my family,” he complained. Prayer suffered.

Oh? Then why does Stephen Strader, pastor of Ignited Church, which hosted the revival, write in his book on Lakeland that he never could get to talk to Bentley for weeks at a time?
The media coverage of the revival was sparse, comparatively speaking, until things started to collapse and by that time Bentley wasn’t speaking to anyone.
Nothing prevented him from taking time off. Indeed, he was able to take a day off at short notice right after the ABC Nightline expose aired. Bentley says about Lakeland:

“It became too much of a marketplace. Too much marketing. Too much promotion. It was like a circus. Everybody wanted a table. Everybody wanted and I thought we’ve gone from the revival to building something and I don’t want to build something.”

Viewers of GOD TV may have gained that impression on the night that Bentley said that God had told him that He wanted 1,000 to give $1,000 each towards the building of a facility for the revival. It turns out that Bentley admitted to his friends that God had said no such thing, so this particular part of the webinar would have been a great time to publicly apologize for that. No apology was given.

Speaking of marketing and promotion, Bentley then, his last question answered, went on to promote a $30 package of materials, a ‘healing bundle’ that he wanted to sell listeners through his website. He cited his ‘partners area’ of his website, accessible only to those who had paid $25 US once in donations to his ministry.

He closed with a time of non-specific prayer for his listeners. “I’m praying that sometime in the next year,” that he would start preaching again.
Whether he should, given the sorts of things he said in the webinar, is perhaps an open question in the minds of some.

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31 Responses to Todd Bentley: The Webinar
Rick Hiebert says:
September 30, 2009 at 12:47 pm
Thanks BD. Hopefully this will be of interest or use to your readers…

walter kambulow says:
September 30, 2009 at 2:21 pm
Nothing has changed at all. Todd Bentley is still a liar, a thief, an adulterer, a deceiver and not a true man of God at all!

It’s unfortunate that some fools still believe that he has something to offer!

Therese says:
October 1, 2009 at 5:16 am
He hasn’t changed a bit – still the same old manipulative, evasive, deceitful ways. Not a sign of remorse, brokenness, or insight into his own problems. To me he’s exposed here as only looking out for #1. He still badly needs therapy – is Rick Joyner any kind of a qualified Christian therapist? Apparently whatever he’s been doing with T.B. has been a failure because absolutely nothing has changed. Restoration means to restore back to the image God had in mind before the created thing went haywire. Todd Bentley is not restored. I think this time all he will have left is a cult following, if he has anything – unfortunately there always seems to be those willing to follow cult leaders and can’t see the truth even when it slaps them in the face – BAM! – but the Way of Jesus Christ of Nazareth it is not. They’re going to get back the same rapid-fire auctioneer peddling his wares to a manipulated crowd that they had before. And I’m very sorry if the world looks at that insane spectacle and blames Jesus. Maybe God will have mercy and not let things get off the ground this time, or at least shut it down sooner if it does get started.

Gordy says:
October 2, 2009 at 9:10 am
One thing the devil is, is brazen. Todd Bentley is brazen. All of his lip-service “repentance” is an abomination. There is no fruit meet for repentance; it’s nothing but one self-justification after another. Let this man put away his strange woman. This religious con artist has no ministry.

And his so-called “restorers” are no better. No adulterer has any claim to preach God’s Covenant (see Psalm 50:16-22), nor do the ones who “consent” with him. They have no part in God’s Kingdom, which is for the righteous. The law of God’s house is, has always been, and always will be HOLINESS (see Ezekiel 43:7-12; Hebrews 12:14). Without holiness, one will fall from grace with God.

And this Jessa is NOT his wife; she is a strange woman, whose end is aptly described in several places in Proverbs. Todd Bentley has committed treason against his wife and children, and those who call Jessa his wife are just as guilty as Todd! They all will reap the same judgment: the lake of fire, where all liars go.

Danny L says:
October 3, 2009 at 7:56 pm
I personally spoke with Todd and he specifically stated he did NOT commit adultery and that his sin was the “sin of divorce”.

When i contacted FFM Canada they stated he did commit adultery.

Someone lied to me… and it wasn’t his FFM Canada.

Bene D says:
October 4, 2009 at 6:24 am
Good for you for doing your own leg work Danny.

There is no more FFM Canada, and hasn’t been for some time.
It is now Transform International.

I don’t know what you define as adultery.

Gordon Williams says:
October 5, 2009 at 1:49 am
Todd was sleeping with his new wife while he was still married to his first wife. And, Jesus tells us, “But I say to you that every one who looks at a woman lustfully has already commited adultery with her in his heart” (Matt. 7: 28). There is sin when a person gets a divorce when they commit adultery instead of repenting and seeking reconciliation with his wife. Divorce was made necessary because of the hardness of men’s hearts which is adultery (Matt. 19: 8). It is legal according to the Scriptures to have a divorce when adultery has occurred (Matt. 19: 9) Bentley is trying to twist the Scriptures in order to deny his adultery. If he knew the Scriptures and was serving Jesus, he would have repented and returned to his family. There is no repentance evident here as seen in him trying to justify his sin.

walter kambulow says:
October 5, 2009 at 3:30 am
As bad, sick, perverse, deceived, lying and thieving scoundrel Todd Bentley is, his handlers and mentors John Arnott, Rick Joyner, Bill Johnson. Patricia King and Che Ahe are even worse!

Check out on the web “Liars and perjurers in revival” and tell me that I am wrong?

walter says:
October 10, 2009 at 10:09 am
Sickness and poverty, which are not God’s will, came to Job because of the devil’s envy and jealous. As a result Job lost everything including his children, wealth and health. And his wife told him, “Do you still hold fast to your integrity? Curse God and die!” But he said to her, “You speak as one of the foolish women speaks. Shall we indeed accept good from God, and shall we not accept adversity?” In all this Job did not sin with his lips.

Job wife was a foolish woman but he didn’t divorce her and get another younger woman like some so called Christians do, including Todd Bentley?

Todd Bentley, a key figure in the demonic 2008 revival in Lakeland, Florida, said he was convinced his first marriage could not be saved. So he divorced his wife, Shonnah, who had been fighting cancer and married his mistress a younger woman.

Job had seven more children with his only wife and he didn’t die prematurely living a life of defeat and poverty? He got back all that the devil had stolen from him and lived an additional one hundred and forty years, and saw his children and grandchildren for four generations. He died, old and full of days as well as rich and prosperous?

And what God has done for Job, He can and will do for us because though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh. For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds (2 Corinthians 10:3-4).

Therese says:
October 12, 2009 at 10:25 am
Well, I hadn’t thought Job’s story had anything to do with marriage before – but there it stands as a testimony to the faithfulness and justness of God and a great encouragement for any married folk going through a difficult time in their marriage… Thanks for pointing that out Walter.

Susan says:
October 12, 2009 at 1:39 pm
1 corinthians 5:6

Just as a little leaven in bread quickly spreads completely through the dough, one “little” sin affects our whole being. One commandment broken, means we are guilty of breaking the whole law. In other words, one sin begets another sin, unless the chain is broken through repentance.

I agree with you Jesus. There was no greater than John the
Baptist, the forerunner of the messiah.

If I may use your words Lord Jesus, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.”

You truely die Lord from a broken heart!

walter says:
October 12, 2009 at 1:55 pm
1TM 3:2 A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, temperate, sober-minded, of good behavior, hospitable, able to teach; 3:3 not given to wine, not violent, not greedy for money, but gentle, not quarrelsome, not covetous; 3:4 one who rules his own house well, having his children in submission with all reverence

TI 1:12 One of them, a prophet of their own, said, “Cretans are always liars, evil beasts, lazy gluttons.”

Susan, it’s not just sin that we are talking about. We are talking about that the freak Todd Bentley is an unrepentant liar, thief, adulterer, divorce, deceiver, drunkard, lazy glutton, parasite, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a Sorcerer!

Todd admitted he lied at lakeland and as a result he stole $ 1 million dollar which he has not returned nor made accountability for!

Look at Todd Bentley new Fresh Fire USA board made up of Todd, Rick Joyner and Trevor Bakker who lives in England! It’s a joke to rubber stamp whatever Todd wants. There is no integrity there whatsoever! It’s just Todd doing whatever he wants and telling lies that God told him to do it!

And what has Todd done about his previous wife and children! And how come he has never gone back to Canada to visit them?

Yes Todd is a deceiver who never tells us the truth but only his version of lies and fools believe him? It’s all hogwash!

Susan says:
October 12, 2009 at 3:06 pm
2 Chronicles 16:9
“For the Eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him.”
Proverbs 15:3
“The Eyes of the Lord are in every place, keeping watch on the evil and the good.”

To some who read these verses they may just seem, well, hard to comprehend. But, they are from a Mighty God, who see’s and knows all. The Eternal God, who’s love know’s no ending. In our minds He is complex.

Oh, Lord Jesus, create in those who love you, a temple for your throne. Eternal Love and Life, You who raised Jesus Christ from the dead. You are powerful, with mighty commands.

Glory to your name Lord God! Beyond your stars, I see your glory. Dear Jesus, you will never leave the ones you died for. All around your glorious throne, the angles are singing.

I want to see your Holy Face one day! God help us!

Bring the Shekinah Glory Jesus. Let us know You are ours and we are yours.

I love you Jesus.

With love,


walter says:
October 12, 2009 at 3:51 pm
Susan – You sound like a religious fanatic who is not based in the word of God and need to note that a half truth is a lie?

For example you quoted out of context 2 Chronicles 16:9 and did quote the whole verse? It states

16:9 “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to show Himself strong on behalf of those whose heart is loyal to Him. In this you have done foolishly; therefore from now on you shall have wars.

Well Todd Bentley doesn’t have a loyal heart to God or he would not be an unrepentant liar, thief, adulterer, divorce, deceiver, drunkard, lazy glutton, parasite, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a Sorcerer!

And the textural context of 2 Chronicles 16:9 is that that King Asa trusted God once for help and then he didn’t do it anymore! He used silver and gold from the treasuries of the house of the LORD and of the king’s house, and to buy peace with Ben-Hadad king of Syria. As a result God told him he had done foolishly and would have wars! There are severe consequences in life for doing foolish things including not trusting God with all your heart (Proverbs 3:5, 30:5)

And James also tells us :
1:5 If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.
1:6 But let him ask in faith, with no doubting, for he who doubts is like a wave of the sea driven and tossed by the wind.
1:7 For let not that man suppose that he will receive anything from the Lord;
1:8 he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.

4:8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Cleanse your hands, you sinners; and purify your hearts, you double-minded.

God doesn’t like double-minded people who don’t trust in Him at all times! In other words You cannot serve God and Mammon and think God will not notice your betrayal.

And then Asa became diseased in his feet, and his malady was severe; yet in his disease he did not seek the LORD, but the physicians. So he died unhealed prematurely!

Now the other fact of the matter is you cannot use any experience, dream or vision to establish a biblical doctrine including your ridiculous statement “You truely die Lord from a broken heart!”

For the record, God doesn’t die from anything and the New Testament doesn’t teach that God has a broken heart about anything? So you better get your theology straight before you make all your weird comments and prayers that are not based on truth or the word of God!

