The program is designed with attention to every minute detail

Anyone wanting to venture into the cryptocurrency trading arena has to use a website and a trading program. The biggest question facing every interested trader is which program can he choose. The jargon used by the software professionals mining the digital money scares people away. On the other hand, the trading terminology used by experts is also full of difficult verbiage and that again keeps common people away from the trading websites.

We have been in this arena for quite some time. We keep analyzing every new trading platform and then try to see if it is worth the time and money for the common people. In the recent past, many similar programs were launched. Though we realize that copying is the best kind of appreciation but why should a person risk his money and time on some unknown and risky program, whose only claim to fame is to resemble a more successful program?

We have understood one fact that only the genuine programs are able to get the promised profits and returns on the investment made by the traders on the website. So the source is the most crucial aspect that you must look into before signing up on any website for trading. Though profits and losses are expected and can happen irrespective of the program that you join. However, it is also a fact that you would like to minimize the risks and losses and improve the profit margin. That is possible only when you use one of the recommended programs for digital trading.

The program is designed with attention to every minute detail. So when a person wants to register and trade, he can do it in a jiffy. The brokers have been chosen with care to ensure that the precious money of the investors is not lost due to any carelessness. The robot works according to the instructions given by the trader and prevents any kind of loss by the process of reverse trading. The software is equipped to analyze the prices of digital currencies around the world and come up with profitable recommendations. You can place bets manually or in automated mode using these tips.

Now the question is with all these positive features, what is the role of an investor? So the responsibility of understanding the platform and its mechanism lies with the trade. He cannot blame the robot if any trade results in a loss. So read more, understand more and invest wisely. There is no substitute for knowledge.


The dividend discount model

The balance sheet needs to be adjusted to reflect the economic value in case it is different from the accounting value.

The valuation ratios are important because it lets you know if the stock is preferred by the investors. This includes the price to earnings ratio and the price to book ratio. The ratio is calculated by dividing the company’s market capitalization by its book value, earnings, and its sales.

The liquidity ratio denotes whether the company has the strength to pay to its creditors. Current asset ratio is calculated by dividing the current assets by the current liabilities of the company. The quick ratio is calculated by dividing the current assets minus the inventory by the company’s current liabilities. If the current ratio is less than 1.5 and the quick ratio is less than 1 then this is a problem as the company is unable to pay to its creditors.

These ratios are used to compare between companies. The companies that operate in the same sector can be compared using these ratios. The ratio is also used to compare the valuation of the stock against how it has performed historically.

When comparing the financial statements you need to know that many companies that are privately held may not publish their financial statements and this prevents financial analysis. You should not compare the ratios of companies in different sectors.The financial ratio comparison will not work if the accounting methods of the firms are different.

The dividend discount model

The DDM or the dividend discount model is a method that is used in stock valuation. The method is based on the theory that the stock is worth the total sum of its future dividends. The stock price, the cost of capital of the company and its next year’s divided value can let you calculate what the intrinsic value of the stock should be.

The common model used is known as the Gordon growth model. This uses the estimated dividend of next year, the cost of equity capital of the company and the future dividend growth rate estimate.

Price equals estimated dividend divided by the difference of the cost of equity capital and the future dividend growth rate estimate.

The value of the stock is calculated only on the basis of its dividends. If there is no dividend declared for the company for the next year then you need to use the dividend growth rate of the previous rate. Thus you need to assume that the growth of the company would be consistent with the historical dividend growth. This could be a risky assumption. These are helpful resources.


The Safest Wallet For Your Crypto Holdings

Data breach is everywhere! If you are concerned about the safety of the wallet in your purse, how concerned you would be about the wallet in the cyber world? Get back from others to get control over your digital currencies. Here is the king of cryptocurrency wallets which in addition to including all the features of a crypto wallet, incorporates a variety of security features.

Portability with mobility: The hand-held hardware wallet is battery operated and can be easily carried wherever you go. The charger is portable with USB connections and can also be used to charge in cars. The power system is also provided with a power pack that you can use when you do not have an electrical connection to charge your wallet.

