Inner fire to prove self and desperation once drove a science professional unemployed forcefully due to circumstances to quench his empty profile. His answer was to create a job for himself that interests him and persuades to extract out his best. Being a foodie and an ardent fan of natural and organic options, he was sure to find an application of his knowledge in the same field. Farming and producing anything in the group was quick to get stroked out because of his unresolved constraints of space and agricultural resources.

Any processed food item devoid of preservatives or chemicals came in the next list. Concerned about the regulatory procedures and the stringent quality assessments with never-to-end inspections at the barely constituted manufacturing facility, this thought further streamlined towards a particular ingredient of recipes and finished products for consumer consumption. It was the world of flavors that finally got him hooked, like an automatically working QPRofit System that became the lifeline of aspiring stock market traders who preferred for self-reliance.

The objective was clear, the path was to be devised

The product and its offerings were clearly set out, with giving stress on:

  • Use of organic sources, such as plants cultivated in organic farming so as to prevent the bioaugmentation of harmful chemicals.
  • Fresh preparation and flavor lock packing without using chemical preservatives or solvent extraction.
  • Versatility in form, constitution and application like powders, liquids,and oils as per the recipe requirements.
  • Capable of complimenting dietary food, supplements, medicinal preparations,and confectionaries.
  • Focusing on the personalized market like baking elements, chef and routine kitchen users who prefer the health, safety and environmental stability of ingredients rather than local, unlabelled packets.

Technology development

The scale of the business did not demand too much expertise to work on and elaborate facilities, similar to the program algorithm.The critical asset was a clean flavor house, irrespective of size, but more concerned on sterile procedures, stable and safe equipment andflavor-protecting packing system.

His biggest advantage was that he was good at networking, an essential trait of a businessman. Through his reliable contacts, he was able to carry out industrial visits at established consumer food manufacturing companies who had flavor houses and had a substantial share of the flavored food market. No infringements into their proprietary technology, but a thorough understanding of the business protocol and limited regulatory certificates completed his business execution.