Therese says:
October 12, 2009 at 4:09 pm
“I tell you the truth: Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist; yet he who is least in the kingdom of heaven is greater than he.” Matt. 11:11

“It is actually reported that there is sexual immorality among you, and of a kind that does not occur even among pagans: A man has his father’s wife. And you are proud! Shouldn’t you rather have been filled with grief and have put out of your fellowship the man who did this? Even though I am not physically present, I am with you in spirit. And I have already passed judgment on the one who did this, just as if I were present. When you are assembled in the name of our Lord Jesus and I am with you in spirit, and the power of our Lord Jesus is present, hand this man over to Satan, so that the sinful nature may be destroyed and his spirit saved on the day of the Lord.

Your boasting is not good. Don’t you know that a little yeast works through the whole batch of dough? Get rid of the old yeast that you may be a new batch without yeast – as you really are. For Christ our Passover lamb has been sacrificed. Therefore let us keep the Festival, not with the old yeast, the yeast of malice and wickedness, but with bread without yeast, the bread of sincerity and truth.

I have written you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people – not at all meaning the people of this world who are immoral, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters. In that case you would have to leave this world. But now I am writing you that you must not associate with anyone who calls himself a brother but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or a slanderer, a drunkard or a swindler. With such a man do not even eat.

What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? God will judge those outside. ‘Expel the wicked man from among you.’ ” 1 Cor. 5:1-13

I think in this context the yeast is in danger of contaminating the whole church body and therefore must be gotten rid of, expelled and put out of fellowship – by failing to do so in Todd Bentley’s case, some are not obeying the word of God.

walter says:
October 12, 2009 at 4:20 pm
Todd Bentley is only a tip of the iceberg of what is wrong in the whole church body today including his ministerial friends.

God is not a failure and Lakeland demonic revival was a big failure and an exposure of all the false ones!

Any fool or deceiver that was at Todd Bentley’s coronation in Lakeland participated in the deception played on Christendom and should be judged and asked to get out of the Christian ministry for being liars, deceivers and false prophets! Even the scoundrel Benny Hinn after the fact spoke against the Florida revival. And the participation and support by the Strader clan was a warning sign that the revival was not of God! Read my book “Not Innocent” by Walter Kambulow to see why!

Susan says:
October 12, 2009 at 4:35 pm
I am what I am Walter. I try not to be anything else. I’m sorry if I affended you or anyone else. That was never my point.

I do believe Jesus died of a broken heart. He carried the sins of the world on Him. God turned away from Him because of the sin.

I had my father turn away from me. I was alone and had no one but a couple of christians help me out. At seventeen I almost died, came real close. If I’m a fanatic for Jesus I can live with that, because He gave me another chance, and I did not decerve it.

I want take up this Blog with my issues, they are in my past. But I do love Jesus, and maybe like a little child, I hope.

With love,


walter says:
October 13, 2009 at 1:49 am
AS I said Susan your experiences, dreams, visions or thoughts, negative or positive, do not establish Christian theology! So you must choose your words carefully if you want to go public with them!

Yes Jesus did die for the sins of the world and to fulfill the plan and purposes of God, but that was not the end but a new beginning for God raised him from the dead, restored all things to him and gave him a name that is above every name and poured out His Spirit on all flesh so that man can be born again, filled with the Spirit, and be victorious and prosperous in all things!

As a result of what Jesus did on the Cross on Calvary, by faith everything is ours now. Jesus Christ has substituted all things on the cross for us and exchanged it there for us. Our death, defeat and poverty and curses have been nailed to the Cross. On the Cross Jesus Christ not only won real victory and redemption over sin and death and the world, but also over the wicked arch enemy Satan and all his angels who had made the Cross necessary by what he did to Adam and Eve.

The enemy had deceived and entrapped Adam and Eve to sin against God and live a life that was cursed and full of toil and trouble. But on the Cross Jesus Christ did the great exchange. He exchanged His sinlessness for our sins, His righteousness for our unrighteousness, His strength for our weakness, His boundless supply for our needs, His stripes for our healing, His riches for our poverty, His victories for our defeats, His glory for our shame, His triumphs for our disappointments, His Honor for our nothingness, His prosperity for our lacks, His joy for our sadness, and His fullness for our emptiness. But all of this is also something that must be revealed to us by the Holy Spirit before we can understand and partake of it fully. Yet it is all our birthright and the blessing of the fullness of the gospel of Christ.

The message of the cross and the Gospel is not only that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures. He was buried and that He rose again the third day according to the Scriptures. He is now is seated at the right hand of the Father with all power given unto Him in heaven and earth waiting for His enemies to be made His footstool. But the message of the cross and the Gospel is also that as a result of the victories Jesus won on the cross, He has now given and shared all that He has with us (John 16:14) and He is also with and for us continually (Matthew 28:18-20).

God in Christ Jesus has literally become our inheritance and great reward; as well as everything else which we need, including our healer and deliverer. As result of the Cross, God said about Jesus and of us who have become strong and overcomers:

Therefore I will divide Him a portion with the great, And He shall divide the spoil with the strong, Because He poured out His soul unto death, And He was numbered with the transgressors, And He bore the sin of many, And made intercession for the transgressors. Isaiah 53:12

Susan says:
October 13, 2009 at 1:59 am
If you are saved and I am saved, then we have the same Holy Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead. So, why do you find fault with me? I could find fault with a lot in this life too. But, it will not help me in the next life.

If Jesus takes me as I am, he will continue to help me today.

Take care Walter. Remember, we are all only human, and Jesus did not spare one drop of blood for any of us.

With love,


walter says:
October 13, 2009 at 2:02 am
2 Corinthians 5:21 For He made Him (Jesus ) who knew no sin to be sin for us, that we might become the righteousness of God in Him.

Susan – Jesus Christ is not defeated today or was He ever defeated. He is Victorious, the Mighty God, the King of kings and Lord or lords and so are we in Christ!

When we were born again, we weren’t half-reborn, we weren’t made half-righteous or a quarter righteous. We were made the righteousness of God in Christ! We were made a “joint-heir with Him.”

According to Strong’s Concordance that word joint-heir refers to a personal equality based on an equality of possession.

Jesus went to the Cross to give us what He already possessed – everything! He rose again so we could be recreated in His image. We are the victory of Almighty God! We are more than a conqueror in Christ Jesus. We are everything to the Father that Jesus is. John 17:23 actually says that God loves us as much as He loves Jesus. And now we can say with the Psalmist:

62:5 My soul, wait silently for God alone, For my expectation is from Him.
62:6 He only is my rock and my salvation;He is my defense; I shall not be moved.
62:7 In God is my salvation and my glory; The rock of my strength, And my refuge, is in God.
62:8 Trust in Him at all times, you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us. Selah

103:1 Bless the LORD, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name!
103:2 Bless the LORD, O my soul, And forget not all His benefits:
103:3 Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases,
103:4 Who redeems your life from destruction, Who crowns you with lovingkindness and tender mercies,
103:5 Who satisfies your mouth with good things, So that your youth is renewed like the eagle’s.
103:6 The LORD executes righteousness And justice for all who are oppressed.

Therese says:
October 13, 2009 at 5:20 am
How wonderful that the Father was there to provide for you in your need, Susan! It’s so true that we need to anchor ourselves in His word, allowing it to transform our minds by His Spirit – our thoughts, imaginations and emotions. I’ve learned that it’s very important to take the whole context of a passage of scripture rather than isolating single verses which by itself often doesn’t express the truth or the whole counsel of God on a matter. There is a lot of deception out there, and I’ve also learned the hard way how necessary it is to know the word of God for ourselves and not to just take another person’s word on things, no matter how well-meaning or how well-respected by others he or she may be.

God bless you as you go on in Christ and minister His love and healing to your patients – as a former nurse myself, the Lord occasionally gave me the privilege to act as His hands and voice during the latter part of my working life, and since He is no respecter of persons, some precious moments like that will no doubt come up for you too!

But there is never any hurry in Christ – our God is never in a rush and He is very much in control, knowing the circumstances that every second will bring a long time beforehand, and He has already preplanned for each moment, so be anxious for nothing – it takes time for a person to be prepared and transformed, this is a lifetime pilgrimmage, so I hope you will be patient with yourself and spend lots of time reading the Word and sitting at His feet like Mary did, for this is what pleases Him, and is more fruitful in the long run than Mary’s busy, ‘spiritually over-achieving’ sister Martha. He cares more about you yourself, and what He can do for you, than in what you can do for Him.

Grace says:
November 4, 2009 at 12:38 pm
“Well Todd Bentley doesn’t have a loyal heart to God or he would not be an unrepentant liar, thief, adulterer, divorce, deceiver, drunkard, lazy glutton, parasite, a wolf in sheep’s clothing and a Sorcerer!”

This is why christians have a terrible rep with the rest of the world, and why people avoid them and would rather not be around them even for a few minutes. Not only because of Todd Bentley, but because of the responses he is getting from people of his own kind. Shame on all of you who think you can judge anyone!!!!!! SHAME!
(edited as per site policy – BD)
You should be completely and utterly ashamed of yourselves. There are two verses that you sickening people always always ALWAYS seem to forget, they just slip through your slimy minds, –
James 2:10
10 For whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles at just one point is guilty of breaking all of it.

Romans 3:23-24
23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

These are examples of the first verse I was speaking of. Now, according to all of you, you say that you read the Bible as God’s Holy word, completely true and to be taken seriously- correct? SO WHY DO YOU OMIT THIS VERSE???? Ever told a white lie? Ever been jealous, envious, a glutton, lazy, stolen something- whether it be a piece of candy from somewhere, looked at a lady and had an impure thought, looked at a man and done the same, ever said malicious things out of anger? That’s what the BIBLE says. It says alllllllllll have sinned,
(edited as per site policy – BD)

That is not GOD’s truth, nor will it ever ever ever be God’s truth, and you have even a hint of that mentality than you are guilty of pride and again, are the worst sinner, Jesus came to save all—– not one or two, not the ones who do things more right, he is a doctor for the sick and not the healthy, why would a healthy person need a doctor, and you my friend will not be completely healthy and righteous and good until you are standing next to him in heaven.
The second thing I wanted to talk about is this-

You all should know by now, about what I just said. You should be filled with humility and be so grateful to even know something or someone like God, who is infinite, and who took the time to get to know you and create you. That quote up there makes me completely and utterly sick. It makes me want to vomit that someone with that mentality is actually proclaiming the name of Christ, and I am not even a christian. The thing that makes me the most sick is this line—
“God doesn’t like double-minded people who don’t trust in Him at all times! In other words You cannot serve God and Mammon and think God will not notice your betrayal. ”



oh yes and also


(do you understand that word?)




(Hi Grace. You have received a play nice warning and a 2 week ban. If you don’t understand why I edited your comment please read the site policy about self-respect and other respect.
Verbal abuse of others is not acceptable.
You are free to be upset, own your feelings, be advised name calling is over the line. You have my email – BD)

Sean says:
November 4, 2009 at 5:47 pm
I agree with the previous poster in that the Bible has to be taken seriously and we have to be humble in realizing that ALL have sinned.

I am thankful for Bentley’s ministry in a weird way. He pushed things so far a lot of things were clarified for me.

However, a prerequisite for ministry is a humble repentence of sin. Bentley’s sins have become public, but he has shown no evidence of real repentence for what he has done.

His teachings have been proven false. Many of the claimed healings have proven to be false, and none of his healings have medical evidence to demonstrate anything miraculous.

The Bentley episode has reinforced the need to cling to the absolute truth of the Bible and not put up with any deviation. To follow this line is to be accused of putting “God in a box”, but God really put Himself in that box. When He inspired the writers of the Bible to write those words He was saying “This is who I am.” It’s absolutely essential that we hold to the absolute truth of His Word, the Bible and not tolerate any contradiction, especially from someone claiming to represent Him.

