Disgraced Miracle Channel founder launching new internet show

Tuesday the disgraced former founder of The Miracle Channel will unveil his new media venture.

Dick and Joan Deweert.com (Dick Deweert Ministries Association) is an online venture filmed by Bill Prankard’s son Steve Prankard, of Feature Productions. Prankard also produced Deweert’s Unite for Dominion, a dominionist neo-charismatic comeback conference held in January. Bill Prankard was a former board member of The Miracle Channel.

Deweert stepped down from The Miracle Channel in 2007 after revelations of an affair. Unite for Dominion and his new venture he is unwrapping today are not Canadian registered charities.  Dick and Joan.com viewers will be encouraged to give money.

If you take a look at the Deweert friends on his blog, Unite for Dominion, Facebook or Twitter, you’ll see the usual cast of characters such as Shawn Gabie, a right hand man for Faytene Kryskow. Or Bill Prankard, an Ottawa pentecostal minister called to task by the CRTC for encouraging Miracle Channel viewers to cash in their RRSP’s to give to The Miracle Channel.
From Marci McDonald’s The Armageddon Factor:

In November 2004, Tim Thibault filed a formal complaint with the CRTC, attaching footage of guest host Bill Prankard, an avuncular Ottawa evangelist who ran a biker’s ministry and sat on The Miracle Channel’s board.

“There is someone right now watching and God is speaking to them about RRSP’s,” Prankard declared in one prophetic fund-raising pitch. “They’ve got RRSP’s and they’ve got a sizable amount and it’s a security thing. Your security is in God. And God’s speaking to you to cash those in. I dare you to do it.” (p.262)

In Deweert’s January Unite for Dominion comeback, guest speaker Ron Aitkens withdrew from the lineup. Aitkens, Deweert’s former boss was fined by the Alberta Security Commission in 2009 for confusing statements about his company bonds. Roy Beyer an Aitkens company consultant was also fined.

Alberta Securites Commission Settlement Agreement

Deweert’s current business (besides Unite for Dominion and Dick Deweert Ministries) is Auxana Weath Group which was incorporated in Lethbridge in 2008. Auxana Investments Corporation was incorporated in Drayton Valley Alberta in 2006.  Auxana Weath Group partner Chris Cook was also with him at The Miracle Channel.
Why is Deweert asking for money for ministry when he is running Auxana? Why would viewers give to Dick Deweert Ministries if Deweert is capable of self-support?

Deweert has also been involved with Beyer and Aiken in the Harvest Group Companies.

Back to the new site being unveiled tomorrow. Sara Maynard filmed her ‘releasing Dick and Joan’ promo at The Forgiven Summit held in Ottawa in July and hosted by several neo-charismatics. Maynard is the director of Cityscape Prayer Ministries in BC. Her group is heavily promoted by The National House of Prayer.

Dick and Joan.com also get’s an endorsement from Pat Robertson’s 700 Club Canada, and David Damien of Watchmen for the Nations. Damien was front and centre in Ottawa at the Forgiven show playing stage manager.  His endorsement for Dick and Joan uses terms like’ restoring and refining.’

Deweert will be running different video clips off  Dick and Joan.com including ‘Life App’ which he describes as ‘small vignettes of practical wisdom from the word of God and from experience to help you live your life.”


The Deweerts also run a segment called “Our Story” where they chat with Bill and Gwen Prankard about Dick being caught in an affair. Deweert was often accused of being unemotional on The Miracle Channel, he doesn’t make that mistake in this segment. A religious donor base appreciates an emotional happy ending story, and it appears Dick and Joan.com will attempt to provide potential givers tears and televised repentance.

Another segment of the Deweert internet channel  is labelled  prophecy, currently featuring the four Deweert endorsers named above.

If you click on the links, you’ll see Deweert is launching similar material to what he ran on The Miracle Channel and this venture appears to be another attempt at a comeback and a grab for donor dollars. Deweert is attempting to gather ‘a prophetic company.’

Speaking from Bill Prankard’s Ottawa church the Deweerts say their vision is “to gather together a company of believers across the nation of Canada who will carrry collectively the heart of God, the prophetic heart for the destiny of Canada.’
They talk about healing angels, and other New Apostolic reformation beliefs such as dominionism and prophetic ‘declarations creating a critical mass.’

