A humanoid is not what you can expect, nor an anthropogenic machine, to replace the trading broker who ran from stock to stock for you. This one works from the small box of your system, a laptop or a smartphone and brings in the earning hits from markets all over the world.

We present before you the most intelligent and intuitive trading robot, run by an algorithm framed by the combined effort of traders, retailers and software creators. The only time you need to spend is to download and establish an initial connection with the server. The rest falls into place automatically.

Why the most intelligent?

Going by the interpretations of intelligence, the software has all the qualities of the human mind and brain in the superlative degree, subtracting the emotions.

  • Once the software is downloaded, additional setup is not required. The program runs whenever the system is connected to the server.
  • Has options to run on custom preferences and default preferences. Custom preferences work completely on the inputs of market aspects, stock priorities, call and put timings etc from the user. Default settings work on the preferences set by the system by observing the market and trading trends at the time of download.
  • In both the types of preferences, whenever, a marked change in the behavior of the market or its elements is observed, the software alerts the user and helps in making the call of adopting it or not. If Bitcoin Code¬†offers a new reward system that looks prospective, the software does the justifiable with your consent. A piece of news with high impact is also notified to you if pertaining to your settings.
  • When the program starts running, you can just close the screen and engage in something else completely unrelated, the artificial brain continues to work for you, taking smart decisions and filling your pocket.
  • Be carefree about the changes the program is likely to make in your system. It does not use any of your stored data or installed software, nor does it allow any third party cookies to gain access into the system. The in-built strong wall of encryption protection debars entry without your knowledge.
  • If you feel such an active trading robot will occupy a major share of your system, it is a concern out of place. Designed to occupy the minimum of memory space, it also functions by optimizing its tools at times of slow connection or server hiccups.

No minimum deposits and zero systemsmaintenance download you month-long trial version on your confirmed trading decision.