The reason that I still follow this issue is that I continue to be amazed at the arguments attempting to justify this false ministry, even now after everything that’s happened in the past year.

Go ahead and accuse me of being Judgemental. I am not angry at Bentley in any way. However, we have to evaluate this issue in light of God’s Holy Word, and in this light this ministry has to be identified for what it is, a false ministry.

hopeome says:
November 5, 2009 at 11:52 am
Does a ‘minister ever get sacked for wrong representation of his subject !


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Setit says:
January 2, 2011 at 6:14 pm
This is disgusting. You are just stoning this man, who served the bride as best he could for a time. which of you are sinless? who among you have not fallen down. If god does not condemn him then how dare you? Mind your business, and go about your individuals lives, before god becomes infuriated against all of you. forgive, love, tolerate -that is what we are called to do. Do any of you pay his rent or share his personal destiny? You all should investigate whether you have religious spirits – because you are as hung up as the Pharisees. It’s obvious that he served faithfully for some years, worked hard and then came into some period of testing and trial. Jesus himself said to pray lest you be put to the test.

Bene D says:
January 3, 2011 at 1:40 am
I can see you are quite upset Setit, and I take it you believe Bentley is called by God to be a leader. I take away that to you criticism of leaders is unGodly, and as you say disgusting.

Perhaps you’d be willing to clarify your statements such as:
“It’s obvious that he served faithfully for some years”
“worked hard” (How do you know?)
“then came into some period of testing and trial”
“Do any of you pay his rent …” What rent, Sedit?

Do you perceive criticism and analysis as judgement? Can you explain?
Are you upset with the analysis in the post, finances, quotes etc?

I take it you think Bentley is being criticized for being in a period of testing…it would be great if you would elaborate your reasoning here.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I think when you wrote “Jesus himself said to pray lest you be put to the test” you were paraphrasing Mark 14:38 “Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation. The spirit is willing, but the body is weak.” If I misunderstood you, please correct me. I’m curious as to how you contextualize Mark 14 to drunkedness, adultery, greed, and extra-biblical teaching.

January 7, 2011 at 9:56 pm
You guys make me sick how dare ANY OF YOU JUDGE!!!! Wake up people god can still use this man if his heart is right and its between him and Jesus and not between you and the retarded media that thinks they should have a say!!! You all need Jesus and i do too, i am a filthy sinner and so is every single one of you guys. thanks God Jesus does not look at our sin because it was destroyed at the cross!!! he wants us to move on and since were human its sometimes hard. hope that opend at least one judgemental eye. love you all, hope you grow thereby

Sinner Adam Ekres – Lover of Jesus Christ!

Bene Diction says:
January 8, 2011 at 6:07 am
Adamismad: Would you be willing to break down the types of judging listed in the bible?

AtheistAtBirth says:
January 8, 2011 at 8:49 am
1 Corinthians 6:3

King James Bible
Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more things that pertain to this life?

American Standard Version
Know ye not that we shall judge angels? how much more, things that pertain to this life?

Darby Bible Translation
Do ye not know that we shall judge angels? and not then matters of this life?


You are called upon to arbitrate angels at the end of the age, and yet are so pussy whipped and deluded by your teaching you cannot make a judgment call on one of the phoniest bloodsucking and biblically erroneous evangelists to have ever walked the earth?

While you slumber in ignorance, superstition, dogma and canonical stupidity – you call upon others to “wake up”

Bene D says:
January 8, 2011 at 9:34 am
Adamismad and AthiestatBirth:

I was thinking more about what the bible says about how people are to judge people. Context is a good thing.:^)

Judgement is used in the bible 162 times.

Gods judgement aside, I mean people to people judgement.

Romans 2:1 Be careful. Romans doesn’t say not to judge, but to be careful, like Adamismad mention in his comment. Be aware you too are guilty. This speaks to justice and righteousness or right-living.
Adam is admitting extreme anger in his name. That doesn’t put him in a good place to exercise sound judgement and uprightness of heart, let alone mercy toward himself or others.

John 7:24 We are built to look at the superficial. Look to what God sees.

Romans 14:13 Remove your brothers stumbling block. Since the bible is chock full of ways to help others, this is self-evident.

1 Corinthians 11:31 Judge yourself. Again, this doesn’t say don’t judge, it says go first.

James 2:12-13 Speak and act in mercy because judgement without mercy comes back to bite you.

Only God’s judgments are true and just, but we are called to judge.

John 5:30 Our judgments can become true when we seek to please God over ourself.

Zechariah 8:16 Speak truthfully so you may learn to be sound in your judgement.

Psalm 94:15 Righteousness and judgement are companions if we are upright in heart.

To judge (condemn) unjustly is not the same as judge (discern). God desires and encourages discernment, just as He asks his church to exercise right discipline toward leadership and each other. If the body doesn’t do it, the government, rulers and public will.

1 Cor. 5 Believers are called to judge the church.
Mat 7:15-16,22-23 Watch out! Discern the wolves. Deal with them. As A.W. Tozer said, be the white cells in the bloodstream.

There is a fear and ignorance about judging so we ignore proper judgement.

Fear prevents proper judgement.
We can’t judge if we don’t understand God’s will.
Col 2:18-19 We can’t judge is we are superstitious
Jude 17 No reliance on the Holy Spirit – poor judgement insues
2: Tim: 3: 16 Scared and ignorant about when you need to arbitrate, discern or decide? Read scripture.

And may I toss in some psychology. H.A.L.T. I can’t exercise common sense toward myself or others when I am H: hungry, A: angry, L: lonely or T: tired.

And for mad Adam, may I end with 1 John 4:1

And we all know this isn’t even a warm up.

The imprecatory prayer of Gordon James Klingenschmitt

“The Administrative Law Division, Office of the Judge Advocate General will contact Mr. Klingenschmitt and inform him that, absent an appropriate disclaimer in his correspondence, use of the photograph depicting him in a naval uniform may, in fact, be contrary to federal law.”

His name is Gordon Klingenschmitt and he is busy making his living on the fringes of the religious right in the US, parlaying his politics and prayer into personal profit. He used to be a Navy Chaplin, and insisted on a court martial when he was disciplined for disobeying. He got his wish, and has made a tidy living on the religious right circuit since. Â

The note above is to Military Religious Freedom Foundation and Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. Â (.pdf) You can catch up on the AU blog.

Their crime was their April 16th complaint to United States Chief of Naval Operations regarding him representing himself as an active duty member of the US armed forces in his emails and at his website.

Shorty after the complaint was lodged Klingenschmitt updated his website disclaimer.

What is interesting is that his former supervisor has been online more than once, I found this response from the Navy (April 27th, 2009) above and his former Captain’s comment at Dispatches from the Culture Wars.

Perhaps you are getting a clear picture of what I had to deal with for 2 years as this guy’s supervisor. He was like a “bull in a china shop” as he created adversarial relationships throughout the command. I had never seen anyone become “persona non grata” on such an immediate and grand scale. And yet, recognizing that he was inexperienced and had a woefully inadequate theological education, I tried to mentor him and assume some responsibility for his development. All my efforts were frustrated by his idiotic actions at practically every level. There was no doubt in my mind that I was dealing with a certain level of certifiable mental and psychological pathology but I refrained from recommending psychological evaluation because our self-anointed prophet, priest, messiah and king would have declared our attempts to help him as “reprisals” against him.
I am not surprised by anything that he does or says. Each sick action merely confirms my initial assessment that this person is in serious need of help.

Posted by: Norm Holcomb, CAPT, CHC, USN (Ret)

This is his response to the complaint. Klingenschmitt cursed his perceived enemies. There is a theological word for what he is doing, it’s called imprecatory prayer, and no orthodox Christian would do it.

7.  Saturday 25 Apr 09 One-Minute Prayer:

DISCLAIMER: Before you Pharisees send me hate-mail, read this article.


Let us pray. Almighty God, today we pray imprecatory prayers from Psalm 109 against the enemies of religious liberty, including Barry Lynn and Mikey Weinstein, who issued press releases this week attacking me personally. God, do not remain silent, for wicked men surround us and tell lies about us. We bless them, but they curse us. Therefore find them guilty, not me. Let their days be few, and replace them with Godly people. Plunder their fields, and seize their assets. Cut off their descendants, and remember their sins, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

Listen below! And call & ask your local Christian radio station to broadcast this 60-second prayer many times throughout the day on Saturday April 25, 2009.

Gawker has the audio, he is distressfully cheerful. I’d take his threats seriously, his odd disengagement to cursing goes beyond biblical context of this psalm.Â
He  was in the Air Force for 11 years before he went into the chaplaincy. Christians in the military are fed up with his behavior.


I’m a conservative, Republican Christian Navy Chaplain who in most things would agree with you. I cannot believe that you have a man like Gordon Klingenschmitt giving the invocation at your meeting. This is embarrassing. The man is a liar who has used alleged discrimination against him, discrimination that in every case has been disproved by Inspectors General, Courts, and EEO investigations. If what he said was true I would support him, but you guys should know better. If you had anyone with any real military background go through his web site and read all his crap you would find out that he is a fraud. There may be some cases of actual discrimination against Christians, in fact I know that there are, but Klingenschmitt is not one of them. Good luck, I’m tired of this kind of acceptance and legitimization of Klingenschmitt’s story by conservatives who should know better. Klingenschmitt’s dissembling makes Bill Clinton’s actions look principled. I’m tired of conservative leaders that I used to respect sinking to such lows. Maybe that’s why we lost the last election and will likely lose the next. You guys are killing us. And by the way Klingenschmitt is no longer a chaplain. He is mere a undesignated line officer because he lost his endorsement and because of his poor performance as an officer. The court martial he brought on himself did not have his new endorsement accepted. Give him the microphone and you will lose the support of many conservative, Christian Chaplains who routinely pray in Jesus name without a problem, no thanks to Klingenschmitt. I’ve been in the military 25 years serving as a line officer and chaplain and I too gave up rank to come in the Navy, as does everyone who comes in at a higher rank from another service to the Chaplain Corps, Medical Corps or Judge Advocate General Corps. If you guys keep this up and decide to let him do the invocation at the Presidential dinner don’t ever count on my support. The least you guys can do is have someone actually research his claims, read his website and look a the Wikipedia article about him (that he himself initially began) before you embarrass yourself.


One Concerned Chaplain (actual name redacted)

That was February 2007 and CPAC cancelled his invite. He was discharged from the Navy a month later. Messianic complexes can be dangerous, reading up on this guy is a classic study of a self-absorbed and delusional man. He needs more than spiritual help, although people of faith can surround and contain him and stop enabling him. The Klingenschmitts in life don’t seek mental health services.
He has had odd moments of clarity, before plunging back into his strange world. After his court martial he voluntarily left the Evangelical Episcopal Church. He can’t stop, and if he doesn’t tip someone else over into violence, who is to to say he wouldn’t disintegrate and dissemble when religious right handlers are through with him?

His former commanding officer has laid out very clearly why chaplains have spoken up publicly about his beliefs. It is a disturbing read. There is a blog  by a former chaplain debunking his claims which could have put an end to his public profiting of persecution complexes in 2007. The issue goes far deeper than one delusional warrior of course.

I commend the men and women of the US armed forces chaplaincy services for speaking up and speaking out.