Connectivity: The hardware wallet can be used on laptops, desktops, androids and iOS mobiles and tablets using the USB cable. We have gone further advanced by making it capable of working with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

Smart and convenient: The gadget is provided with a 3-inch color touchscreen and can be locked with patterns or numbers just like your mobiles for enhanced security. The wallet can be worked upon using a stylus or simply tapping.

Supports maximum currencies: The wallet handles the private keys of more than 30 types of cryptocurrencies including the most popular Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Quantum etc on its specially designed firmware.

Foolproof security features: In addition to the screen lock facility and private key safety, the wallet supports FIDO Universal Second Factor (two factor) authentication. Backup feature allows you to easily restore the saved contents, which can be locked with a unique code.

High compatibility and versatility: Works smoothly on old and new versions of operating systems including Windows, Linux, Mac, and Chrome. The device comes with inbuilt apps and interfaces for trading and shopping using digital currencies. We have tie-ups with other major software wallets so that the users can easily switch between the two on the same account.

When you purchase our product, you get the Wallet Pack consisting of:

  • Wallet
  • USB connector or cable (anyone as preferred)
  • Holding stand
  • Charger
  • Power pack
  • Recovery sheet
  • Instruction Manual
  • Screensaver


Limited Period Offer: As an introductory offer, five lucky customers who place their order via  get a twin pack of chargeable batteries free of charge.  Store your virtual currencies on the safest wallet and start sending and receiving payments without any insecurity.

The Right Trading Signal Provider For Your Trades

Now that everyone knows how important it goes with the trading signals provided by the market, lets now go a little deep into this and get to know more about these trading signals which plays a very important role in determining and predicting the market movements thereby influencing the investments to be made by the traders.

Why trading signals?

First and foremost let’s understand the need for signals. When a person enters the trading market for the first time and makes an entry into a reliable trading platform, he needs some kind of a signal that would indicate the right option for his investments. This is in regards to the asset or the commodities or the stock he is interested in investing his money in. Now it is these trading signals which appear as up and down symbols on the screen of the service provider that elaborates everything about the asset or the commodity the trader is planning to invest in. Now by following these signals, it becomes easy for him to understand the movements of the assets and their respective prices and based on this, by selecting the best asset for his trades, he can start his trading process. These signals are generated straight from the market movements and there is absolutely no influence from any external force. These signals are generally made available to the traders from the hands of experts and professionals in trading who know in and out of trading and hence they are definite to be reliable and genuine.

Important caution

Though all of us know how profitable this field is, it is also to be understood that there are lots of scams here and there are all possibilities for a trader to get cheated with the wrong representations. So as always emphasized by the market, every trader should, before plunging into conclusions, take a good run through around the market, analyze it and then take final decisions.

The right signal provider

There are a lot of signal providers online in this market and the selection of a reliable one is as important as the platform selection. It is for this reason that the online expert team has collected and collated information on the same and have tried presenting a list of top reliable signal providers who are known to be always giving reliable information from the market. Visit the following site for more information on this and make the best possible use of these signals.

Why I Admire My Friend Who Resorted To Blogging

She had been working with the company for more than a couple of years and I had not even completed one year. Still, my salary was the same as hers and I was working in a department of a higher profile in the company hierarchy. She often complained about her job profile and lack of professional satisfaction. Her disappointment was justifiable. A postgraduate pharmacist who is capable if formulating new drugs was stereotyped in testing the solubility of drug ingredients alone. She was still lagging in terms of utilizing her skills even after two years in the same department and in the same role.


The monotonous job profile had thrown the growth of her skills in a stagnant pool. Soon, she got her break and moved into a multinational pharmaceutical company which extended from drugs to bioengineering. Her salary was increased to three times of what she was getting previously and her position was that of a research scientist in the formulation department. I was now seeing her flying and enjoying the new life. She was blooming and then the inevitable happened. She married a software engineer working abroad and moved out with him leaving her dream job.


A new start to an old beginning

During one of our early conversations, she had mentioned about how her father lost his money in business and she started to work online to support her family while still studying in college. Recently, I got an invitation from her to visit her blog. She had a masterpiece in store for her readers, starting from basic lifestyles to lead a happy and simple life and simple cooking tips to have quick, but healthy meals.