Update: September 2013 CTV’s W5 piece on Deweerts buddy Ron Aitkens was charged with five counts of fraud by the Alberta Securities Commission

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20 Responses to Disgraced Miracle Channel founder launching new internet show

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  2. laws632 says:

    Gee he cheated on his wife for THREE years! What a phony.

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  4. John Payzant says:

    Re: Shawn Gabie Faytene Kryskow’s right hand man

    I clicked over his name and saw his websight and even watched a small video with him speaking was interesting.

    His dynamics seem like Faytene’s.

    These people seem to feed off of one another

  5. quinster says:

    Good coverage.

    Thanks for the good coverage. I didn’t realize the BBB had dropped their accreditation for Foundation.

    Beyer was a former Victory pastor, along with Deweert. He was previously involved with selling tax shelters for the parklane group. Google Parklane tax shelters for more info on that one. Nobody, however, would accuse Beyer of cheating on his wife.

    I’ve looked at the Auxano Wealth Group page. They sell investments for Foundation Capital, Aitken’s company. Judging from the Securities Commission documents, I might be a little careful. Also to be noted is that Harvest Capital, an associated / parent company of Foundation, has also marketed some dud investments in the past, including ‘The Land Development Company” (Phil Archer) and “Payday Today USA”. Google to find out more.

    I think it is sad that so many Christians are involved with promoting questionable investments.

  6. quinster says:

    For a little humor, see

  7. laws632 says:

    Ya, you see how they like to copy Avatar the movie with their dumb painty faces. Huntley St has the same kind of thing on their “show”.
    BD: is there a way to show a longer list of comments. I saw a list of older posts comments but an hour later they were gone as new ones came on. I searched older posts but couldn’t find them! It seems only Last 5 can be listed…

  8. Bene D says:

    Hi Law632:

    I could lengthen the number of comments – but the sidebar is as cluttered as I can handle.:^)
    If you have a comment you’d like to respond to, email me and I’ll find it for you and give you the post.

    The latest group of comments are under Todd Bentley free to travel and minister as he wishes.

  9. laws632 says:

    Thanks for the answer, and I sincerely appreciate any and all prayers at this time. Going thru trepidation.

  10. John Payzant says:


    I watched the U-Tube

    I see the humor in the U-Tube

    I also see a sad situation in this whole thing too.

    Here’s a marriage, a family, a husband, a wife and maybe children and the extended families too.

    It’s hard for us all to embrace all of the scriptures at all times because it is contrary to our nature.

    Here is a writing by John Wesley

    Whether we think of:

    or speak to, God,

    whether we act or suffer for Him,

    all is prayer,

    when we have no other object than His love

    and the desire of pleasing Him.

    John Wesley

    pg58 How To Pray The Best of John Wesley on Prayer 2007 Barbour Publishing. Inc.

  11. Bene D says:

    Praying for you laws632.

  12. Bene D says:

    According to the Deweert Facebook page:

    “We now have an organization entitled Dick Deweert Ministries Association (DDMA). DDMA is a autonomous self-governed non profit corporation registered in Alberta and governed by an elected Board of Directors. We will operate this ministry association using the Unite For Dominion name.”

    “…During the past nearly three years, the Lord has opened several doors for us in business. We were able to invest in property as well as open two businesses, Auxano Wealth Group Inc. and Basket Expressions Gift and Gourmet.”

    So that answers the question, “Why would viewers give to Dick Deweert Ministries if Deweert is capable of self-support?”

  13. Ron MacGillivray says:

    Geesh, these people are starting to remind me of that gang JC chased out of the temple 2000 years ago, you know, the moneychangers. Which by the way is the only time JC ever lost his temper and was violent.