Jeff Sharlet has an article this month in Harper’s Magazine about the crusade for a Christian Military. (subscription wall) He has an extended post at Killing the Buddha: Jesus Killed Mohammed. The crusade for a Christian Military.

About Bene Diction

Have courage for the great sorrows, And patience for the small ones. And when you have laboriously accomplished your tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake.

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  2. Padre Steve says:

    Good work and I hope that the JAG takes him down. This guy is a nut-job and disgrace to Christians everywhere and an embarrassment to the military. The man is a USAF Academy Graduate to boot. I know both Chaplain Holcomb and I am the Chaplain who wrote CPAC (When I was still a Republican). His prayers against people are shameful, which I think is why another chaplain entitled his blogs about Klingenfraud “the Shameful Chaplain.” There are several of these but the main site is
    These are a hoot. The guy who set them up is brilliant.
    Feel free to visit my site any time. Steve

  3. Bene Diction says:

    Hi Steve:

    It get’s a lot more interesting and borders on dangerously delusional.

    – Klingenschmitt’s ‘certification’ with the organization he ranted about in his anger at the MMFF and Americans United, let researchers to dig into the Chaplaincy of Full Gospel Churches.

    Full Gospel have gone right off the rails – you can read about them here:

    Thanks for the link, I’ll check it out.

Todd Bentley and wife Shonnah separate

Our Canadian charlatan, who headed to the US, made a small fortune and created a multi-media buzz in neo-charismatic services is separating from his wife and kids. He has not been able to draw the numbers, the money and do the hoodwinking in Canada and the UK, and started his Lakeland revival back in April, partnering with whomever wanted a cut. It was announced he had bought property in Polk County. Now the Bentley’s marriage has crumbled.Lakeland Ledger:

Bentley and his wife, Shonnah, have two daughters and a son and are Canadian citizens. Under Canadian law, separation is a first step in divorce proceedings and takes nine months. Bentley and his wife have been in marriage counseling for several months, Breidenbach said. She called the situation “very sad” but insisted it “doesn’t invalidate what Todd did” at the revival.

Breidenbach, who said her contract with Bentley’s Fresh Fire ended today, said it is not clear whether Bentley will make further appearances at the revival. About two weeks ago, Bentley announced he would leave the revival on Aug. 23 in order to resume his traveling evangelistic work. The Fresh Fire Ministries Web site indicates that a September appearance by Bentley in England has been postponed.

(full Lakeland Ledger article here) Fresh Fire Ministries bought the Florida empty ( update: maybe not empty, see comments) lot the end of July.

In all the bizarre goings on, one of the things that struck me was the pain in the background in the knighting/commissioning tape. We catch a brief glimpse of a few of the wives of these self proclaimed prophets. It’s heart-breaking. Peter Wagner’s wife can been seen briefly in a motorized wheelchair. James Goll’s wife has cancer. Shonnah Bentley is in obvious pain and looking deeply distressed. (This is the last few minutes of the hastily called commissioning by men who lead thousands and thousands of sincere hurting seeking people astray).

More of the knighting ceremony is here. For those that have followed Bentley’s rise and fall, you know the history. From the start Christians across the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK began to question the theology and behavior coming from Lakeland. They were dismissed as heresy hunters until Pentecostals and charismatics also began to speak up. The unwillingness of Fresh Fire, Ignited (Lakeland) and God TV to be transparent, to address extra-biblical teaching escalated and Bentley wound up on a US network investigative show. It was his second (he’d brushed off Fox News) and Bentley took off.
While the PR machine in New York and GodTV tried to keep the buzz going, the very mediums used to start it were where insiders began to publicly back away. Charisma magazine’s Lee Grady, Robert Ricciardelli, a Member of Peter Wagner’s International Coalition of Apostles spoke on Salem Radio a US religious chain. The Assemblies of God in the US spoke up. The Lakeland tent folded and more human dominoes began to fall. The sham of unity crumbled, and now some of the leaders such as Peter Wagner who appeared in the knighting ceremony are backing away as publicly as they endorsed Lakeland.

We reap what we sow, we serve a holy God who will not be mocked. Satan can’t be blamed. Other’s can’t be blamed, no spin heals the wounded, and God’s love calls us to remember the lessons of history and immature leadership. There are no shortcuts, faith is not bling. Wisdom must be sought, it is not handed to us. We work out our salvation with awe and trembling. PR firms, business models, media platforms do not hide the lies of our life when we face the cross.

Would an unstable Canadian with a fractured marriage cause such a tumbling and upheaval again?
I think a great deal more has gone on behind the scenes that has not been made public.
These movements are cults of personality, existing for profit and for power. I continue to hope and pray the days of charlatans being taken at face value and controlling their message in media for long periods of time is over.
As fast as self proclaimed leaders con, there are people willing to step forward, and offer the standards of measurement believers hold to. I see no glee, no schadenfreude from those who Lakeland leaders mocked as ‘heresy hunters’.

There are more Todd Bentley’s waiting in the wings, the roots of these movements are rotten to their core, and we reap what we sow. Bentley’s show helped GodTV get out of temporary debt, I believe Lakeland’s ‘revival’ was calculated, planned, the Strader family are no strangers to raising money.
Few are surprised by the broken people left behind.

prior Bentley posts

Wagner’s statement fisked

Update: August 14, 2008. British Columbia newspaper, The Province is being shut out again.

Update: Fresh Fire Ministries has announced the Bentleys have separated. The original announcement from the US said Todd had filed. In BC a filing starts proceedings and an uncontested divorce takes a year when there is intentional separation.
British Columbia family law allows for sole application or joint application, and of course gets more complicated when mediation or ruling is required over property, custody, etc., or if a filing is made on the grounds of adultery or mental and physical cruelty.

This ‘official’ announcement is more ambigous than the one made in the US.
You’ll have to skim through the sales pitch first.

I’m posting it below, things have a way of changing or disappearing at the Fresh Fire site.
I’m also posting the PR from God TV below and here is a link to theCharisma Magazine release.

Greetings Partners and Friends,
The last four months have been some of the most amazing months in the history of Fresh Fire Ministries. We have witnessed God pour out His Spirit in an unprecedented way in Florida and around the world in the first revival in history to be broadcasted live into literally millions of homes and churches across all five continents and into more than 200 countries. The “Outpourings” as they have come to be called are continuing now in many cities worldwide. These fiery hot coals of revival are sweeping through the Body of Christ, crossing geographical, political and denominational boundaries as the Holy Spirit brings the manifest presence of the glory of God back to His church with tangible demonstrations of his saving, healing, delivering power.

As a result, we as a ministry have experienced the blessing and the burden of exponential increases of activity and interest in our activities, functions and resources. Our website during the last few months has received as many as 6 million hits in one month and our office has struggled to cope with numberless phone calls and emails which have taxed our infrastructure and human resources almost to the breaking point. We so appreciate the patience and grace many of you have extended to us during this time, whether waiting for us to answer the phone or process your donation or product order. To overcome this challenge, we have hired more than a dozen new staff in our home base here in Abbotsford in addition to the many staff temporarily hired to help with the administration of the Outpouring in Lakeland, Florida.

The Lord’s blessings and abundance have been so evident on the ministry during this season of intense activity and we rejoice in seeing and being able to participate in what we believe is only the beginning of a worldwide awakening. It is with considerable sadness then, that we must temper the jubilation we know you all feel with the sobering news that Todd and Shonnah Bentley are presently experiencing significant friction in their relationship and are currently separated. We want to affirm that there has been no sexual immorality on the part of either Todd or Shonnah, nor has there ever been. Undoubtedly the pressures and the burden of the Outpouring, which approaches 144 days on August 23rd, have helped to create an atmosphere of fatigue and stress that has exacerbated existing issues in their relationship. We wish to stress however, that the Outpouring is not “to blame” for the current chain of events and that in effect we have no interest in blaming anyone, but rather we deeply covet your prayers for Todd and Shonnah and for Fresh Fire Ministries during this time.

We know that many of you will have questions, for most of which we presently have no answers. We cannot see far down the path ahead of us, but we have quiet confidence in the One who sees the end from the beginning and promises to provide grace and strength for whatever lies ahead. We are hopeful that the outcome will include restoration, but we can make neither promise nor guarantee. We intend to take each day as it comes and look intently for the new mercies promised us each morning. We will watch and pray and ask each of you to do the same, knowing that you will pray as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

In the meantime, we encourage you to continue to participate in current Outpourings, whether the Florida Outpouring or one in your area and region, …or to become one if there are none nearby. As a ministry, we continue to encourage and facilitate these growing Global Outpourings, providing Fresh Fire Associate ministries, resources, and input wherever needed.

We are still fully committed to our crusade in Uganda, Africa later this month, and though Todd will not be in attendance, our Fresh Fire Team and Associate Ministries will lead a team of almost one hundred people from around the world to share the love of God, the power of the gospel, and humanitarian aid with the people of Uganda. While there, we will also connect with the Uganda Jesus Village, the Fresh Fire Children’s Home where we shelter and provide for over 60 orphans rescued from war and poverty only a few years ago. We’re excited about seeing the recently purchased 35-acre property that will contain both a school and homes for the children and their “mamas.” As we step inside the first home (being completed as we arrive) we will be stepping towards our dream of not only protecting and nurturing hundreds of orphans, but raising them up to become full-fledged ambassadors of Christ to the nation of Africa and beyond.

With all of this in mind, we ask each of you to continue to pray with us, both for Todd and Shonnah and for this ministry, as we continue to bring the saving, healing, and delivering power of God to a dry and thirsty world, desperate for an encounter with the endless love of the living God.

We thank you again for your many prayers and support and we truly believe the promise of the Lord that He will indeed work all things together for our good.
With our sincerest blessings and gratitude,

The Fresh Fire Ministries Board of Directors

God TV

Dear One,

It is with great regret that we as Founders and our Board call you to urgent prayer.

As you may have already heard, Todd and Shonnah Bentley are experiencing some current marital difficulties and have separated.

GOD TV is anxious that our viewers and partners will first of all respond to these unfortunate circumstances with an attitude of Christ-like maturity and pray fervently for Todd, Shonnah and their children as a family who are precious to the Lord. While we have learned today that immorality was not an issue, no doubt the enemy has exploited vulnerabilities in their marriage.

What the devil has not counted on is the Christ-like maturity and intercession that is currently being raised up all across the earth in response. We hope you will join us as a part of this prayer covering.

It is GOD TV’s position that marriage is a foundational cornerstone to those families called to ministry and would believe that those who have spiritual oversight for Todd and Shonnah’s ministry will recommend a time of sabbatical for the family in order to seek reconciliation within their marriage should these reports be accurate.

As many of you know, August 8th was our final ‘Lakeland’ broadcast. We do however, believe that it is important to recognize and defend the authenticity of this outpouring by the testimonies of the countless thousands who viewed on GOD TV or attended at Lakeland and were healed, set free and delivered through Jesus Christ. There are many churches around the UK, USA and the world who are currently holding nightly revival meetings affecting whole communities.

Once again at this time may we encourage all to pray for the family and soberly remember that all of us will be required to give account to the Lord for our lives. It is our earnest prayer that Todd and Shonnah will be fully reconciled.

Rory & Wendy Alec,
and the Board of GOD TV.