She shared her travelogues in catchy phrases and with stunning visuals and showed her skills as a photographer. That simple blog has a vast opening into something, which as a life science professional, I could have never thought of. She was actually a very successful trader in the Forex market and spoke about bitcoins like she really had them in her purse. She was giving away professional trading shortcuts through her blog forum titled as Get help with trading online.

Upon having a conversation with her, I understood that she had created this blog long ago while at college. Due to her commitments and jobs, the blog was dormant until now. The new life in a foreign land gave her new spirits and this time, she was flying really high.


Why Trading Signals?

Now before going for the trading signals lets first try to understand the need for trading signals. As all of us know that every trader is required to take a look at these signals before making investment plans, do any of us know as to what and how they play this important role in the decision making process? The websites that promise to provide this facility of helping the traders with trading signals actually guide them and help them with complete and overall information about online binary trading through their various signal providing services and channels.

There are a lot of such trading signals providers but again here there is this peril of getting cheated. There might be signal providers who send wrong and misguiding signals with the intention of making the traders lose their trades and this way they get benefitted with the investments made by the traders. It is for this reason that there is always a check on the market and it is another reason for why traders are requested to make a complete and thorough analysis of the market before taking a step ahead in the trading field with any trading platform. Trading signals act as a very good guidance and they clearly indicate the market situations without a doubt. So a trader can completely rely on these signals before making a concrete investment decision and this way they get saved from the huge losses.

These signals also help in giving updated information from the market. There is a change expected every second and there are definite fluctuations in the prices and movements of assets, information about which is given by only these signals. So there should be a constant watch on the market for such signals and it is definite to help the traders have a bright and comfortable trading experience.

So for every trader, it is important and essential that he or she gets this information and subscribe to get this information from the market for having a good trading experience. Trading is a much-regarded field and people flock this market only to make profits. And in a situation where there are all possibilities for a trader to get cheated by the fraudulent trading applications, following and getting these signals has become very important. It is for this that there are such websites and service providers online. Discover more here about these various signals and service providers by being in touch with the trading field online.

3 Ways In Which You Can Make Your Blog Famous

How to become famous? This will probably be one of the most searched topics on the internet. Some even go to the extent of buying books which claim to have tips for you to become famous quickly. Any individual would like to make fame for himself, his loved ones or his belongings. If you are a writer or a creator, then it is obvious that you make these creations to get them noticed. Let us go a step ahead now and read more at this website.


Why should a blog get public attention?

You get blogs for each and every subject. Get pregnancy and childcare tips, get home furnishing and maintenance tips, health tips, relationship tips, cookery classes, career advises, competitive exam coaching and so on. Blogs have become essential for the curious generation now because

  • To give the bloggers the due recognition for their talent and effort and improve their self-confidence.
  • It is a medium for the ‘Googlers’ to clarify their general and specific doubts.
  • A blog serves as a social platform where you meet people of the same interest and know what the world is thinking about the same topic.
  • Giving the opportunity to see the unseen and explore the untraveled through exciting travelogues.
  • Learn the skills you could never have if not for the blog. A home science graduate can become a successful trader.
  • Spreading the message the blogger wishes to convey through the posts.
  • To share, inform, advise on lessons which a blogger has learned in his life through experience, and in turn get the sense of giving and getting support.



Giving fame to your blog in 3 quick steps

  1. You have created a blog and finalized its contents. How will you make readers to visit your blog? Invite them!
  2. When a reader types a search topic, he pounces on the most reliable result according to his guts. This is a general way to gaining traffic. However, to begin with, unless you let others know about the existence of your blog, you may not get visitors. Therefore, market your blog and recommend the blog to your dear and near ones. Add your blog to your social page.
  3. Create exciting and interactive topics. As the number of visitors goes up, so does your position in the search results. Understand the suggestions of the readers and be open to making Life goes on by learning and so does blogging. Finally, the uninvited will start reading your blogs.