  14. laws632 says:

    “the only time JC ever lost his temper and was violent”
    You do know Jesus is the visible Jehovah (incarnate) of the OT? Lots of violence! This used to throw me until I was taught by His Spirit the events. Jesus cleared the temple in spite of 5000 armed guards, who protected the merchants! And He did it in year 1 AND year 3 of His short time here. He quoted what He had spake through his prophets: “My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.—Isaiah 56:7
    and “But you have made it a den of thieves—Jeremiah 7:11.
    God is angry with the wicked EVERY day” Psalm 7:11

    Whoever rejects Him – the WRATH of God remains on that one ~ forever Jn 3:36

    Rev 14:11 And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever. And they have no rest day or night, those who worship the beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name. ”

    Our God is a consuming FIRE” Heb 12;29; 10:31 It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. ”

    Gentle Jesus ….. yes but only to those who repent. btw, Burn the korans! And all the books of witchcraft! Acts 19:19! “the books were worth 50,000 drachma. A journeyman earned 1 dr per day. A lot of money.

  15. Jamilyn says:

    Dick was involved selling Harvest Products with the Likes of Roy Beyer and Ron Aitkens.

    Ron Aitkens has sold these investments in real estate development, which are a SCAM.

    They get you to invest in these projects in the Calgary area, then Ron Aitkens goes and takes the money and runs out of the country and buys up a whole bunch of properties that have nothign to do with the projects that they are invested in. further more the investors don’t know if they have claim to this off shore purchase, and they are told that it was done as Ron aitkens had the sole unsupervised discretion to purchace anything as long as he felt it was a sound business decision.

    take a look at the affidavit of Ron Aitkens says:

    as you can see on page 6… he took the money with him to buy up land in panama, yet he makes no other mention of this in any other document. this money was from the investors for an Alberta based project and that is it. Also you don’t know where is the money, the titles or any of the financial on this “investment” that Ron Aitkens had done. We don’t know if he in fact has the title on the land in Panama or if he never purchase panama. For all we know, he could have it packed away in some Swiss bank account somewhere.

    The one good thing about Dick Dewert in all of this is that when he found out about the FRAUD that Ron Aitkens was doing behind investors backs, he turned and walked away as far we know he has broken all ties with Aitkens in disgust.

  16. James says:

    I think there are a lot of people with only here-say knowledge about Dick and Ron Aitkens. And those who speak so strongly about investment structures have clearly not spent the necessary time to understand their workings, but instead have bought the sensationalist story.

    These are the kinds of issues that can’t be discerned with a google search, but with personal knowledge and investigation.

  17. Tim Thibault says:

    James, please, do tell…

  18. postman56 says:

    Any time someone makes a claim such as :

    - the tooth fairy exists
    - Santa Clause is real
    - The Harvest Group/Foundation Cap makes you money

    …it is necessary to support that claim with evidence.

    In the case of Ron Aikens and the Harvest Group’s abilities to do so, I don’t see any evidence for it (investor salesman genuflections aside).

    So people as well as Ron Aiken and Roy Beyer are making claims, I’m asking them to prove it with good evidence, and I have yet to see any. So the claim is weak.

    The Harvest Group of Companies has not been a investment winner in the league that counts,your wallet and mine and his roster of investments they have offered in the last five years, with one fluke exception, have disappointed relative to expectations in the past years. Usually in ways that smell of a lacking sound financial component.

    If you need to see all they’ve done for their clients, check this website out :((

  19. Steve says:

    I think this pretty much explains what Ron Aikens has done with the investors money!!
    You need to go to Ernest & Young http://documentcentre.eycan.com
    Ron is putting Harvest Capital Management ,125 & 133 under CCAA protection. Read his affidavits and exhibits. Basically it is the next step to total collapse of everything. There is no money left to keep anything going. HCMI managed the other projects so those projects will collapse shortly

  20. Amanda Thompson says:

    Here’s what Aikens and Beyers have done for their clients…Lost Them All Their Money..Every Damn Dime!!!!

    Investors have launched a class-action lawsuit seeking to recover $500 million they put into a series of beleaguered real estate companies and related ventures promoted by a former Lethbridge pastor.
    A statement of claim filed in Court of Queen’s Bench on Wednesday alleges hundreds of people invested their savings in a scheme that improperly siphoned millions of dollars to Ronald James Aitkens and seven other people named in the suit.
    Read more: http://www.calgaryherald.com/business/Half+bi

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