70 Responses to “Todd Bentley and wife Shonnah separate”

  1. 1pastor stephen hevey  

    I got born again in 1996 and was preaching within 2 years. I ws saved out of heroin addiction. taveled as an evangelist andten pastored within 7 years . i am married with four childen and stil happily at that. i stepped down from the ministry 18 months ago as my wife and i had some things to work out regardi g our joint walk in communion with God. God reminded me that at that alter were we were joined together as one that i made a commitment to her till death do us part. God did not ask me in the ministry to ake that same commitment,especially to choose ministry over the woman that God joined in holy and i say holy matrimony. I really dnt blame Todd bentley but i do blame all those so call themselves apostles who place a ring on that finger of Todds and till death do they pat, well, death to his marraige anyway. i have made up my mind about what is false and what is true,he will sacrifice his maraige and marry again, and the gang will say he has epented and he deserves to go back to the ministry. I pity the day that hey all see Him Christ face to face, my heart aches that these are souls that are lost for eternity and no one will plead with them.

  2. 2Hesed  

    Todd bought a $475,000 home with the offerings “sewing into revival.”

    Go figure.

  3. 3Bene D  

    Thank you for sharing your story Stephen, sounds like your priorities are in order.

    I’m skeptical of any statement coming from Fresh Fire.

    Did the Bentley’s go to counselling?
    If they did was it with someone qualified, or one of their ‘friends’?

    I hope Mrs. Bentley and the kids are safe and in a position to learn to turn the pages of their own lives.

    A lot of people who jumped on the Fresh Fire bandwagon are out of work.

  4. 4Bene D  


    Okay. A home in Abbotsford, and the lot mentioned by the Ledger.

    And lot 29 which you linked has a home on it.

    Your link says a finished home. So where is the vacant lot purchase?

    Go figure.

    Fresh Fire Canadian tax return for 2006 (pre Lakeland) shows five employees in the $40,000-$79,999 bracket.

    Salaries, wages, benefits, and honoraria: $ 1,182,328.

    If 5 employees made 80 thousand each, (unlikely) that’s 4 hundred thousand.

    That isn’t factoring expenses permited like consulting fees, travel, other etc.

    Someone with the smarts should follow the money trail.
    It wouldn’t be easy, between GodTV, a couple of countries, and various ministries, I’m sure tracks are well covered.
    I don’t think too many people fell for the modest Canadian salary routine.

  5. 5localpastor  

    It is sad but was predictable that their marriage could not stand the pressure and resulting personal destruction of this false revival. Their aberrant doctrines and constant dabbling in the (occult-like) supernatural opened the door for untold troubles from an error which they invited and then embraced. They have sown the wind and reaped a whirlwind. They fully bear the responsibility for what they have taught and done and the fruit of it is there for anyone with a clear mind to judge. Think of the hundre

Nathaniel’s restaurant in Owen Sound

Not going to mince words.
Don’t give this restaurant your business. Vote against the behavior of the owners toward one of his staff. Refuse to support Nathaniel’s in Owen Sound.

Most of us have people we have loved die of cancer, some of us many we have cared and needed in our lives.
36-year-old waitress Stacey Fearnall has had loved ones face cancer, and she took part in the Cancer Society head shaving event, raising $2,700.00 dollars. Good for her, I’ve no doubt Cops for Cancer, her family, friends and the Cancer Society are grateful.
Her boss is another story.
This fundraiser has been going on for 10 years, (a high school grad class raised money participating in this event recently for their prom. The female grads looked amazing, glowing not just from graduating but with their empathy with others who suffer).

The mother of two, who was told by her boss to go home after she refused to wear a wig, was in tears when she returned home Tuesday just a half hour into her shift.

“When she went in she felt like there was something wrong with her,” her husband said.

“Nobody would really look at her, make eye contact. They didn’t really say anything and it made her feel kind of less than human.”

It was a slow night so she came home early, but when she called to say she’d be in the next day, she was told not to bother, he added.

Nathaniels owner and chef Dan Hilliard defended his decision, saying the restaurant has certain standards. He prohibits male staff from wearing earrings and requires employees keep their hair at a reasonable length.

Fearnall is still on the payroll and she can return to work once she grows her hair back, he said, adding she was offered the summer off to spend time with her kids.

It turned into a he said/she said media story; bottom line, her bosses can get stuffed.
If I were Mrs. Fearnall I’d not take their money while her hair grows out. I’d cut all ties.
She did something for her community and for those she loves.
This goes beyond an employee/employer relationship. .

Lets turn the tables. What if her boss Hilliard had cancer, would he have been penalized for losing his hair? Told to leave with pay by a partner or staff and come back when it grew in?
If he’d shaved his head for the Cancer Society would he stay away from his business?
His baldness would have been celebrated as part of his will to fight his illness.

Are waiters penalized for being naturally bald?
For choosing to be bald or getting buzz cuts?
What if a waiter had lost his hair to cancer or chose to shave his head for the Canadian Cancer fundraiser. Would he have been laid off until his hair ‘grew in?’
He’d too have been applauded.
It’s unlikely Hillaird and his partner would not have demanded our hypothetical waiter use a toupee.
Cops for Cancer is a community loved group. If they needed my help they’d get it.

Stacey Fearnall you are a brick and a stand up lady.
Thank you for your identification with cancer patients, male, female, young and old.
I know you have decisions to make about returning to the restaurant, their rejection of your decision goes beyond small town prejudice. You said you are not planning on filing a gender discrimination against the owners of Nathaniel’s Restaurant.
In that decision you shows patience, common sense and kindness.
Your former bosses could learn from you.

A haircut doesn’t affect her ability to work.

She indicated she’d rather work for a company who cares about her work ethic and places character over outward appearance. Owen Sound businesses are stepping up.

Ray Boltz comes out

I wasn’t aware Ray Boltz was as successful in Christian music circles as indicated in The Blade article, I only know I really like a lot of his work. He’s made 16 albums. Didn’t know that. Sold 4.5 million and isn’t known outside evangelical circles. Sad story really. He’s now 55 years old, he could never have had a career in religious evangelical music if he’d told the truth.
His ex-wife is now working with Soulforce.

Ray Boltz was tired of living a lie.

He’d gotten to a point nearly three years before where he couldn’t’t continue down the road his life had gone.

His 33-year marriage to ex-wife Carol was, he says, largely a happy one. It produced four children — three daughters and a son who are now between 22 and 32 — but family life and going through the motions of being straight had grown so wearying to Boltz, he was in a serious depression, had been in therapy for years, was on Prozac and other anti-depressants and had been, for a time, suicidal.

“I thought I hid it really well,” he says. “I didn’t know people could see what I was going through, the darkness and the struggle. After I came out to my family, one of my daughters said she was afraid to walk in my bedroom because she was afraid she’d find me — that I’d done something to myself. And I didn’t even know they’d picked it up.”

The Boltz family remembers Dec. 26, 2004 for two reasons: the tsunami in the Indian Ocean but also the tsunami that their husband and father unleashed when he told them what had been bothering him for so many years.

He hadn’t planned a major announcement — but sitting around the kitchen table at his daughter’s house, Boltz’s son, Philip, asked him what was wrong.

“I thought, ‘Well, I can just do what I always do and hide the truth or I can take a risk and be honest,’” Boltz says. “That day, with the tsunami, has become very symbolic in our family.”

Nobody was sure, at the time, what the ramifications of the revelation would be, least of all Ray.

“It’s hard to say I came out because I didn’t have all the answers. I just admitted what I was struggling with and what I was feeling. It’s hard to go, ‘This is the point where I accepted my sexuality and who I was,’ but I came out to them and shared with them what I’d been going through.”

He isn’t interested in being a poster child, and now that he and his family have come to terms with his orientation, it’s doubtful “CCM’ audiences will. Producer Joe Hogue:

“There are a lot of closeted people in Christian music,” says Hogue, who now lives in California and works with gay singers like Nemesis and Jason & DeMarco. “And, you know, it’s not even really the artists that care about it so much, they just know their audience will.”

No artist of Boltz’s prominence has come out. A few minor CCM players have, but their decisions were hardly celebrated.

…Marsha Stevens, a Jesus Movement songwriter famous for the Christian folk song, “For Those Tears I Died,” a favorite in youth camps and churches for decades, came out in 1980. She was famously renounced by Bill Gaither, whom she’d been photographed with at one of his “Homecoming” concerts, in 2006.

Kirk Talley, a Southern Gospel singer (a slightly different genre than CCM, though there’s some overlap of the players), confessed to struggling with homosexuality and came out in GQ in 2005. He’s continued singing in churches but only because he’s categorized his sexual orientation as a burden to be carried.

Talley initially declined to be interviewed for this story saying he’d “been through enough hell,” but did consent to one comment: “I will definitely be in prayer for Ray,” he said in an e-mail. “He has no idea the crap he will have to endure.”

Good for Ray Boltz.
I’m sorry he has had to hide from himself, his family and his fans for so long, and I wish him and his family peace. I’ve had the opportunity to see him in concert, have a couple of his CD’s and I really didn’t know he was such a big ’star.’ He’s a heck of a composer. Watch the Lamb. What if I gave all? Lion of Judah. The Hammer. Narrative, minimalist, in his performing he seems to get out of the way to let the music and the words reach the listener. Boltz the composer didn’t fall into the ‘me and Jesus’ themes that pervades CCM.

I don’t like the Gibson graphics on this video, but I’m putting it up to give people who have not heard Boltz an idea of why he succeeded in “CCM”; the evangelical music market.

Published 6 days, 7 hours ago
14 Responses to “Ray Boltz comes out”
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1Brian Larnder on Sep 12th, 2008 at 6:27 pm
Wow! That’s certainly shocking. Good for Ray though, it must have taken a lot of courage being in his position. I know a few fans (probably ex-fans by now) that will be very unhappy with the news.

2Rick on Sep 12th, 2008 at 7:44 pm
Wasn’t a Ray Boltz fan , but am one now! And i am straight! It takes guts to follow your gut when it goes against the grain. Ray Boltz is a real man !

3BD on Sep 12th, 2008 at 7:51 pm
His sexual orientation does not negate his talent, his professionalism nor his faith.

I long for the day when ‘coming out’ will not generate unhappy fans and ex-fans.

I think both Ray and his wife have shown honesty and courage in the face of the hyper-sexualized conditioning of some sectors of the NA church.

Can’t imagine living under that kind of fear.

4Mark Byron on Sep 12th, 2008 at 9:54 pm
CCM folks like to toss the flawed folks overboard; Michael English and Amy Grant (to a lesser extent) come to mind.

The Boltz songs will likely stay in the oldie-bin rotation; a decade on and some of English’s stuff (he had a child out of wedlock and had substance abuse problems thereafter) from the 90s has been rediscovered as of late.

Boltz as a performer might have a tougher road to hoe; there isn’t big gay-friendly CCM crowd at present. The more evangelical folks will turn their back and there isn’t much of a mainline Christian music scene; you have Christian-flavored folk like David Lamotte, but not a scene to speak of.

5Torontonian on Sep 12th, 2008 at 10:22 pm
. . . could never have had a career in religious music if he’d told the truth. . . .

More accurately, you should have said Evangelical music.

It seems to me that Evangelicals are very intolerant of gays
and others and wish them to be cast out from their flock.

That’s their loss and mainstream Christianity’s gain.


On a side note: Is it me or do I get the idea that evangelicals
are more concerned about money than ministry?

6Darryl on Sep 13th, 2008 at 9:02 am
No matter what one’s theology may be, or whether one is part of that “evangelical” group or not, it’s hard not to feel pain for the struggle that he and his family have been through. It’s also impossible to look down at anyone else’s struggle with any issue, no matter what it is, and feel any sense of superiority at all.