7 Things To Know About Blogging

Do you express yourself in writing? Do you enjoy when you pen out your thoughts and make a creation? If the answers are yes, then you can be a blogger and before you think about venturing into this wordy activity you should know about the following things about blogs and blogging.


  1. Start blogging if you enjoy it: If you love to blog, be it writing, drawing or anything else worthwhile which you can share on the public platform, this is a worthy beginning. Your blog becomes successful when it gets readers. Only when you put your heart and imagination into the post, it becomes catchy to get the reader’s attention.
  2. Know about the privacy settings: Like every social profile, the visibility of your blog as a whole as well as individual posts can be controlled. You can even change the settings for the blog to be displayed or not displayed in search engine results.
  3. Add life to your blog: Which type of article will you read first? A plainly written one in a single paragraph or a well-formatted and constructed article in impressive style? The first choice would be the latter. The same is the case for a blog. Make it look more meaningful and presentable. Using loud colors is not the way you give a character to the blog. Create a powerful theme, matching to the name, your vision and blog’s purpose.
  4. Interactive blogs make more impact: When you make a statement, what is the encouragement you get to continue the same? It may be an answer; affirmative or negative, a comment or any other kind of response. The continuity of your blog depends on the response you get from your posts. For example, you write about a new recipe and the readers may praise you, give you suggestions or variations of the same recipe and also request you to give the recipe for any other specific dish. As a courtesy, you will oblige.
  5. You can earn through blogs: When the traffic for your blog increases, you can get some income from Google advertisements or other similar platforms. Give publicity to your blog by inviting visitors on social networks on and off the Internet. Blogs have good convertibility when the visitor count becomes appreciable.
  6. Platforms affect the quality of your blog: Select good platforms to launch your blog. The site should support your posts, provide security, have an excellent user interface and give a wide choice of themes and presentations. You will Get More Information on credible review sites.
  7. Blogs can be integrated with social causes: This is a very important positive side of a blog. You can easily popularize any topic of social relevance through your blog and give an individuality to it.

Why Did I Start Blogging

What is the purpose of writing a blog?

Why do you convert your thoughts into words?

Why do you publish the resulting images of your hobbies like cooking, fashion styles, photographs, paintings and so on?

You will be a travel freak who loves to explore new places and experience the different cultures. Then, why do you write travelogues or request your friends to visit the following site? Of course, to share your memorable journeys with others who were not as fortunate as you to visit these places in person. Blogs that specifically publish travelogues form a majority of the ones ruling the digital world.


To put all these arguments in simple terms, contents published in blogs are intended to be seen by the public, either the chosen ones or the general. Bloggers get a sense of satisfaction to see their creativity in a presentable form and to experiment with them using modern technology. Viewers give feedback and the creators get tips to improve their skill. Readers see a wide new world covering everything under the sun in these blogs. These blogs are social screens where even the readers can become creators.


Why I became a blogger?


Marriage and associated situations forced me to curb my ambitions and become a housewife. In spite of several attempts, I was not able to find a job good enough to match my previous job profile. Alone in a far-off city from the hometown and surrounded by strangers, I was slowly moving into depression. The inferiority complex of being jobless prevented me from having any interactions with my friends or social circle.

When everything started to burst inside me, one fine day, I took out my laptop and made a word document. A single article and I was out of my roadblock of thoughts. This article entered into the world of internet and I started my own blog as my new world.

I sketched my dreams into it and my fresh life in the fresh city got reproduced in my blogs. A person who once hated cooking and avoided to sweat out in the kitchen started researching about new recipes to publish in the blog. With every trip I went out with my husband, I was concerned more about taking memorable pictures that I could share with my friends. I knew that the places I was visiting would never be in their itinerary unless they see them through my pictures. “write more dear”: and I know that this response is sincere.