As someone who struggles in many areas, I hope and pray that Boltz encounters people of grace and truth in the evangelical community, even among those who may not agree on this or any other issue.

7Bene D on Sep 13th, 2008 at 10:26 am

I think you are correct, and I changed the wording from religious to evangelical. CCM is it’s own industry. While there are a lot of evangelical leaders caught up in technique, numbers, size etc. we don’t hear about many thousands who aren’t and who are quietly going about the business of the kingdom, “unnoticed on this earth.”
But yes, sorry to say I agree, we don’t have to look very far to see corporate, professional evangelicalism demanding attention.
The numbers thing is like people are being led by obsessive-complusives.:^)


I don’t think most evangelicals are going to change, they’ve been hammered with lies from parachurch groups such as Fotf for too many years. This is reality.
There are thousands of believers shut out of our churches, something I have no doubt you know a great deal more about than I do.

“Some are finding mercy, forgiveness for their sins, some are fighting battles they’ve been struggling to win.” The Alter – Ray Boltz

It doesn’t matter how sincerely held beliefs are, evangelicals have made their mark embracing exclusion regardless of the fact many of those beliefs are carefully built on foundations of lies, medically, socially, spiritually; well planted watered and harvested by an anti-gay political/ religious movement worth millions and millions of dollars.
We’ve caused this pain with our prejudice, rejection, fear and ignorance.

Darryl, thanks for all you do: “Thank you for giving to the Lord, I am a life that has been changed, I am so glad you gave.”

Soulforce, beyond exgay are vital to the health of the body of Christ and it’s good to see Carol Boltz step up and get to work.

8Darryl on Sep 13th, 2008 at 1:09 pm
Every church needs what is written on this page so that they know how to deal with people, even if they have different beliefs on the issue:

“God loves all people including those who question, struggle or embrace diverse sexual identities. Same-gender attracted people should be treated with the justice and respect that is consistent with the good news of Jesus Christ.”

Even those who hold to a conservative view can embrace this.

9Martin Blair on Sep 14th, 2008 at 9:15 pm
Why didnt he come out years ago, so I would know not to listen to this losers music.
How hypicritical.
The bible says the act of homosexuality is against what God created.
I think Satan worked on him until he gave in to the dark side.
How sad that he will be going to hell for his sin.
How wise and tricky the devil is.
I will pray for God to help him see the light, homosexuality is sinful and the world is not listening.
He will face God and be told.
All his cds will be thrown in the garbage in my home.
I do not want my children who I love and nurish to think homosexuality is normal.

10Bene D on Sep 15th, 2008 at 12:29 am
Why not years ago? Probably because coming out is a process, and probably for the reasons mentioned in the article and what you are saying. Why be put through facing your attitude?

Giver in to the dark side
going to hell
I am through with him

Homosexuality is not a sin.
Have you read Walter Wink?

How about Patrick Chapman?

read any evangelical Christians at beyond ex-gay?
Know the followers of Christ at Soulforce?

I’m not going to argue with you, I’m pointing out there are many believers who believe differently than you do.

Chapman addresses parents briefly in the online chapter.

11Teena on Sep 15th, 2008 at 5:55 am
I have enjoyed many of Ray Boltz songs for years and am saddended to hear he has made the choice to walk in the opposite direction of what he has sang for years. I do feel for how he has struggled with this issue for years but I know God is a God of GRACE and he mets us all where we are. To struggle is not sin but when we choose to give in to the struggle and walk our own way that is when it becomes sin. God will allow us to make choices even if they are not in His will, He will not force us to walk in the way that is right but He stands with open arms for us to turn from sin and back to Him. God loves us unconditionally but He loves us to much to let us continue on a path of distruction without putting some correction in our lives. Living in His Truth is the only way to have truce freedom and peace.

12Bene D on Sep 15th, 2008 at 12:36 pm

Who taught you homosexuality is a sin?
Where you also taught hetreosexuality is a sin?

13Darryl on Sep 17th, 2008 at 8:25 am

Having done some reading on this topic, I happen to believe that homosexual activity is sinful. I’m sure we disagree and that is fine.

However, I also believe that everyone is broken sexually; that it must be unbelievably difficult to experience same-sex attraction in the context of believing that acting on these attractions is sinful. I believe that many of the things told to us by conservative Christians about homosexuality are unhelpful, uncharitable, and sometimes just plain wrong.

We need to do a lot better at (a) admitting our own sinfulness and (b) not defining others only by the sins that we see in them.

14Bene Diction on Sep 17th, 2008 at 10:22 am
I didn’t say homosexuality activity is not sinful – it can be.
Just as heterosexuality activity can be sinful.

You know where I stand – I believe GLBT had the right to a relationship and that is not sin anymore than you and your wife are in sin. I have no problem with the fact we don’t agree, it’s okay I do believe you have studied this thoughtfully. We do agree on respect, love and worth and I can’t imagine you spouting off love the sinner hate the sin or other such foolishness.
You quoted Wendy Gritter; she’d go to a GLBT wedding, so would I.
I appreciate your circumstances are such that doing so would jeopardize your job and your professional relationships.

I said homosexuality is not a sin.

And if you look at how the American Family Association (for example) covered Botlz, they took his words out of context and twisted them to suit their purposes; that is what they do. They make a lot of money at it, not listening can also be a sin.

Fresh Fire Ministries public apology: Bentley steps down

ABSO Jesus

This is a comment prelude to the Fresh Fire Statement at Northwest Musings:

“Here is some info, but according to what we have heard from several sources, this is much more than just an emotional relationship. According to staff And former staff members, they claim that Todd is a pathological liar. The board privately has said that Todd has been lying to them all along. We are praying for those around Todd to demand for him to get the help he needs before thrusting him back into ministry like they did 2.5 years ago when he had an affair with a different staff member. We are praying for Todd, his family, along with others that have been impacted through this”.

Thousands of people have finally figured that out. They been duped, conned and taken by this man and his staff (as in the case of any ministry where leadership operates by their own set of rules).
While I think some members of this ‘board’ are surprised, they did not speak up when they were (literally) selling undoctrinal material.
They did not speak up when lies went around the world.
Unconfessed sin leads to more sin.

Stephen Strang, it is not called a ‘breakdown.’ It is called sin.
C. Peter Wagner, it is not misplaced ‘alignment.’ It is called sin.
Lee Grady, sigh. The inside reporter admitting there were Lakeland problems from the get go, now baffled? Don’t think so, sir. It is called sin.
Doris Wagner, this is not about ‘defending’ your husband, excuses and blaming others.It is called sin.
God TV. You call fellow Christians demonics, it is not ‘unfortunate circumstances’, it is called sin.
Chuck Pierce, is not about more covenant help from you, your unholy product you peddle and your Kabbalah mysticism. It is called sin.
Patricia King, it is not about repeating lies or even making a few more up (satanic rituals around the Lakeland tent? Not according to Lakeland Police) it is not about portals, angels, anointings and blaming. It is called sin.
Stephen Strader, it was your turf, your alliances, your show. You could have pulled the plug. The BBC camped on your doorstep is a good thing. I hope the producers put together a stark expose, with plenty of compassion for the people who looked to you as shepard and left broken.

I agree with Dan at Cerulean Sanctum that if Charisma Magazine has 12 ads next month the magazine and the advertisers should be ashamed of themselves.
GodTV, Strang Communication, Ignited,(Lakeland) (C. Peter Wagner, Global Harvest Ministries) various and sundry groups and networks of New Apostolic Reformation ‘apostles’ did not speak up over blatant extra biblical teaching, televised abuse of others, fraud, hype, pride, and lies.
No one spoke up until the money was made.
Where did that money go?

There was no disclosure from the Fresh Fire 18 listed associates, no correction, no leaving to affiliate with a healthy, transparent organization.
And once again too little was said too late.
There is no apology, no asking for forgiveness from
The lack of discernment, the lack of awareness by those on stage during a GodTV broadcast knighting ceremony…where was it?
For years behavior any follower of Jesus Christ would recognize and speak up against has been covered up and swept under the rug of ‘judge not’ or ‘touch not my anointed’ by these parachurch media organizations, usurpers, and when personal failings were found out by followers, leaders were ‘forgiven’ and allowed to carry on.

These are a group of hierarchical organizations and independent churches who see questioning their leadership as tantamount to disbelief and sin against God.
They have carefully worked to exploit the splits in the body of Christ, playing the us/them card over and over.

And the reality is they will do it again. The spin and twisting that has come out of neo-pentecostal/charismatic network leaders would be funny if so many people had not been harmed, as they have been harmed for years. People’s lives have been wrecked, and we have no one but ourselves to blame if we continue to allow leadership to play their power games, foist their foibles off on others, teach lies and spout their false prophecies.

Their spin and concerns are hollow to Mrs. Bentley and her children.
Their spin and concerns are hollow to the families of those who have died believing one more charlatan. Whether self-proclaimed leaders clean their own house is up to them.

Bentley was a local story really, even though a New York PR firm pitched in. The local US outlet, the Lakeland Ledger did it’s job, a few religious outlets did rewrites, and The Vancouver Sun and The Province ran a rehash of the work the Lakeland Ledger religion editor did.
AP, Fox and ABC asked questions no one had any intention of answering.
Prior coverage of Bentley in Canada has been meager. The facts were out, people choosing to live in their ‘more Lord’ bubble are free to live in that bubble.
Apart from a fluff piece in Christian Week and a few puff columns by ministers in regional papers, media isn’t going to waste resources acquiescing to the latest breathless fraudulent pronouncement.

Interestingly the latest Fresh Fire release landed in my inbox from concerned pentecostals and charismatics this morning, from Australia, Canada, the US.
They are fed up, they are the ones who have to mop up, called not to be in a spotlight, but to walk beside the wounded. And the wounded are many.

Wisdom is justified for her children.
Will more come out?

No doubt, but if warnings weren’t enough years ago, weeks ago, this week, today, people remain ripe for confusion, for the next con.
Chose this day who you will serve. Every day we affirm that choice. I see no purpose in giving the leadership of The Revival Alliance (NAR etc) platforms to bury us in their denials, their disengious power plays, their pleas for support. There is work to do and it starts on our knees.

Frankly I’d like to see Fresh Fire audited by Canada Revenue, not because their star had an affair, but because of complicity in what I’ve mentioned above.

The body of Christ would not be poorer on any level if the Fresh Fire charity status was yanked, and those few perhaps called to ministry can step back, repent and get on with the work of the Kingdom honestly, transparently, in right relationship and as servants.

Sheeple Blog
View From The Wall
From Lakeland to Fakeland ICM
The Simple Pastor
Cerulean Santum – Burned
The Heresy
Should Christians Judge
YouTube tells the story – LocalPastor channel
Prior Fresh Fire posts

This is called sin, just as abuse, extra-biblical teaching, fraud and lies are called sin. It is not ‘an unhealthy relationship on an emotional level’. Jesus called it all what it is. Sin. The Fresh Fire Ministries Board of Directors Apology:

The Board of Fresh Fire Ministries has released a statement apologizing for thier last statement and release information about Bentley’s behavior. It is unlikely this is Todd Bentley’s first affair according to some sources (not in the official email) They also assure supporters Bentley who has been with Fresh Fire since 1998 is no longer head of Fresh Fire Ministries.

We wish to acknowledge, however, that since our last statement from the Fresh Fire Board of Directors, we have discovered new information revealing that Todd Bentley has entered into an unhealthy relationship on an emotional level with a female member of his staff. In light of this new information and in consultation with his leaders and advisors, Todd Bentley has agreed to step down from his position on the Board of Directors and to refrain from all public ministry for a season to receive counsel in his personal life.

On behalf of the Fresh Fire leadership and the Board of Directors we wish to apologize to our friends and partners and to the larger body of Christ and to ask for your forgiveness. We are truly sorry for the pain many of you must feel and so regret that in the midst of great revival, the enemy has found a way into our camp. To those who have stood by us, we wish to thank you for what in many cases has been years of support. Thank you for your financial giving towards the vision of this ministry, and thank you especially for your prayers. For those of our partners, friends and supporters who may be struggling with the recent disclosures and finding continued support of this ministry in conflict with either conscience or conviction, we release and bless you with all our hearts and trust that God will redeem in your hearts the good that He has accomplished in your lives through this ministry. It is our sincerest hope and prayer that the Lord bless you and bring you into your fullest destiny in Him.

When this ministry was initially birthed in May of 1998, Todd had but one simple desire in his heart – to see the world come to know Jesus. Now, only 10 years later, Fresh Fire Ministries has grown to become a Resource Center that is literally reaching out to all the corners of the Earth. There have been dozens of associate ministries, scores of interns and hundreds of graduates from the Supernatural Training Center. Over 60 nations have received a combined total of more than five million dollars in humanitarian aid and we have seen well over one million conversions for Jesus Christ.

And so, the question can well be asked… where do we go from here? It is true that we are deeply saddened by these recent events, but it hasn’t shaken our faith in either God or His goodness towards us and with the help of wise and compassionate leaders within the body, we will do everything within our power to see our brother and sister healed and restored.

As a ministry, we can not forsake the vision and heartbeat upon which Todd Bentley founded Fresh Fire Ministries which is simply this:

Matthew 10:7-8
“And as you go, Preach, saying, “The kingdom of heaven is at hand” Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give. “

While Todd and Shonnah each go through the necessary steps towards restoration and wholeness, we are compelled, with the resources with which God has entrusted us, to continue to spread God’s love and power all over the world.

There are many noble activities and endeavors in which Fresh Fire Ministries is involved, initiated by Todd, and to which we are still committed. We have the Supernatural Training Centre, our school of ministry, already in it’s fourth full year and with more than 50 students already enrolled we’re believing for an amazing year of biblical instruction, practical application and encounters with the presence of God. Many mature and gifted speakers and associates, graduated interns and teachers filled brim-full with the DNA and fire of this ministry are ready to pour revelation and passion into the hungry hearts of this coming year’s student body.

We will continue to host conferences in our region with speakers and worship leaders from around the nation whose message and mandates resonate with the vision and heart of Fresh Fire Ministries. In addition, we are committed to supporting the growing “OutPourings” across North America and around the world with our Associates, with encouragement and prayer support. In Todd’s own words, “What God is doing is bigger than one man”, and we now have a golden opportunity as the Body of Christ to pick up the baton and to run with perseverance for His glory.

Our missions department is progressing, as previously mentioned, with our major African crusade. With close to 100 team members in attendance, excitement is beginning to build and team members have responded that they are still believing God for the most amazing missions trip ever! Our Uganda Jesus Village in Kampala is forging ahead with the recent acquisition of 35 acres of land 30 minutes drive from our present location. Two of the 15 homes planned for the property are nearing completion, and the expanded village, when finished, will house almost 150 orphans rescued from war torn northern Uganda.

So whether in our Children’s Home in Africa, in our Supernatural Training Centre in British Columbia, in the revival meetings and outpourings spreading around the globe, or in taking teams to minister compassion and practical assistance to the poor in the far corners of the Earth, we have been and still are committed to bringing love, hope and a demonstration of the saving, healing, delivering power of the Gospel to a world in need.

Thank you all once again for your prayers and support. We bless each and every one of you in whatever decision you must make. Please know that our heart in all of this is to see the name of the Lord vindicated, and we take great encouragement from Psalm 23 and the Lord’s promise that He will “lead us in paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.” Together we look to the mercy and wisdom of our loving Father and we remain as ever, your brothers and sisters in Christ.

The Fresh Fire Board of Directors

Todd Bentley
Ken Greter
Michael Bullet
Valerie Andres

Update: PJ Miller wrote and asked who the board is. Ken Greter, Michael Bullett, Val Andres, Barbara Rail and Archie Binnie.

Note the date on this filing.

Ah, as of today sans Todd according to the Fresh Fire release – the board is as follows. An inquiry by Sola Dei Gloria August 19th to Fresh Fire Canada was answered

Note the date on the filing.

The Canadians are in full force. Greter. Global Harvest Abbotsford. Fresh Fire employee? Bullett, mentioned in 2005? on a forum as a ‘pastor at Global Harvest Abbotsford. Fresh Fire employee?
Horton was President of a Pentecostal College(Masters College and Seminary) in Canada and now Brownsville.
Andres is the Fresh Fire office manager, Canada.

Filing Information
Document Number N08000005172
Date Filed 05/29/2008
State FL
Effective Date 05/23/2008

Principal Address
5859 HWY 98 NORTH
Mailing Address
PO BOX 1588
SUMAS WA 98295–158 US
Registered Agent Name & Address
PACE FL 32571 US
Officer/Director Detail
Name & Address
Title P
Title VP
Title S/T
Title D
1949 HIGHWAY 1
Title D
Title D

Published 1 month ago
23 Responses to “Fresh Fire Ministries public apology: Bentley steps down”
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1WTR on Aug 16th, 2008 at 11:38 am
We are so tired as Christians as everything being hush hush and covered up when someone falls. Tell us the truth worse thing people can do is judge but others will know how to pray. Dont we deserve the truth

2Bene Diction on Aug 16th, 2008 at 1:06 pm
We deserve the truth – we have the Truth.
I’m tired too, WTR.

Not everyone is called to expose these false religious leaders, we all have responsibilities. Those that alerted me have various gifts, they don’t seek spotlights and some have paced themselves to be there to heal the wounded. Thank God for them.

I keep thinking about a Rick Mercer skit at 24 Sussex and his great line, “you aren’t the boss of me!”:^)

3amos33 on Aug 17th, 2008 at 7:32 am
“For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?” 1 Peter 4:17

Many of us cried out at the beginning but our voices were drowned out. We said “the Holy Spirit would NEVER tell Todd to kick some old lady in the face with his bikker boots!” That’s Blasphemy! You all heard him say it, where is the ‘Discerning of spirits’ in that crowd that backed him? Why did YOU stay silent?

I worry about all those who have been deceived by this revival, yes, I do not blame Todd alone, every person involved in that Revival bears his shame.

4Susan on Aug 17th, 2008 at 8:11 pm
The Vancouver Sun did a great job of exposing Todd Bentley to Canadians – Abbotsford faith healer proves divisive for Christian

Abbotsford faith healer proves divisive for Christian

The Sun should do a story about all the false Canadians who supported and promoted Todd including Patricia King and John Arnott. The latter has filed a $50,000, 000 lawsuit against a Canadian who exposed his lies and stealing!

5Bene Diction on Aug 18th, 2008 at 12:21 am
Vancouver Sun

Abbotsford faith healer proves divisive for Christians August 15, 2008

Divisive evangelist resigns from leadership position August 17, 2008

Controversial faith healer resigns over ‘unhealthy relationship’ with co-worker August 17, 2008

The Province

In search of a miracle April 27 2008

Faith healer steps down to to ‘unhealthy relationship’ with staffer August 17, 2008

6martin on Aug 19th, 2008 at 7:59 am
what rubbish.

7Scott on Aug 22nd, 2008 at 8:59 am
Dutch Sheets is ‘repenting’ on behalf of the whole Charismatic movement leadership. What do you think about “Identificational repentance”?

Feel free to comment here to if you’d like

8Carrie on Aug 23rd, 2008 at 11:33 pm
Although Dutch Sheets says he never embraced Todd’s ministry, he never rejected it either. He couldn’t decide. How is it that, early on, I researched Todd’s background all the way up to date, including youtube clips of him “ministering”, and it was so clear to me? Todd didn’t use scripture a whole lot, and when he did, he kind of twisted it. And desperate people (for healings, etc.) and/or unchurched people didn’t know the difference, and they were being introduced to a “genie” Jesus. With all the glitz and hype. If there were true conversions and healings, it was those who came looking for the One TRUE Jesus, in spite of Todd. And as for impartations…I pray for all the people who “got what Todd has” and took it back to their congregations!

I saw a man with no discipline in his life…and I guess because that is so important to me in my own life…discipline and letting the Word of God teach me how to live…I look for that in a true minister of the Gospel now. Because I’ve been disillusioned too many times. And I am not blasting anybody that I wouldn’t judge myself about. I am trying to use the Word as a “mirror” to reflect what I’m supposed to grow into. Isn’t that too much to ask ministers to do?! And the rest of the body of Christ?

I did appreciate Dutch Sheets for saying that all those ministries, including his, needed to be ashamed and repent, as well as apologize to the body of Christ. That they miserably failed the church.

9Susan on Aug 24th, 2008 at 9:55 pm
Todd has been used of God many times. I have seen miracles that no one could have faked. Yes he is young and zealous. He committed a terrible sin, but did not David do the same only he had sex and a child, killed her husband and married her. God said “David is a man after My own heart”. DID HE HAVE TO STOP BEING KING FOR AWHILE SO HE COULD STEP BACK AND COUNCIL START THEN APPROVED TO BE KING AGAIN. Where are the fathers to help Todd right now. Where are the mothers to help the wife in this situation. We in the church have forgotten the words repent and return back to GOD. David was even allowed to bring the Ark back and God knew what he had and would do.
God is loving and kind. He does not take his people and eat them alive like humans. Thank goodness or we would all be dead for our sins. We all commit sins. Maybe we just got so excited to see God move and were so hungry that we didn’t ask questions. I want to see God move in miracles all over the world.
I have many friends dying now of cancer and other diseases and I pray day and night for them. I ask God please bring miracles and touch their lives. We should look at the miracles and salvation and rejoice.
Yes Todd needs to step down and we need to pray for him and his family. The children are the ones hurting the most. They don’t understand it all. God can bring a man back just like David, hiding in cave, sleeping with another man’s wife and then killing the husband and marrying her. We would have killed David in the church today King or no King. He would never have been allowed to speak again and most of us would have never forgiven him.

We forget that the bible is not full of these wonderful perfect people. Moses could not go to the promise land. Samson committed suicide (yes suicide) believe it or not when he cause the city to fall on him. He ask God for one more time so he could do it and it was granted by Our Own God.

It is time for discernment in the church, but do we carry our brothers and sisters in deep prayer in our hearts. We don’t have time to prayer we just gossip about their sins. How about my sins and yours. If people knew them would we be all over the news. A cold heart to someone in pain and who needs our help to get right again is also a sin. Help our brothers and sisters. Where are the mothers and fathers? We just throw the baby out and tell him go for it without the true bible teaching. We in the church have lost most of our true teaching.
Jesus loved the woman at the well after 7 men. He saved her that day. How many do we save a day? Do we even bother to witness or just walk past the hurting and dying. It is time for our church to realize we are all humans with mistakes and yes a leader is held higher, but that does not mean he will not fall at times. We need to pick them up and council them and restore them. God said our gifts are without repentance.
In the bible it says when looking for people for the wedding to attend everyone was too busy. They had to go to the streets and byways to find them. Where are we looking? We expect them just to pop into our dead church and get saved without any help. Then we refuse to teach truth to them. We don’t want to bother with the down and out. We walk over them. They are God’s children. When will the church wake up and realize the mass of people will come from bad background, not smell great, have more problems then we can image, and be in terrible sin. We will have to deliver and teach these ones. This is the true body of our church, the ones outside trying to find someone to care. Stay in your fine buildings and miss the whole harvest. DON’T GET MESSED UP!!! Be careful someone might see you are not perfect either. OH!!!!NO!!!!!