Bill Gothard placed on leave by his board after abuse allegations

Since 2011, the people behind the website Recovering Grace have been “ helping people whose lives have been impacted by the teachings of Bill Gothard, the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP), and the Advanced Training Institute (ATI). ”

Recently Recovering Grace has been publishing stories of young women who worked directly for Gothard; giving them room to detail the sexual harassment, and the emotional spiritual manipulation they experienced. As well the inability of people to expose and stop him in the past has been made public by the website team. Recovering Grace initially looked at the harm created by Gothards theology:

When we launched our website in July of 2011, we did so with the express mission of helping people whose lives have been impacted by the teachings of Bill Gothard through the Institute in Basic Life Principles (IBLP) seminars and the Advanced Training Institute (ATI) homeschool program.

Some experts have tried to create a place where you can get the information that you need to trade online. We recommend that you visit their website, that can help you with cryptocurrency robots. They explain every aspect and have solutions to all the issues that you might face while trading in this arena. This is an expert domain.

We have attempted to fulfill that mission through regularly posted articles primarily written by former students of ATI—articles that have covered a wide variety of issues such as theological discussions of IBLP teachings, personal stories of discovering grace, and bringing to light some of the darker aspects of working at an IBLP Training Center. What we truthfully did not realize at the time of our launch was the strong undercurrent of depravity displayed for decades at the highest levels of IBLP leadership. Our thought at the time was that the most viscerally damaging effects of Gothardism were spiritual,and that Bill Gothard’s worst flaws were theological and hermeneutical. As such, most of our attention for the first year of our website was focused on these areas.

In early 2012, this all changed for us when a young lady shared with us her experiences working for Bill Gothard at Headquarters.

Recovering Grace recently published documentation of attempts in the 1980′s to hold Gothard to account (unsuccessfully) and of the dismissal of his brother for sexual misconduct with several female staff.

News outlets have been picking up on what Recovering Grace has been posting and getting the attention of Institute in Basic Life Principals senior leadership.

George Mattix, executive international director at IBLP, told The Christian Post Thursday that the board was aware of the accusations made against Gothard and would prayerfully consider what course of action members would take before releasing any public statements. Mattix had initially passed CP’s request for comment on the allegations to the nonprofit’s attorney, whom he said subsequently turned the matter over to outside counsel.

b. gothardThat was February 14th. Yesterday, the current board of directors has placed Bill Gothard on administrative leave.

“After completion of the review, the board will respond at an appropriate time, and in a biblical manner.” Until then, the statement said, Gothard “will not be involved in the operations of the ministry. The board of directors will be prayerfully appointing interim leadership.”

…Gothard’s Institute in Basic Life Principals was once a popular gathering spot for thousands of Christian families, including the Duggar family from TLC’s “19 Kids and Counting.” Gothard”s Advanced Training Institute conferences were also popular among devotees of the Quiverfull movement, who promote large families and eschew birth control.

He’s also rubbed shoulders with Republican luminaries. He and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee were photographed at a campaign lunch together; former Georgia Gov. Sunny Perdue spoke at one of Gothard’s conferences; and Sarah Palin, when she was a small town mayor in Alaska, attended his International Association of Character Cities conferences anddeclared Wasilla among Gothard’s “Cities of Character.”

Gothard is 79 and unmarried.

IBLP headquartersGothard had been dismissed in the past from his organization (his dismissal lasted 17 days) and he came back even stronger. It is believed his seminars have been attended by 2.5 million Americans. According to former workers his predatory behavior continued after his short lived dismissal in the 1980s.

Religion News Service:

The allegations against Gothard dovetail financial woes. In recent years IBLP’s net revenue has dropped significantly, and the ministry is losing money each year. In 2009, they reported a net income loss of $1 million, a loss of $4.1 million in 2011, and a loss of $3.5 million in 2012, according to their most recently available tax forms. Its net assets dropped from $92 million in 2010 to $81 million in 2012.

The Institute in Basic Life Principles, based in Chicago, is registered as a Canadian charity, called Basic Life Principals International. IBLP has offices in several other countries. The Canadian branch appears to be in financial decline. There is also Chinese language Canadian website for IBLP.

The story of Bill Gothard, IBLP, ATI, his other groups and his associations with powerful people is, frankly; scary and sobering. As you read Recovering Grace, you’ll begin to understand how he gained so much influence and control and how he has remained unaccountable for so long. The courage of those who have stepped forward to tell their stories cannot be underestimated.