Please realize it is time for a harvest and that is not stealing sheep from other building, but bring the lost in from the world. Tear a man down when he is at is lowest is the human way…. We do it to anyone in the spotlight and then sit back and commit our own secret sins. God still sees us…………oh no!!!!!!!

10Bene Diction on Aug 25th, 2008 at 2:59 am

Todd has committed several sins, most ‘not of the flesh.’

The complaints centre around extra-biblical teaching, false teaching, lying, not about God. Not about whether God heals or uses sinners.

Do some research on Third Wave/Apostolic/ IHOP etc. The links have been provided. Bentley doesn’t operate in a vaccum.

None of us would pass public scrutiny, none of us are perfect. Most of us don’t claim Branham’s mantle, practice delusions, angel worship, teach new age occult nonsense and add to the bible, all under God’s name.

Thousands have been harmed Susan. Thousands. They’ve been led astray, ripped off, lied too, let down, not fed and there has been no apology, no repentance.

11Relentless on Aug 27th, 2008 at 11:49 am
Susan, very good post, you have touched some very important truths which always seem to be avoided by those who seek to pull down and tend to be ‘blinkered’ to what is happening.

Bene Diction…. why haven’t you addressed any of what Susan had been saying?
Where is you evidence to suggest that Todd is not repentant? Just because you have not read anything publicly does not mean he is not repentent before God Himself, which is what’s important here, the changed heart before God. Neither you or anyone else are in any safe position to assume that he is not repentant and asking God’s forgiveness. Therefore it would be more Godly and right to refrain from saying what you have no idea of knowing at this time.

In the meantime read this link from Todd:
Todd’s Comment

It shows maturity.

You can read my blog here:

12relentless on Aug 27th, 2008 at 1:01 pm
By the way,
just looking at the top of this post with the clear image of ridicule and mockery towards Todd Bentley just reveals to me some of the heart of the person behind this site. It’s nothing to be proud of no matter if it’s towards someone that truly deserves it. Jesus reminds us that the greater sin is that which is in the heart. The greatest commandment is love. Can we honestly say that depiction is out of love? Come on church, let’s make God proud of us and not sink to standards that are not God’s standards.

13Bene D on Aug 27th, 2008 at 7:40 pm
I’m not sure what you require, relentless.

I see Susan wrestling with the balance of logos and rhema, between being a syncophant or a Berean.
That is her journey to walk.

14Verna H on Aug 30th, 2008 at 7:24 pm
My husband, John, and I have been in small church ministry all our married lives. When John became ill and a brain tumor was found, we watched more healing ministries than usual. We watched Tod Bentley each night while he prayed for the TV audience. We would pray for our miracle, and let God show us how we’d get it. It came through a turn around in doctors. The surgery was a success. That was our miracle. We need to remember that man looks on the outward appearance and God looks on the heart. We know our hearts were pure before God. that was all we needed to know. A Christian is one begger telling another where to find bread. Tod failed Jesus more than he failed any of us.

15Bene Diction on Aug 30th, 2008 at 8:58 pm
I’m glad to read your husband’s surgery was a success. May he continue to heal.

16Renee on Sep 1st, 2008 at 10:07 am
Relentless, you posted this in # 11 above:

“Where is you evidence to suggest that Todd is not repentant? Just because you have not read anything publicly does not mean he is not repentent before God Himself, which is what’s important here, the changed heart before God. Neither you or anyone else are in any safe position to assume that he is not repentant and asking God’s forgiveness. Therefore it would be more Godly and right to refrain from saying what you have no idea of knowing at this time.”

There is more to repentance in this situation than private repentance before God. Todd sinned publicly against a large number of Christians and against God. And the repentance that takes place must, likewise, be public. Todd needs to repent to the myriad of brothers and sisters that he “ripped off, lied to, led astray, and didn’t feed,” as Bene Diction so aptly put it. God laid out the model for repentance and making oneself right before Him when Jesus said in Matthew 5:23-24: “Therefore if you are presenting your offering at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering.” Jesus made it very clear that we’re to go to those we offend and make things right before them. In fact, our offering (worship, praise, whatever) to God will not be accepted if we don’t make things right with those we’ve wronged.

You may say, “but that doesn’t need to be made public.” But I disagree. Scripture says he must right the wrongs with each and every person. A public repentance is the only way he could feasibly contact each of those individuals. Perhaps this has already happened. If so, great! If not, well, I’m just pointing out the scriptural basis for it. Whether Todd chooses to do it or not is his choice, just as it is for each of us.

Bene Diction, thank you for your blog. I stumbled across it while reading about the Todd Bentley fiasco, but I’m looking forward to reading your postings about other things.

17ausgaz on Sep 5th, 2008 at 8:53 pm
here is a quote from the preceeding forum article:-
Bentley’s show helped GodTV get out of temporary debt, I believe Lakeland’s ‘revival’ was calculated, planned, the Strader family are no strangers to raising money.
Few are surprised by the broken people left behind.
This has a relevant point! Strader’s brother is in jail for 45years for ripping off elderly members of the Strader church.The Straders have been exposed for years for financial impropriety.
Strader’s church was a perfect situation for satan to launch the Bentley deception with the tatoos, body piercing,bikie boots HEAVY METAL ROCK MUSIC rebellious culture and the occultic false angel worship, astral travel and Bam Bam Bigelow worship (the worship of a dead wrestler).
God tv don’t care about false doctrines and deceptions as long as the 2 flakes who run it make money…and with Bentley that they did!
Bentley,my friends, is now laughing ALL the way to the bank.He’s made hundreds of thousands of dollars of gullible sheeple. As for Strader, he’s laughing the loudest! Like Judas ,he’s the money man-his church collected the funds and distributed them where necessary…hmmmmmmmmmmmm Strader’s retirement fund has just swollen dramatically!
Bentley’s seperation cum intended divorce is just the tip of the iceberg! He is a spiritual fruit cake! Don’t waste your time praying for Bentley until you pray for and see results of deliverance from demons, false angels and the occult.

18Mini Ministries on Sep 6th, 2008 at 12:16 pm
Todd Bently is a prefect example of what happens when these “revivals” become more about the “star” than about God. Todd really thought those people were there to see him first, then God. My impression was that he was soaking up all that cheering and screaming like he was the one actually doing the “healing”.

Of course it has been proven that “revivals” like these generate a “mob mentality” and that people feed off eachother. This includes whipping themselves into a frenzy and releasing (sometimes dangerous) amounts of dopeamine (a natural halucinagetic produced in the brain, or “natural highs”). Todd’s “teachings” were so devoid of anything actually taught in the Bible that it’s easy to see how he thought it was all about him.

He prays (or invokes) angels. Angels are created beings just like you and I. In fact, we know that when Mary went to the tomb looking for Jesus she saw and angel too. She fell to the ground and worshipped the angel who told her to stop worshipping him because he too was a created being and NOT God. Therefore, we can conclude that Todd is teaching a false doctrine by asking for “miracles” from angels.

The list of Todd’s immoral and spiritual blasphemies are too lengthy to write here. I agree that all those involved, from God TV to the networks broadcast the “revivals” are just as guilty as Todd. However, Todd left a void that will surely be filled with the next “anointed man (or woman) of God” divinely inspired to kick old women in the nose with biker boots in order to reveal God’s true message. If the hallmark of a truly great leader is to inspire their followers by their actions, then I choose to follow Jesus’ actions. I just can’t recall one single act of violence commited by Jesus to show us all that he is the son of God. Maybe if Jesus had tattoos and biker boots…

And there will always be people that defend people like Todd. They are so lost that they can’t even tell when they are being decived. Jessu himself stated this would happen. Here is our proof.

No matter what faith you follow, please remember to pray for the countless victims of this disgraceful “revival” and all those that had a hand in it. We must also pray for those doing the deceiving. They are under the influence of Satan and we must continue to pray for them.

I believe it is our Christian duty to point out charlatians like Todd Bently, Paula White, Ken Copeland and others that preach the same false doctrines. If a “revival” comes to your town, visit it. See what they are teaching. Test it with the scriptures. If it is genuine, join the celebration! If it is fase, warn all those you can (peaceably). Gently point out the contradictions they are being taught and ALWAYS stand firm on the word of God.

Peace to all of you.

19CAz on Sep 9th, 2008 at 1:29 pm
In respect to the above I would strongly recommend reading, Shifting Shadow of Supernatural Power. It’s is a great well-researched work from a journalist and counseling psychologist on discerning the true power of God.

20jt on Sep 13th, 2008 at 7:18 pm
You know we can sit here and criticize and put down, and say this was a false teacher and everything. You know I am getting really sick and tired of hearing all of this crap. You know what quit bringing up his past you know if God has forgiven him he does not remember and we should do the same. You know were so quit to judge and persacute and pointe fingers but you know not once did I hear anyone say, lets pray for this brother that really needs to get his life right with God. You know we all stumble and we all fall so we need to remember this. IT is time as christians that we quit this garbage and start coming out of the four walls that were complacent in and come out and be the people God has created us to be. God said I created you in my image, so that means everyday our goal should be to be more like Jesus. Yes he sinned but you know God will forgive him and restore him and make him new again.

21jt on Sep 13th, 2008 at 7:26 pm
I wanted to appoligize I went back to the top and did not realize. some of the good things that some of you said in Todds behalf. But it just sickens me that there are so many people out there that are ignorant of what they said in some of there stuff.

22Bene Diction on Sep 13th, 2008 at 8:26 pm
Apology accepted jt

23D Daniels on Sep 16th, 2008 at 10:41 pm
Just a general thought. We all have sin in our lives to some degree.
Having said that, there is a degree of accountability for those who claim to be prophets, yet so much of their ministry is in obvious error to God’s word.
Judge not. I agree. However, stating the obvious and restating the quotes, outrageous as some may be, by the one claiming to have God’s word and be a prophet? It must be done.
Which is worse? Pointing out the errors that directly violate God’s word and save many of the new or gullible believers, or being silent when people are being taught obvious error.
As a believer, I’m saddened to see that each new “wave of revival” seems to be more outrageous than the previous one.
Yes, I’m a spirit filled believer. I believe God still saves, heals, delivers, usually in spite of what we may assert our beliefs to be.
The truth is painfully exposed. The great majority of the self proclaimed anything in God’s “army” are making a fortune on the backs of those who have severe need.
Would I want my life in a blog or on TV? No, thanks. But if I claim to be God’s voice, I would think it would be prudent to be far above the normal day to day believer in . Am I wrong? Possibly, but I don’t think so, and I believe the Word of God is likely much more critical than I am.
Hype isn’t needed. Sensationalism isn’t necessary. The pure, unadulterated Word of God and His gift of Jesus Christ, our redeemer is a much better “draw” than seeing someone kick cancer patients, vibrate their way to euphoria, or implore us to send seed money. The local church is where you’re fed. Finance the work, no matter how unassuming it is in your eyes.